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How to Be Attuned to Women and Your Surroundings

Sep 19, 2020

Are you tuned out while out? If you notice a beautiful woman, is it a surprise you were unprepared for? Here's how to tune IN (in 5 simple steps).

be attuned

Make It Happen

Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp

Sep 17, 2020

If you want something in life, like a woman to love (or 50 women to love), you’re just going to have to figure out how you’ll make that happen.

make it happen

A 5-Step Plan for a Serious Seducer

Sep 16, 2020

Serious success requires serious commitment. And if you want to be a runaway success as a seducer, you will need to throw yourself in, in these 5 ways.

serious seducer

Tactics Tuesdays: Rewarding and Punishing with Phone Calls

Sep 15, 2020

You can use phone calls (yes, phone calls!) to reward women for good behavior – like good vibes and happy dates… but don't call when she's been naughty…

reward and punish with phone calls

Boyfriend Framing: Serious Guy vs. Casual Guy

Sep 13, 2020

Just because you use boyfriend disqualifiers doesn't mean you're totally out of the running as a boyfriend. Many guys still act like boyfriends… yet don't even realize it.

boyfriend framing

Social Distancing at Nightclubs: Can You Still Meet People This Way?

Sep 12, 2020

If nightclubs are open in your area, yet subject to social distancing restrictions, can you still meet women at them? Or are your nightlife prospects… LOCKED DOWN?

social distancing at nightclubs

6 Traits of Women Who Like Short Men

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By: Tony Depp

Sep 11, 2020

Most women may like taller men. Yet if you know what traits to look for, you can spot the women who are open to dating shorter men… or who even prefer them.

women like short men

How to Pick Up Girls During Morning Rush Hour

Sep 10, 2020

You'll see a lot of cute women on their ways to work in the morning. Have you ever tried to pick one of them up? Know how it's done?

meet girls during morning rush hour

Tactics Tuesdays: Advanced Romantic Objection Handling with UNDER

Sep 8, 2020

What should you do when a woman hits you with a strong objection? Do you give up? Let her go? Or could you… address that objection, in a strong, smart way?

handle objections

Orgasms Satisfy Women; Lack of Orgasms Keeps Them Faithful

Sep 6, 2020

The more women orgasm from sex, the more satisfied with sex and their relationship they are. But the less of a protective effect sex has against other men…

orgasm infidelity

Discetion, Reputation, and Boldness When Picking Up Girls

Sep 5, 2020

In group situations, you can’t be too bold, or girls will reject you to save their reputations. So what do you do? Use discretion instead.

discretion & reputation

Ping Girls During Lockdown & Wake Up Old Leads

Sep 4, 2020

If you’re trapped under lockdown, what can you do? Well, one thing you can do is go through all those old leads in your phone… and start pinging.

pinging girls

Tactics Tuesdays: Expect Women to Approach You (or Signal)

Sep 1, 2020

Get alert, tune yourself in, and EXPECT the women you see to signal or approach you. Do this, and your fundamentals improve… and women actually do respond a lot more.

expect women to approach

Scouting for Meet Girls Spots: You Just Have to Go There

Aug 30, 2020

Ever try to predict how good a place will be to meet girls by looking at a map or talking to people? If you have, you'll know how wrong you often get it. But… why?

scouting to meet girls

Should One Even Bother with Dating During a Pandemic?

Aug 28, 2020

This COVID pandemic has thrown a massive wrench in the dating game. In lockdown, meeting women is much harder, if not impossible. So, should you even bother right now?

covid dating