"Working on a Girl": Does It ACTUALLY Get You Anywhere with Her? | Girls Chase

"Working on a Girl": Does It ACTUALLY Get You Anywhere with Her?

Chase Amante

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working on a girlGuys always talk about “working on a girl” and them “getting somewhere with her.” Does this strategy actually work or is it a lot of hot air?

So long as I can remember, I have had guys tell me about girls they were “working on.”

Seems like every other guy has some girl somewhere he is “getting somewhere with.” If you just put a little more time in, the theory goes… just show her a bit more of your personality… then before you know it, she’ll be yours!

We might call this the “Workman Method” for getting girls:

Pick a girl, and just keep working at it until she becomes yours.

This approach would be perfect if girls were rocks, and a guy could claim one for himself, drag it to his workshop, and chip away at it for as long as he needed until the rock became a beautiful sculpture, just for him.

Or maybe build her like a mannequin... remember that movie? Where the guy works on the female mannequin for way too long, and eventually she comes to life and falls in love with him?

The tragic reality however is that girls are not rocks, nor mannequins, and it rarely works out the way men following this “Workman Method” hope.

Why doesn’t working on a girl to get somewhere with her work out most of the time?


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