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5 Super Common Reasons Guys Get Rejected by Girls

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girls keep rejecting youIt feels bad to get rejected by girls. It feels worse when girls keep rejecting you. If girls reject you often, it’s due to one of five (5) key reasons.

Rejection stings.

Guys would ask out a lot more girls if the fear of getting rejected by girls did not hold them back.

For those of us who've figured out approaching, of course, it's a good thing this fear holds so many guys back. Just think how much more challenging it'd be to get girls if every guy could fearlessly approach!

Yet what if you're a dating novice and girls keep rejecting you?

Well, if you're a learner, and you've embarked on bringing new women into your life, that fear of being rejected by girls is one of the hurdles you must overcome.

You overcome it in part by learning how to act when a girl rejects you.

You also overcome it in part by becoming more resilient to rejection itself.

However, you additionally must overcome it by learning the reasons why women reject men, and adjusting your approach to correct for them... or, if correction can't be made (as with our first reason below), then accepting it and steeling yourself against a little rejection as an unavoidable part of 'the game' (you didn't think it would be a total cakewalk, did you?).

So here it is, our top five (5) reasons girls reject guys... plus what things you can do about it.


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