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Sexy Man’s Grooming Guide, Part 3: Choosing a Hairstyle

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Continued from “Sexy Man’s Grooming Guide, Part 2: Manscaping.”

What the… whose hand is in my hair?

I look up and over my shoulder trying to appear nonchalant. Hmm, well, at least she’s cute… Talk about the perks and hassles of sitting close to the bar with your back turned – this is the second time this happened just this evening. Wait, or was it the third… I’m not even sure anymore.


Over the years I’ve tried A LOT of different hairstyles. At various points I’ve had shoulder length hair and very short hair; I wore it sexy-messy (or on some days just simply messy), slick, neat, and professional; I went for trendy undercuts (when they were still trendy) and for timeless classical cuts. I’ve had my hair dyed with blonde highlights and I’ve had it in black. Haven’t tried bald yet, but probably will after adding more muscle to my physique.

And of course, I’ve tried combining those haircuts with various styles of facial hair (or lack thereof). Well, at least the styles that my genetics have allowed me to try.

Some of the combinations worked very well, others… not so much. A few things I’ve learned from my experimentation:

  • There’s no such thing as a perfect hairstyle or facial hair style. A style that suits one guy can look terrible on another.

  • In the short term, the way you style your hair matters more than the cut itself. In the long term, the quality of the cut is what makes all the difference.

  • “Flavor of the month” hairstyles are not suitable for everyone. But when they work, they work.

  • The way you groom your hair and facial hair is part of your overall image; it’s important to keep the big picture in mind.

  • Experimenting is essential: with the haircuts and facial hair styles you’re going for, the products you’re using, and the professional you’re going to for these procedures.

But most importantly:

The visual proportions created by your hairstyle, facial hair, and your natural features is by far the most impactful aspect of a great looking style.

How you maintain and take care of your hair is a very close second, but that’s something we’ll cover in next week’s article.

Sexy Man’s Grooming Guide, Part 2: Manscaping

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Welcome to Part 2 of our Sexy Man’s Grooming Guide (you can find part one here: “Sexy Man’s Grooming Guide, Part 1: Skin Care”).

Time to cover the topic that I consider to be the “accounting” of men’s grooming – not that sexy, but a job needs to be done or else you’re in trouble – manscaping.


For most guys, dealing with body hair is simply not an urgent topic, and because it usually comes into play after the clothes come off and the deal is mostly done, there’s little pressure to figure it out. Furthermore, you don’t really get that many extra “sexy” points for doing it right.

But beware – let it become a noticeable problem and it will be more impactful than any haircut or facial hair style you could rock, so much so that with some women it can be an instant deal-breaker and a major turn off.

In practice this can mean a woman politely (or not so politely) refuses to go down on you because it looks like you’re packing a personal rainforest down there, or she tries to avoid touching you because it looks like you have more hair on your back than on your head.

So to prevent such situations in the first place, we’ll today cover how to deal with body hair. I know that some of the parts we’ll be covering might seem common sense, but nonetheless, it needs to be said (and applied).

But before we get into the practicalities of dealing with body hair, we need to figure out how much body hair a sexy modern man should have.

Sexy Man’s Grooming Guide, Part 1: Skin Care

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As promised in my previous article, “How to Deal with Your Physical Insecurities”, I will be starting a series of articles dedicated to helping you make the most out of your looks and become “that hot guy”.

We’ll begin with the Sexy Man’s Grooming Guide, which in itself will be split into several parts to make it easier to read without getting overwhelmed. In this grooming manual we won’t be focusing on the issues themselves, like why some men have thinning hair or what causes acne, but instead on the practical, actionable solutions.

As you read through please understand that if right now you have the grooming habits of a lazy chimpanzee (and, hey, no judgment here – I’ve been there myself!) that’s fine, and you don’t need to start doing everything you just read starting tomorrow all at once.

Take your time and implement each strategy one by one so that they become habitual. Do this, and very soon you’ll realize that pick-up begins to get easier, with people in general being friendlier, and life itself somehow just becoming more pleasant.

Grooming Handbook

We’ll start our Seducer’s Grooming Handbook with skin care because, as you’ll see in a moment, it just might be one of the most important physical aspects we can improve.

How to Deal With Your Physical Insecurities

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A few friends and I were sitting at a table, careless fluff talk and barely appropriate jokes going all around, when someone made a joke that had everyone cracking up. Too bad I can’t recall the joke. But the point is that we were having a good time. After all, as most people, I love laughing and smiling (that goofy photo next to my name is there to prove it).

Then one of the friends commented – “Why do you cover your mouth with your hand when you’re laughing?”

“I do? Didn’t even notice it.”

I then got noticeably embarrassed and attempted to change the subject.

In truth, I was actually aware I was doing it and the fact that this friend, I’m sure without any bad intentions, drew attention to it made me both angry and uncomfortable.

Body Image

Here’s the deal: at the time I had properly crooked teeth, something I’d been very insecure about; and covering my mouth with my hand (or any other object I might be holding in my hands) was my way of masking this insecurity. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as nonchalant as I imagined and my friend’s comment made it painfully obvious.

And even though I didn’t want to admit it at the time, this seemingly insignificant insecurity was impacting my life in more ways than just trying to hold in a laugh or a smile before I can cover it up with an awkward gesture.

Indeed, in my mind I felt flawed; I imagined how life would be so much better if only I had a beautiful smile – I would instantly become so much more confident and surely all my female classmates would find me incredibly more attractive.

Also, if I saw a woman I liked and then it turned out that she had a great smile, in my mind this would instantly make her “out of my league” because there’s no way any woman with great teeth would find me attractive. Silly, I know.

5 Outfits to Help Make Your Holidays Extra Special

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Hey guys,

Have you’ve been naughty this year? I hope you were... and if not we still have a few days to help you find someone to be naughty with.

holiday outfits

Fortunately, the upcoming holidays tend to be very seduction friendly; I’d go as far as to say even more so than the week before Valentine’s Day. All those pretty ladies going out to party their minds out and find someone to cuddle under a warm blanket with a glass of wine the day after.

The moods are cheerful, full of excitement, and sexual energy is in the air the moment you enter the venue. The guys are out to get laid and so are the ladies. And you can tell that by the way they all dress – the moment those heavy coats and sweaters come off, you see skimpy, provocative, and very seductive outfits.

And so it would be very unfortunate not to cash in when it seems that everything is playing in our favor.

How to Get Started Improving Your Looks

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This article is inspired by a superb piece Chase wrote recently: “How to Get Started at Picking Up Girls”.

Indeed, just like with pick up, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information that is supposed to help you improve your looks.

You will read advice like “make sure your clothes fit right”, “wear monochromatic colors”, “wear bolder colors”, “add contrast”, “avoid contrast”, “choose colors based on your skin tone”, “invest in a good pair of shoes”.

And if you’re brave enough to step into online communities that focus solely on men’s style you’ll find an even more confusing situation of names dropping and brand obsessing that for an outsider might seem even a bit snobbish (and indeed it sometimes is).

The funny thing is, such advice (even if it seems contradictory) is often technically correct and can lead to great results in certain situations.

improving your looks

But the problem is that unless you had some positive and style-savvy influences in your life – friends, women, etc. – who can show you what actually looks good on you, how proper fit should feel like, what colors go well together it is a very daunting journey to start on. This is especially true for guys who live outside fashionable cities, in locations where wearing basketball shorts and flip flops is considered an “okay casual look”.

I tried to address this issue in the last article “6 Outfits That Will Help You Look Sexy” and Chase wrote a superb primer for men’s style that covers most important points.

Today, I’d like to fill one more gap in the knowledge – the part that goes before you go out shopping or decide what you’ll be wearing on a night out. We’ll cover mindsets and healthy habits that should be developed.

But don’t be fooled, this won’t be a feel-good article that you will read and forget the next day; I will invite you to do some hard thinking every step of the way, so that by the end of this guide you will clearly know what needs to be done in your unique situation.

6 Outfits That Will Help You Look Sexy

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By: Darius B.

Packaging matters significantly, so it’s really not surprising that there are quite a few superb articles here at GirlsChase that help us become sexy.

Today I would like to expand this list by sharing an article that can be considered the men’s style equivalent of the pick-up line – simple, practical, and, when executed perfectly, one that will get results. Just as a pick-up line is an answer to the very broad topic of “well, what do I say?”, this article will offer you a canned answer to another just as broad topic: “well, what do I wear?”

But enough with the analogies – let me explain what I have prepared for you today. In this article we’ll discuss six different outfits, for different situations, all designed to help you get one result: look sexy.

As we all have different preferences for our personal style, we’ll split these outfits into three categories:

  • Elegant edgy
  • Rugged masculine
  • Classy and smart

This way we’ll not only make sure that there’s a look suitable for everyone, but also show you that there’s more than one sexy look, and that not everyone needs to go out looking like a rock star or a preppy nice guy.

What Sexy Is and How to Be It

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sexyAs I walk around the streets of my city, I’m usually struck by three things. The first is the beauty of nature. I think it’s important to stop and appreciate the beautiful things that surround us all and to really remember that life, and the world, is more than just about our singular and, honestly, not very special existence. In a way, you have to stop and smell the roses.

The second thing I’m struck by is sexy women. Women who are dressed well, know how to flaunt their bodies, and are dripping with sexuality are most certainly drawing the attention of all of the men around them – yours truly included (though I am probably more subtle about it).

The third thing, believe it or not, is actually sexy men. I can really appreciate a stylish, confident man. When I see one, I often think to myself “He must get a lot of women, get a lot of attention from women, or at least should. And if he doesn’t, he should be reading Girls Chase.” But for the purposes of this post, I want to focus on the latter two things that strike me.

Which leads to the question: What actually is sexy? What makes a sexy man or a sexy woman? And more importantly, how do you become the one that applies to you? And it is very important that the world be filled with more sexy men and women. So making this transformation is what this post will be dedicated to.

The Styled for Summer Style Consultation

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Note from Chase: this is the full style consultation from Darius of for our winner of the “Styled for Summer” contest we ran from late June to early July. Darius has gone provided a full head-to-toe fashion breakdown for our winner here, in a post overflowing with juicy fashion tips.

If you’re interested in a fashion consult with Darius yourself, I’ve included a link in the footer of the post you can find out more information about this via. And if you enjoy Darius’s work, also be sure to see his Girls Chase article on summer fashion. Here’s Darius.

Hey guys,

It’s been a few weeks since the #StyledForSummer contest ended and before everything else I’d like to thank those who entered on Twitter! It was fascinating and quite challenging to share insights on how to help improve your personal style in 140 characters for, as you’ll notice soon, I usually get quite “wordy” on the subject. But hopefully those quick tips didn’t go to waste.

This is a follow-up article to the contest, and I’m very happy to say that the winner of #StyledForSummer decided to share his prize and gave permission to publish his consultation as an article here on Girls Chase.

Even though it’s not exactly the same as getting a personal, in-depth analysis of your looks and how to improve them, I’m sure that every reader who’s looking to improve his style will benefit from reading on (hint: guys of shorter stature, pay attention, there will be some gems for you here!).

styled for summer

Before we begin, I’d like to explain what happens before the actual consultation so that everything makes more sense. A consultation starts with a short questionnaire to determine a person’s style preferences, stronger points, weaknesses (we all have parts of our bodies we are proud of and aspects we’d rather not draw attention to), budget, and target audience.

This is one of the reasons why you’ll see certain suggestions and recommendations, and why in this consultation, ironically, we focused more on autumn to spring looks than styles for summer.

Lastly, you’ll notice that pictures are heavily cropped and kept in lower resolution. I am very grateful to the winner for agreeing to share his consultation, and I think it just makes sense to remove any identifying aspects that are not absolutely essential for readers to fully comprehend and learn from this article. By the way, if you find this article helpful, please say a big thank you to the winner!

And now, let’s look at the consultation.

Classroom Body Language and Other Casual Situations

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You’ve probably been brought up to think that leaning on posts, putting your feet up, leaning back on chairs, and slouching a little bit is the key to looking good in the classroom, but if we are being honest here, no one cares, and these little tweaks are not really going to have any impact on girls noticing you.

casual body language

What gets girls noticing you is never as simple as showing you don’t care, mostly because it doesn’t stand out to them as different from the other guys they see daily doing the same things. And none of those men lay themselves back so well that girls rush to them and instantly start talking with them, so it begs the question: why are you really acting that way, and is this method attractive?

In all likelihood you are choosing the easiest path, a path you haven’t really thought about very much, a path that relies on some mysterious undercurrent to be at play that will bring you luck and a girl. But we have to not only ask “Is this pragmatic?”, we also have to ask “Is the way I’m handling this attractive?”.