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Arousal vs. Similarity

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attraction vs. connectionArousal excites a girl with desire for you. Similarity fills her with trust in you. Yet most men focus more on one than the other… so, what happens when you do?

In romance, many men focus more on arousal, while many others focus more on similarity.

Arousal guys do a range of things to excite the women they talk to, such as:

Similarity guys do a range of things to make women trust them more, like:

Both sides of a courtship are powerful, attractive, and necessary.

However, many men favor one area much more than the other, leading to what we might call 'lopsided seductions'.

I'll explain.

Tactics Tuesdays: "You're Cute But What Else?"

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looks-dismissing screeningHow do you approach a girl whose head is big over all the compliments she’s been fending off? By disqualifying her looks… and getting her to tell you what else she has going on instead.

Today we're going to talk about an old Mystery technique from back in the day.

Perhaps we should call it "Throwbacks Tuesdays" instead of "Tactics Tuesdays"!

The technique in question is the looks-disqualifying screen. You use it on hot girls who know they're hot in situations where men fawn over their looks. The point: remove a woman's sense of looks-based self-importance and cause her to qualify herself to you on qualities of hers not so readily on display.

The standard line for this is, "You're cute, but what else you do you have going on for you?" said in a way as if you're a bit bored with the fact that she "is cute" and are half-interested to know if there's anything more to her than appearance.

This tactic is deadly in certain situations. It's very well optimized for scenarios where women have big heads (and thus, high walls) due to confidence in their appearances.

That said, in other situations, it's unnecessary, and possibly tone-deaf, so let's look at when to use it before we dive into the details on how to apply it.

How to Bring Girls Into Your Reality (and Build Compliance)

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bring women into your realityFrame control is about whose world two people move within. If you can suck her into your world, you dictate the frame – and create an experience for her unlike any other.

One of the thrills of cold approach is the ‘click’ moment.

Tactics Tuesdays: Venue Mood Transitions

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venue mood transitionsEnvironment has an outsized impact on mood. The right environment can almost seduce a woman by itself. By transitioning venues well, you can enhance a seduction.

How do you get a woman to change her mood?

The easiest way is by putting her into the right environment. Then you get to kick back and let the environment do the work.

Men create (or attempt to create) seductive environments for women all the time:

  • They dim the lights and put romantic music on at home

  • They take girls places they hope will set the proper mood

  • They switch from one venue to a more intimate one as things progress

Yet for all this awareness, a lot of guys have a blind spot a lot of the time to the influence of environment.

The environment you're in plays a BIG role on the mood of your woman.

The more seductive the environment, the less work you must do to maintain a seductive mood within her.

Thus, the better a job you do managing the environments you find yourself in with women, the more effective a seducer you will tend to be.

Post-COVID Nightlife Observations

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post-covid nightlife observationsNightlife has opened up many places again, now that COVID restrictions have lifted. How has women’s nightlife behavior changed – and how’s it remained the same?

Hey guys!

Today’s post is sociological. I’ll share my latest nightlife observations post-COVID-reopening. As I write this in August 2021, many have been desocialized from measures adopted due to the great COVID-19 pandemic.

If you live somewhere where things are not reopening yet, this post will still be useful since it can give you some idea of what to expect when reopening happens.

Tactics Tuesdays: Sexual Frame Setting

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sexual frame settingThere are a variety of tools you can use to set sexual frames. But they aren’t all best used at all the same times in a seduction. Here’s which to use and when.

On one of my articles, Finegirl asks:

Chase could you deepen alek's article on sexual frames where he talks about the chase frame and the inefficiency of direct, etc? It would be nice. Clarify these things and bring more examples of great techniques

Yeah sure. Let me take you through what Alek is talking about and give you a bit of my own take.

Alek gives a great run-down on the various ways sexual frames may set (either you set them or she does).

He doesn't go in-depth into any of these, as that was not the point of the piece. Most of them we cover elsewhere.

However, per Finegirl's request, I'll cover the key tactics and how they're best used in my opinion a bit more in-depth here.

2 Ways a Girl May Resist You Picking Her Up: ASD vs. FSC

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man trying to kiss womanWomen will resist your pickup attempts for different reasons. One is to avoid looking easy (anti-slut defense)… but another is because you don’t seem like the “right” guy.

Hey guys! Welcome back.

Today I will discuss two different forms of resistance you get from women: anti-slut defense (ASD) and female state control (FSC). I’ll differentiate between both and discuss their connection to frame-related issues while providing suggestions for dealing with each.

I have mentioned both forms of resistance at length in the past and dedicated a long series to female state control. It is a fairly new concept I came up with a few years ago, which generated a paradigm shift in the seduction community’s conception of female resistance.

Anti-slut defense, on the other hand, is an older concept, if still key. Many seducers have also discussed it at length.

I don’t believe that a comparison or differentiation between the two concepts has ever been attempted, with clear indicators allowing us to distinguish them. Understanding each form of resistance and telling them apart is crucial if you want to use the correct remedy efficiently. I propose to do this today.

First, let’s recap both types of resistance.

How to Avoid Frame Wars

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By: Alek Rolstad

how to avoid frame warsMen often inadvertently spark frame wars with women they’re courting. Ways they do this include over-playing their tactics, failing to make the girl feel special, and more.

Hey guys. Welcome back!

The Seducer's Journey, Pt 2: How Women Inhabit the Sibling Dichotomy

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older brother with younger sisterAdopt a mentor/elder sibling frame with girls to put your seductions on skates.

Let’s begin our exploration of the mythic narratives that drive the sibling dichotomy in women.

The mysteries of what beautiful women want from the men they meet have been a source of bitterness and confusion for many centuries. On top of that, social restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic have slowed down the progress of many game students and veterans alike.

However, the seducer’s journey to an ideal sex life is still possible for ambitious students of the game. Any student of the game can discover his ambitious side, because game is in your DNA.

First and foremost, it is vital to remember that good looks, immense wealth, and social status are not as important to women as a man with an interesting story. The older siblings that we encounter in life, like our relatives and mentors, come with a variety of stories that can capture our attention and reconnect us with our inner child. Read on and see how women crave this dynamic in the men they meet.

How to Set a Meta-Frame for Successful Seductions

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By: Alek Rolstad

setting the meta-frameFrames are easier to set with the right meta-frame in place. Yet frames feed into the meta-frame to. So how do you set one conducive to success with the women you want?

Hey guys! Welcome back.

Last week we went over meta-frames – what they are and why they are essential. A successful seduction involves the meta-frame to some extent; no two ways around it unless you get lucky, which can also happen.

The meta-frame is “prizability,” the frame where you are the prize and women chase you, instead of the other way around. More importantly, it gives you full control over the frame of the interaction. By default, this will allow you to lead the interaction and come off as dominant (and no, dominance, in this case, is not being the big tough guy who chops wood. We’re talking about social dominance with frame control).

The lack of a meta-frame makes most seductions collapse.

Imagine you want to set a social frame by establishing rapport, and you do so from a frame of neediness (against the meta-frame). You will come off as “try-hard” – trying too hard to get to know her.

Imagine that you are trying to get her to invest in a needy way. That’s a paradox since you’re clearly investing in her and not the other way around.

Now imagine you are trying to set a sexual frame without respect for the meta-frame. You will come off as sexually desperate and perhaps creepy.

You need the meta-frame, or else it all falls apart.

But how is this frame set? That is what we will discuss today.