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4 Smooth Ways to Reframe Her Objections to Casual Sex

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resistance to casual sexWhen a woman objects that she doesn’t do casual sex or one-night stands, what can you do or say? In fact, there are several things – delivered right, they may completely change her view.

Hey guys and welcome back. Today we are going to discuss technical stuff. I will share some simple techniques that are relatively easy to pull off yet very efficient.

These techniques counter a certain form of resistance you may have faced: resistance to having sex the first night, spontaneous, casual sex, and one-night stands. You are opting for a same night/day lay, and she resists.

If this sounds familiar, the techniques I will share today will benefit you.

Perhaps you are having a conversation about sex, and she mentions that she is into casual sex or needs sex with feelings (all sex involves feelings, but she is really saying “sex with significant and romantic feelings). I do not consider this resistance because you are not escalating the vibe. She is just trying to set her own frame or test yours.

Nevertheless, these techniques, or “reframes” will help. You are welcome to use the exact reframe language I share, but you may also try variations or make up your own. This is why I try to explain the mechanism of the technique.

Picking Up Girls Fast, Pt. 1: Quick Physical Pulls

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fast pullsIt’s possible to pick up girls fast.. if you know what you’re doing. Pick the right targets, calibrate your approach, escalate expertly, and use your top seduction tools.

Note: This post is for advanced or higher intermediate guys looking for advice on pulling quickly but may contain good advice for beginners, especially concerning physical escalation, screening, and calibration.

Why Quick Pulls Are NOT for Beginner Seducers

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man kissing woman against brick wall in barA quick pickup of a girl at a bar can seem like a gift from the sex gods. Finally! An easy lay! Yet if you are not that skilled with women yet, be wary of such “freebies.”

Hey guys. Welcome back.

In my last article, I discussed extended seductions—dragging out the seduction process for increased compliance and sexual tension. I don’t recommend this advanced technique for beginners. It is difficult to pull off, with room for unnecessary mistakes that could ruin everything.

So beginners and even intermediate players should NOT opt for such a strategy. Cases when extended seductions are needed are few, and same night/day lays, rather than dragging it out over multiple dates, will generally increase your odds of success.

However, I’m writing this post because this strategy has a few caveats.

Even though going for the same night/day pulls increases your odds, it is important to mention that this does not mean going for “quick pulls.” Instant pulls or same day/night lays are NOT synonymous with “quick pulls.”

Extended Seductions: More Tricks to Make These Great

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extended seductionMore tips to make it easier to extend a seduction across weeks or more. How do you wind her up? How do you avoid her cooling off? When DO you make that move?

Hey guys.

Previously, I discussed extended seduction concepts, like creating anti-logistics. This is crucial because extended seductions are quite risky: she may lose interest if she fails to perceive you as a lover if you don’t escalate to sex when you have the chance to do so logistically, and she is ready for it. She will think you are a wimp and afraid to be sexual and may not see you as a sexual guy. Welcome to the friend zone.

To avoid this, I suggested you use anti-logistics: deliberately creating a setting where you both cannot have sex. This gives you plausible deniability for not escalating to sex: it isn’t her fault or your fault that you are not escalating. It is not because you are a wimp, but because the situation doesn’t allow for it.

The result? You generate more sexual tension. She wants you, but you become forbidden fruit due to the logistics. You are “teasing” her desire which will grow over time. This strategy only works if she is sexually interested in you.

With this strategy, you extend the seduction on your terms, not hers. It’s because you want it or made it that way due to your strategic choice. (See my post about whether you should seal the deal now or later, posted not long ago.) This is not how most men do extended seductions: they do them on her terms because she resisted their attempt at escalation, or she induced this odd feeling of fear, making men play overly safe. What happens here? They create more risk by opting for an extended seduction.

Friend zoning usually occurs because of failed extended seductions. Beginners often go for extended seductions, but these are more advanced than quick pulls. They usually opt for them to play it safe: wrong move.

Extended seductions are more difficult, and more suited for advanced players.

Before I begin, I need to repeat that the concept of extended seduction was invented (or at least popularized) by a veteran seducer named Pureevil. He inspired the system I am about to discuss, and all credit goes to him. If you are curious about his material, check out this thread by veteran seducer Skills on our forum SkilledSeducer. He’s reposted Pureevil’s classic posts on the subject.

Now that the recap is out of the way, I would like to expand upon my previous post. I’ll go over a few more tips and tricks to make extended seductions more successful.

Extended Seductions: Seducing a Woman Over Weeks (or Longer)

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extended seductionSex can happen fast. Yet if you prefer to draw things out, to heighten anticipation, and enjoy the seduction more, you can – so long as you’re the one in control.

Hey guys. In my two previous posts, I discussed whether you should seal the deal now or wait for later, opting for an “extended seduction.”

In the first post, I discussed if you should get her number rather than go for the kill right there. My conclusion is that it is always best to go for the pull if logistics allow. It’s a call beginners and advanced guys alike have to make often.

In the second post, I went over whether you should escalate to sex or opt for another date. This decision is trickier and is best made by advanced guys since the pitfalls of missing an escalation window when she is ready (an opportunity to escalate to sex) may ruin a future chance of having sex with her.

There will always be a higher probability of sealing the deal when going for the instant close. Overall, it is the better strategy. Generally, it is a better call, although going for the extended seduction is favorable in some situations.

The issue is that knowing when those situations occur can be hard to discern and, if misjudged, could cost you the interaction. It’s why I suggest that beginners do not opt for the “extended seduction” strategy.

I’ll be re-emphasizing this today. As you will see, it may seem easy to pull off an extended seduction, but in practice, it is tricky.

  • The longer the seduction, the more material and knowledge you need to keep her excited and hooked.

  • The longer the seduction, the more opportunities to make mistakes. It’s not an ideal strategy for beginners who may be prone to errors. Intermediate guys may make fewer mistakes; however, the longer the interaction goes, the higher the chance they get nervous and impatient, thus the higher the chance of miscalibrating and making mistakes.

  • The more time passes, the higher the chance of wildcards occurring. Factors you did not anticipate often come up and can potentially ruin the seduction. For example, she may get sick between dates, run into an ex, or something stressful comes up at work. Anything can happen. It requires good wildcard management and a great overall game to survive the damage the wildcard causes. (Note that I wrote an important piece on wildcards a while back.)

So you can see why an extended seduction is not easy. I will try to make it easier by providing hints and tips to make it work.

This post is my take on Pureevil’s original concept behind extended seductions. In my opinion, he was the founding father of extended seduction, and most techniques here should be credited to him. Pureevil was a top-tier seducer who had the guts to write posts on this subject when the trend was fast pulls. (A trend I was part of; I was very involved in that school of thought.)

Check out Pureevil’s original posts reposted by veteran seducer Skills.

First, let’s discuss why you would consider going for extended seductions.

Tactics Tuesdays: Converting Cautious High Count Girls

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converting cautious high count girlsCertain girls you’ll bed, do it all right with, yet not see again. Why? Some of them are “cautious high count” girls. But there’s a way to lay them once more…

This is a fairly niche article, targeted at advanced seducers, but it'll answer some questions for you if you're a high volume playboy who gets a bunch of lays off night game or dating apps.

There's a certain breed of woman who likes to party and hook up with new men, yet retains a high degree of skepticism toward non-safe men when it comes to entering relationships.

We'll call this girl the 'cautious high count girl'.

She is your stereotypical "hook up with the bad boy but date the good guy" girl. She craves stimulation, but dislikes being around a guy long-term she doubts she can command exclusivity from. She's a stimulus-seeking gal who nevertheless desires devotion from those she sees regularly.

You'll get one-night stands with these girls, off of either night game or dating apps.

Everything will seem to go great; she has a lot of fun, and you find the girl exciting and hope to see her again.

Only, she won't see you again.

Nothing is 'wrong'; she doesn't have any sex regret after being with you, nor was she stupidly drunk and just 'made a mistake' or anything like that.

She's just the total opposite of the girl with a small dating pool, is all.

If you do manage to get her out, she voices repeated resistance to anything that remotely seems like "starting a relationship" with you -- it's not that she's against relationships in principle; only against relationships with you.

How do you convert a gal like this?

By stepping outside the usual boxes she puts men in.

When Should You Seal the Deal with a Girl?

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seal the deal with a girlShe’s into you. Should you seal the deal with this girl now… or put it off to later? Now, usually. Yet while nothing’s promised, sometimes it may pay to delay.

Hey guys. Welcome back.

Previously, we discussed whether one should go for a same day or night pull or go for her number and set a date later. If you want a detailed answer, check out my previous post.

Today I will discuss a similar subject: whether one should try to escalate to intimacy or back down and focus on the next date.

A typical example: the logistics are better than the example in the previous post; she is at your place. Should you go for the kill or take it chill and extend the seduction to another meeting?

Making the right call will depend on your field experience, gut feeling, and your evaluation of variables to assess the situation.

The only way to develop that gut feeling is through practice, trial and error, and learning from your failures. There is no other way around it.

Hopefully, this post will clarify a few things.

First, I want to recap the pitfalls of arousal and how they link to female state control (FSC) and anti-slut defense (ASD). If you are familiar with those, you can skip the next section. However, a refresh is always a good idea.

Unlike my previous posts suited for seducers of all levels, this post is ideal for advanced players. However, there’s no harm to beginners and intermediate guys reading this. Making the right call is difficult, so I recommend that beginners try to seal the deal when the logistics allow for it, even if they fail, since failure, although frustrating, may teach a lot. Beginners are more likely to misjudge, opt for the safe route, and not escalate, which statistically may give fewer results.

First Time Having Sex with a Girl? Don't Be Too Rough

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don't be too rough first time having sex with a girlFirst time sex that’s too rough or makes a girl feels slutty often backfires. The secret to passionate sex is to escalate to it over a series of encounters with her.

The first time you have sex with girls, you do not want it to be overly rough. Nor do you want to do anything to trigger feelings in a woman that you think she's a slut.

Yet I have noticed over the years that some guys are fairly (or even quite) rough during the first sexual encounter with a girl. They may do other things that imply to her they think she's a slut (such as using dirty talk where they might even tell her she's a slut. On the first night!).

Some possible reasons men do this with women include:

  1. They've watched a lot of porn and have conflated 'rough' and 'wild' with 'showing her a good time'

  1. They're just really physical, manly guys and think just being rough with a woman the first time is normal

  1. They may have had a girlfriend or FWB who liked it rough and gotten into the habit of being really rough during sex, and that's carried over into their hookups with new girls

  1. There's also the less-charitable interpretation is that they may not really care about the girl at all and are just using her to pump and dump (who cares if she has a good time or not!)

Regardless the reason for their roughness the first time they have sex with a girl, the fact is you should not be too rough the first time you bed her.

There are a variety of reasons for this. Some of them are quite important.

So, I hope you will read on -- and have better first encounters + avoid a lot of potential heartache for yourself and women.

Picking Up Girls: Take Her Number or Take Her Home?

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pick up: take number or take home?When you’re out picking up girls, the question is: do you take her home now, or take her number to meet up with her later? It depends – on several things.

Hey guys. Welcome back.

Today I’ll cover a rarely discussed subject: when to go for numbers or try to seal the deal right there and then. Next week, I will discuss whether you should try to have sex with her that night or try to see her another time. Maybe she is at your place, and you could try to have sex with her, but some resistance is in the air. So when should you “give up” and go for another date?

The goal is to decrease potential pitfalls and increase your chances of sealing the deal, improving your consistency.

I am not going to lie. Whether you should go for it that night and when you should play it more calmly and opt for a day two can be hard to tell as a beginner or even as an intermediate.

I hope this post will help you with these assessments.