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What Power Men (Really) Have in the Dating Game

Oct 10, 2020

What power do men have in dating? It may seem like women hold all the cards. Yet men have one special thing at their fingertips that women desperately crave…

power dating game

You Must Brave Looking Stupid to Get Skilled in Seduction

Oct 8, 2020

Most men will never excel with women for one simple reason: they're too scared of looking stupid.

look stupid to get girls

5 Good and 3 Bad Things About Dating a Married Woman

Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp

Oct 7, 2020

If the morals aren't a problem for you, there are some serious upsides to dating a married woman. Yet it isn't all sunshine… there are things to be wary of, too…

dating a married woman

Tactics Tuesdays: Stop Her Talking Herself Out of It

Oct 6, 2020

Ask a girl to do something, and she'll think about it. Sometimes she decides for you; sometimes not. Yet if she's about to decide "not", you MAY be able to intercept that…

talking herself out of it

Transmitting Bad Vibes; or, Why People May Not Like You

Oct 4, 2020

Bad vibes can poison your interaction without you being aware of it. So how do you know if you have a bad vibe problem? And if so… how do you FIX it?

bad vibes

Video Messaging Girls, Part 2: How to Video Message Her

Oct 3, 2020

How do you send a woman video messages that draw her in and get a response? There's a science to it… and it includes what you weave into the message, as well as the tone.

video messaging

Are Modern Women's Dating Standards TOO High?

Oct 1, 2020

Many men today believe women's standards are too high. The reality is, women's standards have ALWAYS been high… or at least, women have always claimed this.

women's dating standards

5 Fundamental Pick Up Artist Mindsets (Vital to Success)

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By: Tony Depp

Sep 30, 2020

What mindsets does a man need to succeed at picking up women? The ones in this article. Without these, success will be permanently out of reach.

pick up artist mindsets

Sex Drive Compatibility, Drive Collapses, & Relationship Sex Issues

Sep 28, 2020

You want to date someone long-term. But is she sexually compatible? Most people don't check… yet this is perhaps the #1 most important compatibility of all.

sex drive compatibility

Video Messaging Girls, Part 1: Why to Video Message Her

Sep 26, 2020

Girls may not always respond when you text. And many girls are too shy to answer phone calls. The ideal alternative? Leave women VIDEO messages.

video message

Don't Ask Women Stupid, Needy Questions

Sep 24, 2020

There are these stupid, clueless, needy questions men ask women. Perhaps you've asked some yourself. Yet these questions are pure sabotage for your seductions.

stupid questions

Don't Tell Me You're Done Already

Sep 23, 2020

After you gave it your all in a long interaction with a girl, you might be tired out. Yet she might want things to keep going, and be disappointed if they don't. What do you do?

done already

Tactics Tuesdays: How to Respond to LJBFs

Sep 22, 2020

Sometimes you make a move on a girl and she hits you with "let's just be friends." Yet just because you got one LJBF doesn't mean you're out of the running…

let's just be friends

5 Wrong Mindsets for Cold Approach Pickup (Plus 3 RIGHT Ones)

Sep 21, 2020

There are many ways men think about picking up women. Many of these ways are not helpful, though.

pickup mindsets

Don't Talk About Pickup to Other People

Sep 20, 2020

You should not talk about game with most people. It might be tempting to (especially when it's a major point of interest of yours)… but mum's the word.

talk about pickup