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Logistics Checklist: What to Prepare for Good Seductions

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logistics checklistMake it easier on yourself to seduce by having everything you need logistically. Including what to have on your person, on your phone, and at home at your place.

Hey guys. I hope you are doing well.

Today we will discuss the important but under-discussed topic of logistics. No matter how good you are, logistics are crucial for success. Logistics are key no matter when you approach women or what type of game you use.

The importance of logistics is undisputed. Nobody would dare disagree with this.

Logistics is everything in the interaction that facilitates or complicates the process. It includes the context in which the interaction and seduction take place. You can control some aspects and some you cannot. However, you can deal with unfortunate logistics (wildcards); see my post on the subject.

You can actively seek out some logistics (girls with two friends; sets of three are easier to deal with than sets of two), and there are others to avoid (a group of girls where one is very drunk, likely to cause wildcards later).

Today we will discuss the logistics you can control and implement RIGHT AWAY effortlessly. This post is useful for seducers of all levels.

We will discuss what you need:

  • To carry with you in your pocket or bag when you go out

  • To have at your place when you pull her home

Sometimes logistics alone can get you laid. It is not that common, but it does occur. However, bad logistics can ruin many potential lays. Once, I forgot to have cigarettes at home, which led me to nearly lose a threesome with two very cute Finnish girls in 2009. A student of mine missed a potential lay because he forgot to download Uber or any transportation app! Trust me, losing a lay because of stupid logistic issues are frustrating as hell, and you can easily avoid these pitfalls.

Well, no more with this post.

This list will be extensive. I have been into this for over 15 years, and I have been in almost every logistic loophole imaginable. So some of my advice can counteract some uncommon situations, but the little effort required on your end to avoid facing it makes it worthwhile to consider.

I am not claiming that you need to have everything listed here to get laid. Even if your logistics are not perfect, you often can get away with it—until you don’t. It is the latter scenario that I dedicate this post to. Logistics are a requirement to get laid in most circumstances. Bad logistics can ruin your game if you don’t take care of them. So, let’s take care of them, and if you implement most if not all the advice listed here, you can safeguard yourself from much trouble.

Charisma Breakdown: Errol Flynn

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errol flynnHollywood’s most prolific, charismatic womanizer of all time, Errol Flynn was a magnetic force unlike any other. Just what made Flynn so utterly irresistible?

Welcome to the third installment in this Charisma Breakdown series.

For the series, I've been breaking down the mannerisms and behaviors of wildly charismatic individuals, along the lines of the four Charismatic Archetypes we discuss in greater depth in my soon-to-be-rereleased course, Charisma in a Bottle.

You can see the previous two installments here:

  1. Charisma Breakdown: John Wayne (King Archetype)

  2. Charisma Breakdown: Russell Brand (Savior Archetype)

It was my intention to do the Father Archetype next, then the Hero, but it's been a bit of a challenge finding good Father Archetype charismatics who also fit a seductive role. I think I'll most likely do Sean Connery for that, who fits the Father Archetype, and for whom I've promised to do a charisma breakdown for a while.

Meantime though, I'm just too eager to get to Errol Flynn... so we're going to jump ahead here to do the Hero.

Today we cover cinema's most legendary swashbuckler and Hollywood's biggest ever real-life charismatic womanizer: the magnetic, the charming, the irresistible Errol Flynn.

Charisma Breakdown: Russell Brand

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charisma breakdown: russell brandRussell Brand oozes electric charisma, of a very specific archetype: he is the Savior, who will sweep you away from dreary ordinary life to a world of fun, enlightenment, and orgasms.

Ready for another charisma breakdown?

Last time we discussed John Wayne, who exemplifies the 'King' charismatic archetype.

Today we'll be looking at a different charismatic archetype... the Savior. Our Savior will be Russell Brand.

Russell Brand, a Savior?

Oh yes. Russell Brand uses his charisma to lead people toward salvation. It's no fluke he's jumped into the political space, casting light on issues of he believes need leadership and encouraging people to be free (like in his recent short, fun video highlighting the military-industrial complex operating within American news media).

With Brand's beard and long hair, he even looks like a certain famous Savior (and indeed, has his own filmed performance on the subject entitled Messiah Complex).

If we look at how he interacts with women, we'll see that there, too, he embodies the role of the Charismatic Savior.

Let's have a closer look.

Best Hair Products for Sexy Male Hairdos

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hair productsGetting a great looking male hairstyle isn’t just about the cut and the do. It’s also about the products. Here’s what shampoos, primers, sprays, creams, and more to use.

Hey guys. Today I have a different post, one I never intended to write.

It was Chase’s idea. We spoke one day, and since he and I both have long hair, we started discussing hair products that are best for long hair.

Being a bit of a fashionista myself, I’ve spent much time experimenting with different hair products. I know what works for me, and my suggestions have usually helped others.

Note that I am not a hairdresser or a barber. My expertise is pick up, seduction, social dynamics, sex, and relationships.

Yet Chase was excited discussing hair products and suggested I write about it. I was hesitant at first, but Chase can be persuasive.

Some guys in the skillseducer chat tried some of the products I recommend and had good results. So, I thought, why not?

Disclaimer #1: I am an influencer in the sense that I influence women in field. I do not receive compensation from hair product producers. I am about to suggest products that I love and have had great success with. A big corporation like L’Oreal (who owns Redken) would never use a funnel like GirlsChase to promote—they have better market funnels.

Disclaimer #2: If you think it is “gay” or “effeminate” to care about hair products, that’s fine and is your belief. Remember, the look of your hair matters. From my experience, having nice hair is more effective than having a 6-pack. We want to maximize every variable, and this is one. We do not care what is “effeminate” or “gay;” we care about what works and what will give you results with women. Also, men have more sensitive hair than women. Trust me; it is usually thicker. So, men’s hair needs more maintenance. Some men have short hair, and using the wrong clay or wax will make you look ungroomed and nasty. It will negatively affect your success.

Disclaimer #3: Some of you may have afros; some may be bald. I have Caucasian wavy hair. I have experience helping my friend Pablo, a Latino with curly hair. I have advised people with straight hair. But I do not have experience with afros. If you are bald, then shave it all away, work out, get a tan, get a nice beard, and you will look badass. However, this post is not for you.

Using high-quality hair products will reduce your chances of going bald since bad hair wax can increase hair loss. Not rinsing out styling products can also increase hair loss. So even though going bald is not the end of the world, try to do your best to keep your hair for as long as possible.

Charisma Breakdown: John Wayne

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charisma breakdown: john wayneJohn Wayne was an icon of American cinema. In this piece, we break down his charisma, and show what his behavior and the behavior of others around him says about his characters.

We're gearing up to rerelease my course on charisma, Charisma in a Bottle.

In advance of the rerelease, I thought I'd do some 'charisma breakdowns' on a variety of leading men and other figures where we look at clips of the man and discuss what he does that makes him so charismatic.

Our focus will be on nonverbal (fundamentals-based) charismatic signals he puts out, social signals, and some of the charismatic subtext in his verbal communication.

To kick off the series, I'd like to start with John Wayne.

Does Dick Size Matter When It Comes to Getting Laid?

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dick sizeHow much does dick size affect your ability to get laid? Can girls tell your dick size before you hook up with them… and what happens once the clothes come off?

Hey guys, and welcome back.

Today I want to put the nail in the coffin on an old discussion that seems to re-occur on seduction forums, on the web, and in face-to-face discussions between men.

8 Ways to Differentiate Yourself with Women

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differentiate yourself with womenMen who stand out in attractive ways attract far more women. There are many ways to stand out: peacocking, behavior, social proof, standout items, stages, and more.

In a previous article, I mentioned differentiating yourself with women who are used to being hit on all the time. A reader asked for more tips like this one might use to stand out with girls:

Hi chase but this concept of appearing different that in this case you do it through this technique for this type of woman how to do it in general and with different types of women? Or on women who are not like that you just have to build rapport, generate emotions and carry things forward?

It's a great question, because 'standing out' is a big part of what we do. If you can differentiate yourself from other guys... if you can stand out from the crowd and intrigue women... it makes the job of meeting and getting somewhere with girls much easier.

There are different ways a man can stand out, and guys will tend to focus on different ways to do it.

Which makes sense; if everyone tried standing out the same way, no one would actually stand out, right?

I'm going to give you the eight (8) most useful ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Before we get to those ways to differentiate though, first we need to talk about standing out in general.

Why Do So Many People Think Muscles Get You Girls?

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do muscles get you girls?Many guys think giant muscles are the key to getting laid. But are they? Do hulking muscles turn you into a babe magnet… or are their effects subtler and more nuanced than this?

We had a commentator asking me the other day why I don't talk about physique more.

He thought it was because maybe if I admitted that big muscles were really the key to getting laid, I'd have to close down Girls Chase and start selling supplements.

After all... who needs to learn game when you can just get ripped?

Once you've got gigantic muscles, beautiful women just chuck themselves at you. Don't they?

Well... not exactly.

But he's right, I should talk more about physique.

However, like many things here, I'm going to give you a perspective you probably won't get elsewhere.

I'm not going to tell you physique doesn't matter. But I'm also not going to tell you you need to be on gear, lifting hard at the gym 3 hours every day, eating raw steaks for lunch, getting your delts and traps as ridiculous as possible.

Instead I'm going to tell you something else.

The Seducer's Journey, Pt 3: Seductive Characters

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seducer's journey iiiEnhance your seductive character with these useful exercises. Think about things better, achieve deep relaxation, and create desired effects in women.

We’ve got a lot to cover in this series finale. So, prepare yourself for a wild ride.

Even though governments are scaling back on restrictions, we are living in a time when the vast majority of social frames instill fear and social anxiety in the women you’ll meet and seduce.

What’s more, game students and experienced ladykillers find themselves shaking off more rust than ever.

So, in this article, we’ll cover more seductive characters that will boost your day game and night game arsenals to show you how to get results in a post-lockdown society.

Creepy Guys Do This 1 Specific Thing Cool Guys NEVER Do

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creepy guys vs. cool guysCreepiness isn’t about how attractive you are. It’s about behavior. Creepy people behave in ways that set off alarms in others’ heads. Cool people don’t.

What is 'creepiness'?

How do you define it?

A lot of guys really dislike this term. There are all kinds of unfavorable definitions for it out there, such as "Creepy is just what a woman calls a man she does not find attractive."

But everyone's felt creeped out by someone at some point.

Even if you're a guy, I have no doubt you've felt creeped out. Whether by:

  • Some shifty character you suspected was getting ready to mug you

  • Some gay guy or transsexual you suspected wanted to get with you

  • Some lonely individual tagging along with you or your friend group

... you've probably been creeped out by someone.

So what is this 'creepy feeling', exactly?

In the past, I've defined creepiness as being a result of someone hiding his true intentions (see: How to Not Be a Creepy Guy). However, today we'll go deeper still.

You see, there are certain rules that govern 'creepiness'.

The better you know them, the better you will be at not triggering the 'creepy switch'.