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3 Advanced Ways to Be More Charismatic (Be Like the Pros!)

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ways to be more charismaticOnce you have the basics of charisma down, it’s time for the big guns. These 3 strategies let you draw people in like the coolest charismatics around.

The other day I posted my beginner’s guide to charisma.

If you’re new to the idea of upping your personal magnetism, make sure to check that one out.

This one’s for the charismatic veterans… those old smoothies who are already old in the ways of charming the socks off everyone they encounter.

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Now, let’s dig into the three (3) advanced ways to be more charismatic I have for you today.

I promise you you’ve never encountered these strategies anywhere else… because I’ve never seen or heard them anywhere else!

All these are strategies I’ve used from watching highly charismatic individuals in televised interviews as well as in-person, and each one is one I’ve used and abused for years to get down pat. They all work great, and they ALL increase your charisma.

Let’s dig into ‘em.

Getting Started Quick with Charisma: Beginner's Guide

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charisma beginnersCAPTION

When you have charisma, everything you do socially gets (a lot) easier.

  • People like you more, respect you, listen to you, defer to you, want to get to know you

  • Girls want to go out with you, want to keep going out with you, and go to bed with you

  • Men want to roll you into their networks and introduce their friends to you

  • Hiring managers want to put you into all kinds of different jobs

It’s like everything you touch starts turning to gold. Everything interpersonal becomes so much more streamlined.

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The HARD, however, is taking those first steps toward being charismatic.

When you’re not charismatic yet, it may feel like charismatic individuals exist a world away from you.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss how to start diving in to the world of oozing personal magnetism.

[VIDEOS] Teeth, Skin, & Weight: More on Looking GOOD

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A well-maintained appearance is a crucial part of a man’s attractiveness.

While they aren’t as fun or exciting as walk, posture, eye contact, or some of the other fundamentals we’ve discussed in the past, these more passive appearance-based fundamentals are nevertheless EXTREMELY important:

  • Teeth and smile

  • Skin (suppleness & health)

  • Body weight

How much can you really do with these though?

Well, the answer is A LOT… and I lay it all out in the three videos below.

[VIDEOS] Walk Sexy, Move Masterfully, & Magnetic Mannerisms

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If you haven’t recently stopped by GirlsChase.TV, our video site, now’d be a great time.

That’s because I’ve got three (3) more attractiveness-sky-rocketing videos on giving yourself fantastic fundamentals up on the site.

Fundamentals are one of the topics I get asked about by guys they most… and you won’t find video tutorials this good on raising your attractive qualities ANYWHERE else… I’ve looked!

So head on over to GC.TV and check ‘em out. Here’s a quick overview of what’s waiting for you…

Sexiness: What It Is & How to Have It

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TEXTSexiness is the quality of being carnally desirable. Yet it seems so abstract: why are some people sexy while many aren’t? It all boils down to 3 items: intent, confidence, & appeal.

Earlier this year in my article on insider vs. outsider seduction frames, reader JimmyS asked about the crux of sexiness:

Hey Chase,

Posture, Eye Contact, Expressions: 3 New Videos on FUNDAMENTALS

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new videosThree new GirlsChase.TV videos are out. Are you ready to upgrade your attractiveness with amazing posture, electric eye contact, and expressive facial expressions?

Have you been keeping an eye on GirlsChase.TV?

I’ve added three new videos over the past couple weeks that go deep into three powerful fundamentals:

These are Lessons 4-6 of my ongoing video series Fantastic Fundamentals. In them, I go a lot deeper into each attractive quality than I’ve ever gone before.

Night Game and Sleep

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night game and sleepWhen you’re out late at night, it’s bound to effect your sleep. A veteran night gamer shares tips on staying out late regularly without ruining your daylight hours.

Hey guys. Welcome back.

Today I want to discuss lifestyle choices.

Many guys want to try night game. But the usual concern I hear is that they have standard 9–5 jobs, and it’s hard to go out.

I must start by saying that this excuse is invalid. If people have daytime jobs, which they do, and if that’s why they can’t go out, then how come the nightlife is not dead?

Considering that most people have these jobs, and many go out at night (especially girls), why can’t you?

Most people go out at night, especially those higher in the social echelon, like higher-value guys and hot girls. They have more fun in clubs than lower echelon people, including weirdos and geeks. But few of them go out twice a week EVERY weekend.

Yet this is what full-time night gamers do.

I understand that this is perhaps not “9-5 job friendly.” Unless you apply certain measures, it can ruin your sleep and health in the long run. This post is for anyone who wants to become a full-time night gamer. I’ll discuss how to do it while still preserving your health. Even if you don’t have a job that allows you to sleep during the day, this post is still for you.

You don’t need to become a full-time night gamer (going out twice or three times a week). You can go out once a week or once every two weeks—neither option clashes with the standard professional lifestyle. Nevertheless, if this is you, this post is for you.

If you do not occasionally go out at night, you are not taking pickup and seduction seriously and likely will not become a high-level seducer. Night game is amazing because it allows you to get lots of field experience quickly. You’ll find plenty of targets packed in one place. It’s a form of game that forces you to think and act quickly and apply the most techniques. It is pickup on steroids. There are no good seducers who do not do night game occasionally or haven’t done it before. This goes for day gamers too. After all, you don’t want to miss out on the hottest girls!

Let’s talk about going out at night while still maintaining your health. It all starts with developing healthy lifestyle choices.

The Magnetic Man, Pt. 3: Conceptual Skill

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conceptual skillMagnetism isn’t just about how you carry yourself… it is also about the way you think about the world, and how you evoke that in others via your conversation.

So far, our focus has been on inner game in this series.

First, we examined body wisdom: the physical, primal foundation of magnetism, as we discovered ways to receive and digest confidence to project a sense of well-being with our fundamentals.

Then, we tackled state control to express our emotions in a playful spirit with a comprehensive guide to help increase awareness of various states and steps to take toward inner balance.

In today’s installment, we’ll look at personal magnetism from an outer game perspective. Before that, we must understand one more aspect of inner game: conceptual skill, since our brains build the bridge between inner game and outer game with this layered response-ability.

As we discussed in part 2, response-ability combines your talent for deciphering female sub-communication and your capacity to respond effectively to signals received.

Together, this bridge helps measure your competence with women and offers all seducers another effective path to increase personal magnetism: by expanding your conceptual skill.

[VIDEOS] First Two Videos in “Fantastic Fundamentals”

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For many years, guys have asked me to go a lot more in-depth into fundamentals.

They want more specifics on how to maximize their attractive characteristics… stuff like eye contact, posture, walk, movement, fashion, social power, voice.

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to putting something like that together: a COMPLETE fundamentals deep dive that’ll consist of 37 videos once they’re all on the site – some free, some premium – that go into intimate detail on becoming the most attractive man you can be.

Calisthenics: A First-Rate Alternative to Lifting Weights

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man doing pull-upsMost guys who want to get fit today head to the gym. But what if you didn’t need the gym for it? What if you could get stronger, in a more balanced way, from anywhere? That’s calisthenics.

Do you use bodyweight exercises as a part of your exercise regimen?

You really should. They offer some wonderful benefits, such as:

  • Exercising the WHOLE body. Not just isolated muscles

  • Developing total body strength, rather than strong muscles and weak muscles

  • Allowing you to exercise from ANYWHERE, including hotel rooms & girls’ places

  • The ability to recover from joint and muscle injuries (such as those from lifting weights)

It took me years to come around to calisthenics. For the longest time I confused “cardio” with “calisthenics.” Even when I understood what calisthenics were I found them dull, slow, and underpowered.

Yet today I have a very different view on this type of exercise.

And because a fit body is an attractive fundamentals, and because a man needs the health and fitness to do what he wants to do in life (including approach girls), I figured I’d write an introduction to calisthenics here – for those readers who, like me, perhaps never really considered them as an alternative, as well as for those readers who’d like to exercise more but have a hard time getting to the gym.

First, because I think a lot of guys are probably in the place I was, where lifting weights seems a lot better than using bodyweight exercises, let me tell you the story of how I got into them.

Then we’ll talk a little bit more about how to do them.