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Articles by Author: Varoon Rajah

Conquer Approach Anxiety with The Approach Game

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the approach game
This fun, simple game is designed to banish anxiety and work out the kinks in your approaches. All you need is a wingman, a clock, and a woman-laden environment.

Very early in my seduction journey, right after deciding I (finally) wanted to get better with women and (finally) learn how to sleep with them effortlessly, I faced the biggest hurdle of all – getting started. After all, every resource, coach, and seminar I checked out mentioned cold approach as the best skill to learn and improve with women.

It was suggested that I set aside several hours a day several times a week to learn how to approach women, just to get started. However, therein lay the rub – approaching women.

What a scary proposition! After having lost my virginity in my early twenties, then finally having my first girlfriend at 22, I still had no confidence or understanding of what women wanted or how they wanted to be approached.

I felt nervous, afraid; and each time, fear ran through my veins. This is a woman. What if she rejects me? What if she doesn’t like me? How will she feel about me? How will she perceive me? How will I feel about myself if she rejects me?

I started by walking through the streets of my newest home – New York City – where day game opportunities were plentiful and hot women wandered the streets alone every single day. And yet, each time I passed a hot woman that I fancied, I talked myself out of an approach.

Boost Your Success with Women by Using the Traffic Light System

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traffic light system
Time and energy can be wasted on non-receptive girls, or by over-gaming receptive ones. Economize your dating by distinguishing between Reds, Yellows, and Greens.

With so many women to choose from in the world and so many women to approach, how the heck does a guy manage to filter through them faster and more efficiently, and become more effective in the mating game?

A lot of guys starting out spend a lot of time cold approaching in day game and night game, trying to learn their ladders for how to get women and identify the receptive ones from the girls who just aren’t interested.

Unfortunately, what also happens when learning is that a guy gets discouraged by rejection because he takes the response of a single woman far too personally.

Especially for newbies and virgins, a single rejection can be devastating, especially if it’s a type of girl he strongly aspires to get.

However, it’s not wise to take the opinion of one woman – or even a few women – seriously. This is because there are three categories of women out there in the world:

  • Women for whom you are exactly their type
  • Women for whom you might be their type, but they’re not sure
  • Women for whom you are absolutely not their type

Being a woman’s type or not is fairly binary – after all, attraction is binary – but women also have preconceived notions about men based on their appearance, fundamentals, and behavior.

In short, women have preferences, but you can also short circuit their preferences by creating desire.

I/A Catch-22, Part 2: How to Counter the Double-Bind

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counter i/a double bind
While it certainly may entrap you, the I/A double-bind can be countered – or even better, using the strategies here, entirely avoided.

Welcome to Part 2 of our series about the investment-attainability double-bind.

In Part 1, we talked about why the double-bind happens:

  • A woman stalls courtship to seek more information through a man’s investment, but this kind of investment reduces a woman’s attraction to him.

  • A woman stalls courtship when a man seems unattainable, which means he seems very attractive but she hopes to rope him into a commitment by making him invest more before sex.

  • Both these elements combined create an unwinnable scenario for either party – by the time a man has invested enough to seem attainable to her, he has also killed his attraction and she no longer wants what she once wanted.

Now let’s dive into strategies to counter the double-bind – and ways not to.

Gunwitch | Basics of Seduction MMA (Podcast)

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Welcome back to another episode of Dating Mechanics!

Today I speak with someone who has been highly recommended to me by several author-seducers I know (including Alek Rolstad here on Girls Chase), as he was one of the pioneers of the entire pickup artist universe two decades ago.

Gunwitch has been in the community and a teacher since the days of MASF, The Game, Mystery, and Neil Strauss. His method, dubbed “Gunwitch Method,” is incredibly powerful, centered around the use of body-states to attract and arouse women. Perhaps you know how powerful a certain vibe can be, but by and large, Gunwitch teaches ways for guys to become exactly what they seek, embodying an emotion within themselves that can be so powerful, women feel it and absorb it.

In this episode, we’re going to cover the basics of Gunwitch’s Seduction MMA – how to use sub-communication with sexual arousal, emotional stimulation, and social frames to make girls work for you and chase after you. This podcast is all about using effective mixed systems efficiently, and using mental toughness and frame dominance to influence a girl’s state of mind.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s actually very powerful stuff. It can give you the ability to make girls chase after you simply because they’re infatuated with and enamored by you. I’d say that’s a pretty cool skill for a man to have!

I/A Catch-22, Part 1: Why Is She Withholding Sex?

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she's withholding sex
If a girl likes you but withholds sex past a few dates, an investment-attainability double bind may be the culprit.

Have you ever gone on a first date with a girl and things went well with both of you seemingly enjoying each other… then found yourself struggling to take her home and shag her, and instead of doing so, you agree to meet once again for yet another date?

Have you then found yourself going on multiple dates with that woman – some of them quite intensive and creative – and yet, she still refuses to go home with you. Or if she does go home with you, she shies away from having sex? Has this gone on for over five meets?

Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most common double-bind situations in courtship, where a girl’s desire to get a guy to commit to her results in additional investment-seeking – in the form of deferring sex.

This draws out the courtship and causes her to lose interest in him, and they never get together or have sex. Instead, both the man and woman just waste a bunch of time and leave the situation unhappy, not getting what they wanted.

Your Use of Tinder Is Hobbling You with Girls

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tinder get women
Truly hot women are scarce in the world of online dating apps. If you want to meet them, give your swiping finger a rest and focus on your in-real-life game.

Throughout 2017, I’ve noticed two strong trends that have put questions in my mind about the future direction of teaching and practicing social arts.

  1. The increasing reliance of men on Tinder and dating apps as their main resource to meet women; many of these men are frustrated with their results on the app

  2. The simultaneous frustration in women who meet men using dating apps like Tinder

The conclusion I’ve derived from both observations is that Tinder is now well on its way out of the limelight, and guys are far better off in the long term if they learn to meet, date, and sleep with women without using these apps.

Now, I’m not saying Tinder doesn’t have any utility. We have posted some great guides on Girls Chase on how to use Tinder. I’ve even used them myself, meeting, dating, and having sex with girls using the methods described therein. I’ve seen it work for men around me, too.

So the crux of this article is not to argue that you should never use Tinder, because it definitely has its uses, particularly for guys who just want to get laid without spending the time necessary to meet women elsewhere. If Tinder and similar apps get you everything you want with the quality of women you desire, great.

My point with this post is that guys can get better-quality women if they take the time to learn to meet them in person rather than relying solely on online and app-based dating systems. In short, when you get good at meeting girls in person, there’s little reason to use Tinder to meet them.

How to Build a Harem, Pt 2: Jealousy and Discretion

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jealousy and discretion
When you have more than one girlfriend, a few rules are key: she may suspect you see other women, but you must never give her PROOF.

Welcome back to the Harem Series!

In Part 1, I shared the vital importance of Queen Theory, and why every woman you’re dating emotionally must feel like your #1 woman at all times.

I also recently wrote an article where we talked about the core differences between monogamy and non-monogamy: getting bored and losing interest versus dealing with jealousy, respectively. In that article, I discussed how to prevent boredom from seeping into your monogamous relationships. So now we’ll discuss how to prevent jealousy in non-monogamous relationships, and the importance of being discreet.

This article was inspired by something I witnessed one night while in one of the cafes I frequent. I know a few of the regulars who go there. There’s a cute girl, Rebecca, who is sought after by some of the guys, including my friend Rob. Rob has been after Rebecca for over a year, but she’s never paid him any heed, even though they were friends. Eventually Rob moved on, and a few months later started to date a new woman, Elizabeth, whom he brings to the café from time to time after she gets off work. I’ve met Elizabeth, and she’s cute, fun, and cool.

However, this act sparked a new interest in Rob – from Rebecca! After all, preselection is one of the surest signs of an attractive man, and girls are copy cats; they want what other women have. This caused Rebecca to start pestering Rob and his business partner Dave on afternoons while they were both working when Elizabeth wasn’t there yet.

That night, I witnessed Dave take a chance and seduce Rebecca just to see how far he could get. Elizabeth wasn’t there, and Rob was playing a video game on his computer, facing Dave across the table. Rebecca went right along with Dave and did it in her own way; she placed herself on Dave’s lap right in front of Rob while she and Dave were flirting with each other. And I got a second-row seat to the action as well. It got to the point where Dave was massaging her back and putting his fingers in her mouth while she was giving him sultry looks. Rebecca was openly talking with Dave about great sex, and Dave could have taken her out to the back right then and there and shagged her if he wanted.

She was having fun, but she was also doing all this because of her jealousy for Rob and Elizabeth. Rebecca really wanted to make sure he saw how desirable she was to his business partner. Some guys might ask “Why didn’t Rebecca just get with Rob when she had the chance?” Well, it doesn’t always work that way with women. The point of this story is also to show you how jealousy can manifest – and it can cause some extreme behavior.

The Easiest Venue in the World to Get Laid At? You Must Think Outside the Box

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nursing home seductionIn order to succeed with women, a man has to get out there and meet some. Although we can learn all we want by reading, at some point, in order to win something in the game, a man has to step out into the world and walk the walk.

We’ve discussed a lot about different locations and venues that are good for meeting women. Whether you’re a day or night gamer or use some kind of online service like Tinder, Bumble, or OkCupid, venues can be difficult to master. A growth-oriented man must go out and put in the effort and time to find, approach, attract, and hook women… then extract them to a seduction location. Overall, this basic strategy has been working for men for centuries. But some venues and locales are just easier to navigate than others.

Today I’m going to share the most exclusive and undiscovered locale I’ve found since discovering the seduction community. You can find all kinds of women here – in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

Before we really get into it, I need to quickly talk about the age thing. You may have realized the delights of older women but capped your interest with girls who are 5 or 10 years your senior. A lot of guys have come to love these “cougars,” as they’re commonly known. And believe it or not, there is a whole other spectrum of women out there just waiting to be taken into your bed. All of them have been young, and they can all teach you a thing or two about the horizontal mambo. Sure, if you’re out to make babies, you’ll need a younger gal – but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about getting all the sweet vag you can handle.

And the venue I’m about to drop on you is a place where you can find women who love being around you and will accept you for who you are; they’ll listen to virtually everything you have to say and will follow your lead with little effort. These are women with whom you can create unforgettable sexual experiences.

And that place, dear readers, is nursing homes.

Before you freak out, we’re going to work to free you from your limiting beliefs around age and sexiness. And we’re going to show you why overlooking this incredible venue is one of the ultimate rookie mistakes – one few truly veteran seducers make.

I will be covering my personal secret hotspots and some raunchy pickup lines that would make grandma wish she didn’t have arthritis.

As soon as you wrap your mind around the idea and liberate yourself from the constraints of age, nursing homes are an undiscovered mecca. There you can find and create harems as large as you like.

Women Can Get Bored with Monogamy, Jealous with Non-Monogamy

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monogamy and non-monogamy problems
Monogamy and non-monogamy each face their own unique challenges. Women in monogamous relationships can grow bored; women in non-monogamous ones, jealous.

There are many different kinds of relationships available to the romantically gifted man. There’s classical monogamy, of course. There are friends with benefits relationships and fuckbuddies. Open long-term relationships (polyamory). There’s one-sided monogamy. Even pimp-ho and master-slave relationships, if you really want to explore the dark side (which we won’t do here).

All these, more or less, fall into one of two categories: open (in which the partners may see other people) and exclusive (in which the partners don’t – or at least aren’t supposed to – see other people. Sometimes people are naughty though). Today’s article explores the two primary challenges each style of relationship faces: the biggest challenges to the health of exclusive and non-exclusive romantic relationships.

I recently kicked off a series (the “How to Build a Harem” series) to convey what I’ve learned about non-monogamous relationships and steer guys who are interested in such relationships in the right direction. I realized that before I can delve into non-monogamy, I need to showcase it as a comparison to the conventional model we all know about. I want to highlight the distinctions between challenges in both systems (if you’re in either one, you might see these in action in just a matter of months, but really they are inevitable).

No system is better than another. There are advantages and disadvantages to all flavors of relationship, but the challenges differ vastly by system. I’ll lay these out to help you figure out which system is right for you while also creating the best outcome for yourself long term.

The Pleasure-Loving Man: Bring Out a Woman's Wild Side

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woman's wild side
All women have a wild side. But they won’t show it except to certain types of men. The pleasure-loving man knows how to bring this side out.