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Pickup Tactics and the 'Click Moment'

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By: Chase Amante

pickup click momentWith every girl-getting tactic you use, if it works, there's a Click Moment. What is that? It's the moment the tactic causes her mindset to shift. It clicks.

There's a moment with every tactic or strategy you use where if it's going to click, it clicks.

If you have any experience in the field you've seen this: you're doing something with a girl (be it cold reads or playful banter or deep dives or sex talk) and she reacts okay to it for a while.

Not committed to it. Not deeply invested in it. Perhaps marginally interested in it.

Then, at some point, it suddenly clicks.

She is into it. Her mindset has shifted. You can feel that she trusts you to continue leading this approach she now enjoys.

The click moment is the answer to a question plagues guys from beginner to intermediate (and sometimes beyond):

When do you move off using a given pickup tactic and move things to the next step?

For instance, let's say you're teasing a girl. You're teasing her, and teasing her... when do you stop all that teasing and move to a more substantial connection?

Let's say you're in a fun, banter-y text exchange with a girl. When do you kill the banter and tell her to meet up?

Let's say you've started connecting with her and it's going well. When to you halt the connection and move to the next step?

Let's say you're making out with her. When do you stop the make-out and move to full-on escalation?

Most beginners struggle mightily with making these calls. They will spend far too long in one of these stages, trying to 'be sure', and end up inflating the tactic and the pickup crumbles.

The girl breaks out of the spell and the whole thing ends.

Guys who are intermediates tend to do better at moving things along well in earlier stages of the courtship. But then they fall into the same inflation/spell breaking scenario with their later-stage tactics, where they again spend too long on them (to be 'safe').

How do you know when a tactic has worked, and it's time to move on to the next stage?

The easiest way is to look for the Click Moment, and the escalation window that follows it.

Indirect Seduction: 3 Common Misconceptions

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By: Alek Rolstad

indirect game closing argumentsIs indirect seduction harder than direct? Not necessarily -- not when used right.

Hey guys. Welcome back.

Today I'm sharing my final thoughts on indirect game. After a long series followed by reports demonstrating how indirect game works in practice, I've covered most aspects of this method. It is up to you to choose which techniques to use within the indirect game framework, molding them into a style that suits you.

Even though it's time to move on from this series and start discussing other subjects, I'm dedicating one last post to clear up any remaining indirect seduction misconceptions. I like to finish what I start, and I am sure many of our beloved readers feel the same way.

I'll discuss and debunk three misconceptions about indirect game:

#1 It's harder than direct game

#2 It requires more work than direct game

#3 It's less time-efficient than direct game

Once we clear up these misconceptions, my path will be clear to discuss other awesome subjects.

Indirect Pickup Made EASY (Case Study)

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By: Alek Rolstad

indirect pickupNot all pickups are hard. In this week's case study, Alek details a much simpler A-to-Z indirect club pickup than in last time's.

Hey guys and welcome back.

Last week I shared a case study where I detailed a night out all the way from my preparations to the moment I entered the venue to the point where I finally approached the girl of the night.

The seduction was detailed, and the night was full of surprises, challenges, and wildcards that I had to deal with. I also covered my mindset, strategic thinking and decision-making.

Most importantly, I detailed the techniques used, explained why I used them, how they work and how to proceed from there, as well as other analysis.

At 11,000 words the report got VERY long. It is probably the longest report I have ever written.

The one issue that I may see coming is that people read through this long article and think to themselves: “Oh my god – that is a lot of work” or “Oh, so that’s how you do it – it looks so complicated” and some may even think: “I could never pull this off,” or “I could never spend all my spare time working on pickup and seduction”.

And if anyone felt these things, then I sympathize. Because that night I met a girl I would consider my “personal 10” and felt like delivering 200% to secure the deal as close to 100% as possible. Additionally, she happened to be one of those Instagram or attention-seeking women, who tend to be a pain in the neck to deal with (and honestly not always worth it – they often have shallow personalities to boot).

What is more, I had to deal with plenty of logistical hurdles as well as wildcards, meaning ADDITIONAL compliance was necessary and reaching what I would consider “the golden hook” (i.e. being pulled to the bathroom) was something to opt for.

I also had low momentum due to being confined to my apartment during COVID-19 lockdown for a long time and being out of shape having gained a bit of weight during that time. For these reasons I did not have a natural seductive vibe working for me, nor its associated X-factor. Hence, I had to make up for it.

If I had been on fire, experiencing “flow state” and the “imposing, sexy presence” that comes from it, I would have maybe gotten more for free. And again, as I mentioned, we all experience ups and downs.

What I want to do now is share another, shorter report where things went smoother, faster, and were easier. Basically, I want to give you a report that is a bit different from the last one.

Tactics Tuesdays: Playful Behavior Mirroring with Women

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playful girl behavior mirroringYou can mirror a woman's behavior to turn her on, break the pattern she's in, or even get her chasing. They key, of course, is calibrating this to her.

There's a tactic you can use to inject a lot of playfulness and looseness into your interactions with women.

It's a thing I call 'behavior mirroring'.

You've probably done this yourself from time to time. Usually if you've done it, you've done it to be playful, to break tension, or to point out something ridiculous a woman's doing.

All you're doing with it is mirroring for a woman - playfully - behavior that either she herself has displayed, or that women stereotypically display.

You can cover the whole gamut of extremes with this, too: from very subtle mirroring, to outlandish, over-the-top mirroring.

Let's have a look at how it works.

Indirect Club Game Just After LOCKDOWN (A Case Study)

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indirect club gameWhat does skillful indirect game look like, when used to pick up girls? This case study follows a successful indirect club game pick up, from open to close.

As I’m about to close my series on indirect game, I’ve decided to share a report to serve as an example of how I use this game style.

In the comments sections of my previous articles, readers told me I did not share any (or enough) examples of how to use indirect game. Frankly, they were not wrong to request this. After all, examples are good pedagogic tools.

Therefore, I decided to share a report that shows how I use indirect game. I usually don’t write lay reports since they take a lot of time to type (and I’m known to be overly detailed). That said, any good seducer will agree that writing reports about your nights out and reading others’ reports are some of the best tools a seducer can use to become good.

If you decide to read through this long post, I promise you that you will become a BETTER seducer. Not only will techniques be exemplified, but you will also learn how everything comes together. I’m trying to make this a hybrid between a report and a guide.

I’ve written other reports, most using some form of indirect game:

The first part of this report covers the preparations, the early time of the night, the “getting back into it” phase when you are dealing with bad state and momentum (as you will see, this night is a bit unique since I was rusty because of the COVID-19 lockdown).

However, if you prefer reading about the interaction with the girl I pulled (I will cover this in great detail with all the juicy information), then skip to part two, labeled “The Wizard Strikes Back.” I would still recommend reading the entire article.

Showing Intent Without Showing Your Intentions

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By: Alek Rolstad

showing intentIt is possible for you to display intent to a woman without giving away your intentions, so that she may still have room to chase you. You just need the right approach.

Hey guys, and welcome back.

I have been focusing on indirect game lately. I know many of you have enjoyed the series from the feedback I’ve received via PM on the forums. This always makes me grateful.

Others pointed out that the series has not included enough practical examples showing the execution of the techniques. I can’t write an A–Z guide detailing every step of how I run indirect game; that would require me to write a long book sharing all my game. However, I can share a report that exemplifies how I run this.

As usual, this series is becoming slightly longer than anticipated, but I’m the kind of guy who needs to cover every aspect before feeling comfortable moving on. I do the same with my students. I do not move onto their next sticking point to tackle until concepts are hammered down.

And this is what I intend to do with this series. I will try to keep things as fresh and exciting as possible.

Today’s subject relates to indirect game but more precisely, to the questions surrounding communicating and conveying your intentions to women.

Many proponents of direct game claim that communicating your intentions to a woman is key as it sets a “man meeting woman” frame, helping her know what the interaction is about and cutting the crap. It helps set a seduction frame. I see nothing wrong with this. It is obviously a good frame!

But if you have been paying attention to my series on indirect game, you may have heard me say:

  • “Be indirect”

  • “Don’t display your intentions”

  • “Don’t communicate intent directly”

And these hold true, although there is a caveat.

This caveat is what I want to discuss today: showing your intentions is not necessarily bad. You can run indirect game and still display your intentions, and potentially reap all the benefits that follow:

It is a question of what intentions you convey and how. These nuances are what we will cover today in this post.

What type of intentions should you communicate? How should you communicate them? And ultimately, how does this fit into the broader view of indirect game (and what would differentiate it from a “direct game” variant)?

This post will serve as both a theoretical and practical guide. Let’s jump into it.

Tactics Tuesdays: Gold Choices vs. Bronze Choices

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gold choices vs. bronze choicesIf you want someone to make the right choice, don't give only one option. Juxtapose your preferred Gold Choice against an okay-yet-inferior Bronze Choice.

I talked yesterday with our sales specialist, Rob.

We spoke about the new coaching page we're setting up, with a video by me that talks about coaching and an option for audience members to book a free call with Rob to discuss coaching packages.

I said how we'd tossed out the initial version of the page, which our writer made about getting viewers to choose a coach.

Instead we made the page totally focused on getting a reader to sign up for the free call.

(by the way, if you want to know more about coaching with Girls Chase, just shoot Rob an email at -- he'll hop on a call with you to fill you in on options)

And Rob noted that yes, something he'd noticed in years of working with clients: when he talks to a guy, listens to his situation, and tells him, "This is the coach for you. You're going to want to book coaching with this instructor," he closes a lot of sales.

However, if he tells the prospective client, "Here are our different coaches. There's this coach, who is best at this. And there's that coach, who is best at that. There's also this other coach, who's really good at XYZ. Which coach would you like?" he always gets the same response:

"Oh, ah, I'll have to think about it. Let me get back to you."

And then the client never calls him back.

And I told him yes, that's right, Rob! You've discovered an important sales principle: you don't give the prospect too many choices.

Ideally, you only give him one.

One you suspect will be right for him.

And if you must give choices (if, for instance, he isn't sold on the first one you give him), the other choices you give typically must help sell the first choice you offered... not sell themselves as real alternatives.

I call this Gold Choices vs. Bronze Choices.

And it applies every bit as much to your interactions with women as it does to sales.

Tactics Tuesdays: Teach Her Things

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teach your dateHere's a nice little tactic to get girls you meet and go on dates with to follow your lead and view you as an authority figure: teach them to do things.

One major attraction switch for women is male authority.

If you can show yourself to be an authority to women, they desire you more.

In particular, if you establish yourself as an authority over a woman, she will desire you a lot.

There are numerous ways to establish yourself as an authority in a woman's world... but one of the easiest is to teach her things.

For this Tactics Tuesday, we'll discuss tactically teaching girls things to bring them under your authoritative spell.

Indirect Game, Pt 3.: Escalating the Vibe

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By: Alek Rolstad

indirect gameNow that you've gone in indirect, and increased her compliance, it's time to make a move and escalate the vibe.

Hey guys. And welcome back.

Today we will continue and bring to a close our series on indirect game.

Previously we discussed how to show interest the right way when using indirect game — When? How much? How? — while keeping your interest levels in her unknown or ambiguous (depending on your style) to make her curious, compliant, and eventually get her to start chasing you.

Then we discussed how to reinforce this method by using a reward and punish mechanism. Women are attention-craving, and whenever a woman acts compliant to you (for instance, by showing interest), you reward her with attention (for example, through escalation). If not, you punish her by cutting her source of validation (like ignoring her for a while).

Indirect game is a fantastic way of meeting and seducing women. It allows you to build compliance unbeknownst to the girl because of your ambiguous indirect stance. If being indirect fails to get her compliance, it can at least buy you time — since you do not force early rejections — to use other compliance-building techniques, like sex talk, to turn a less favorable situation around.

It is easy to overfocus hiding your interest in a girl to avoid feeding her attention-craving needs and keeping her compliance levels up. What usually happens is guys risk being too passive. Things don’t escalate, and nothing happens. This is a trap I fell into when I started out, and I know many fall into it.

Good indirect game is not the equivalent of being passive. At some point, you have to make a move, or it will all go to waste.

Today we will discuss the importance of escalating the vibe vibe and clarify what may seem like a contradiction: keeping your interest levels ambiguous (being “indirect”) while escalating the vibe (making a move, seemingly being “direct”).

We will also cover how indirect game helps you lay the groundwork for escalating the vibe and how indirect game can help you whenever she resists.

Why Girls Play Hard to Get (PLUS How to Get Them)

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By: Chase Amante

girls play hard to getWhen a girl plays hard to get with you, it's actually because of one of three key reasons. She might be shy… she might be curious… or she might want to hook you in more…

You met a girl, you hit it off, and you're certain that she likes you.

All the signals are there, after all.

She smiles when you talk to her. She laughs at your (sometimes unfunny) jokes.

She waits for you. She plays with her hair. She stares deep into your eyes while you talk.

Yet, when you ask her out, she evades. "I can't," she says. "I'm too busy right now."

And you're perplexed! You'd swear this girl likes you. You're sure she does. She's not just some random flirtatious girl.

You've seen her with other guys. She isn't this way with them. There's definitely something there between you. You're definite about it.

However, she keeps being flirtatious with you, but keeps evading your attempts to get together with her.

Why do girls play hard to get?