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How to Demand Respect, Pt 2: The 3 Myths of Pride

Nov Mon,2017

There’s a myth in various spheres that pride is wrong. Yet a man who cannot project and protect his pride is a man others cannot respect.

myth of pride

Going Out Momentum: Hot Streaks and Cold Streaks

Nov Fri,2017

As you go out to talk to girls, you will come into hot streaks… and stumble into cold ones. This article is about why that happens.

going out hot streak

Your Desires Are an Unmatched Tool to Motivate and Seduce

Nov Wed,2017

Desire – your real desire – is a deep motivating force and immensely attractive to the opposite sex. Tap into it and use it well, and you can do the near-impossible.

desire in seduction

"Girls Only Want Good-Looking Guys or Young Guys"

Nov Wed,2017

The most attractive thing to women is neither youth nor beauty. So why do so many guys think girls only want good-looking guys or young guys?

girls only want young guys

The Problem with Gaming Girls You Don't Like

Oct Sun,2017

It’s good practice to chat up girls you aren’t much into. But what happens when your ego gets involved? You mustn’t let girls you don’t want affect you.

girls you don't like

The Darker Personalities of Prolific Seducers

Oct Sun,2017

Men who sleep with large numbers of women typically are less than normal guys. Whether due to ego or antisocial personality, they stand apart.

seducer personality

The "I've Got to Wait for Girls to Meet Me" Thing

Oct Sun,2017

Do you wait for girls to approach you? It may be scary to approach women yourself, but waiting for them to ask first is a losing proposition.

wait for her to approach

Want to Make Progress in the Game? Do Your Homework

Sep Wed,2017

Some men practice game for years and don’t improve. When you zoom in on why, it’s almost always because they don’t do their homework.

do your homework

Sexual Authenticity Podcast with Daka Guy

Sep Thu,2017

Unlock your repressed desires (sexual and otherwise)... and achieve a vibe filled with love, sexuality, and freedom women find compelling.

Daka Guy - Sexual Authenticity

Interest Preference Desire

Sep Wed,2017

If you want to do something, but you never take action do it... what is that? It’s a case where you have the interest – but lack the desire.

interest preference desire

If You Don't Want to Date Her, Does It Mean You're Insecure?

Aug Sat,2017

If you’re not willing to date certain girls, does that mean you’re insecure? Well, perhaps… But only if “insecure” doesn’t mean what your accuser means it means.

don't want to date her

Don't Let a "Successful Identity" Stand in Your Way with Women

Aug Sun,2017

Are you such a success you now find yourself hesitant to approach? If you want to meet more women, you’ll have to shed that ‘Big Deal’ image.

big deal to women

6 Ways to Prepare Yourself and Get in State to Meet Girls

Aug Thu,2017

These 6 tools get you ready to go out and meet new girls. Mental preparation + a good state? It’s what the love doctor ordered.

get in state

The Low Testosterone, No Girls Funk

Jun Thu,2017

Ever find yourself in a funk, where nothing you did with girls worked out? Sometimes it’s random. But sometimes it’s testosterone.

low testosterone funk

What is Neediness, and Why Do Guys Get Needy Over Girls?

Jun Wed,2017

Why do guys get needy for girls? Neediness stems from approval seeking and/or expectation… Yet it’s not an emotion you want.

needy over girls