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How to Get a Girl

Want girls to like you and chase after you and want to be with you?


It isn't as hard as you think. The reasons most men don't succeed at getting girls as much as they'd like come down to a few key mistakes, like moving too slow or being too nice – or too aloof.

Below, I've put together a list of the most important things you can start doing today to get yourself getting girls as fast as possible.

How to Get a Girl to Like You

  1. Meet them. Common sense, right? If you don't get out there and meet women, how are you going to find any girls to get liking you? But you might be surprised how much of a problem this is for a large number of men. To start getting yourself out meeting girls regularly, check out my free ebook Finding Your Niche, which you can download right now to get yourself started meeting women today.


  1. Shoot first, ask questions later. Ever find yourself staring at a girl wondering what to say, right up until the moment passes you by and she walks off? Happens a lot, to a lot of guys. It's a phenomenon known as approach anxiety, and to beat it, you need to get yourself into the habit of swallowing the initial feeling of apprehension and taking the plunge to meet that new girl anyway. Learn to favor action over inaction – getting that trait down alone will bring you far more women than any clever pick up line or tricky technique ever will.


  1. Learn to be a conversationalist. A big part of how to get girls is being able to talk to girls. Surprisingly few men actively work on their ability to converse in a compelling, interesting, engaging way. If you want to stand out from all the average men she meets, learning to excel in the art of conversation is one of the best ways you can do so.


  1. Deep dive. Don't ask me where this got started, but most men seem to think the way how to get girls is by telling women as much about themselves as is humanly possible. Learn to deep dive and you'll flip the script and get women telling you everything about themselves you could ever possibly want to know. And if they want to know something about you...? Well, don't just tell them! Use baiting to get them invested in the process of learning more about you. And keep in mind, in the end, she doesn't even need to know your name.


  1. Flirt with girls. As incredible a conversational technique deep diving is, your interaction with a girl can't be all deep, serious topics, or the mood will get too heavy and too severe and she'll strain to break out of it and get some air. Use flirting and chase frames to keep the mood light and fun – and to start getting girls to chase you.


Get a girl like her

How to Get Girls to be Yours

Getting a girl to like you is really only half the battle, though. Lots of men are able to get girls to like them. What many men aren't able to do, though, is move things from women liking them to women actually being with them.

What we focus on next is how you can do just that: how you can get girls you like to become your girls.

  1. Get contact information. First order of business: how are you going to get a girl if you don't get her follow-up information? At some point, with most women, you need to grab her contact details. That way you can meet up with her later! While you're learning, prioritize getting down how to talk to girls on the phone and how to text a girl.


  1. Get girls on dates. All the phone numbers in the world won't do you much good though if you don't put them to good use! Once you have the contact information for girls you like, you need to start setting up dates. Getting girls out meeting you in person – ideally, somewhere it's just the two of you, without her or your friends – is something you have to do if you hope to be anything other than long-distance correspondents.


  1. Be sexy – not fun. Most men try to plan fun dates with girls they like: adventures, activities, entertainment. But you don't want a girl to fall in love with the things she does with you – you want her to fall in love with you. Avoid doing anything overly fun and keep the focus on the two of you and the connection you're building. Your date shouldn't be about hiking, or ice-skating, or anything like that – it should be about you getting to know her, and her getting to know you, and discovering what a compelling, enchanting man you are.


  1. Invite her home. You might have a fantastic date, with her falling head-over-heels for you, but if you don't invite her home at the end of it, much of the time it'll all be for nothing. Moving too slowly with women – and waiting for the third or fourth or fifth date to advance things – is going to cost you most of the success you could potentially get. Move faster with women and get them home as speedily as you can.


  1. Make a move. There's nothing worse than getting all the way to the end – meeting a beautiful girl, getting to know her, sharing great experiences with her, and bringing her to your home or going to hers – and not closing the deal. No sex means no relationship; if you don't take a girl to bed, the two of you will never be more than just friends. You must make a move – if she's come this far with you, then trust me, she'll be disappointed if you don't!

By following these steps, you'll be getting girls a lot more easily a lot sooner than you might think. Being good with women is mostly about moving things forward, making girls feel the right emotions, and not making mistakes.

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Hope you've found this article informative and that it helps you get on the right track meeting and attracting women.

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