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Tactics Tuesdays: Nested DHV Stories

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nested dhv storiesDHV stories let you showcase attractive qualities. Yet you don’t want to boast. So what can you do? Nest your value.

When you talk to somebody else, that person only knows two things about you:

  • What you tell him about you
  • What you show him about you

The way you talk about yourself, the types of stories you tell, and your manner of telling them is all part of this, too. All these things both show and tell.

The name of the game in human social interaction is to convey valuable traits, but do so in an adroit way that others can recognize without it being in their faces. This amplifies the value you have on display, because it positions you as a socially savvy man. Social savvy is a key aspect of a man’s attractiveness; in fact, it is one of our four categories of attractive fundamentals.

So you want to tell people valuable things about yourself, but you don’t want to come right out and brag. How can you do it?

One way that we’ll talk about today is by nesting displays of higher value inside entertaining stories that on the surface appear to display lower value.

Sex Talk Calibration, Pt. 2: How Explicit to Be

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sex talk expliticnessThe explicitness of your sex talk is key. Too explicit, and some girls will be turned off. Not explicit enough, however, and some other girls won’t be interested.

Hey all. Last week we covered sex talk calibration given different contexts. You should consider the contextual factors when talking to a girl about sex. Today I would like to discuss how to calibrate how explicit you should and can be when talking about sex.

Today and next week, we will discuss transitioning into sex talk. As you know, sex talk helps with many areas:

  • Stimulates her
  • Sets a sexual frame
  • Conveys attractive personality traits like sexual knowledge and experience (sexual prizing)
  • Diffuses resistance with your set
  • Generates sexual comfort
  • Escalates the vibe

It’s an essential dimension in sex talk calibration. Combining this post with part one will make you a more calibrated sex talker.

3 Advanced Ways to Be More Charismatic (Be Like the Pros!)

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ways to be more charismaticOnce you have the basics of charisma down, it’s time for the big guns. These 3 strategies let you draw people in like the coolest charismatics around.

The other day I posted my beginner’s guide to charisma.

If you’re new to the idea of upping your personal magnetism, make sure to check that one out.

This one’s for the charismatic veterans… those old smoothies who are already old in the ways of charming the socks off everyone they encounter.

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Now, let’s dig into the three (3) advanced ways to be more charismatic I have for you today.

I promise you you’ve never encountered these strategies anywhere else… because I’ve never seen or heard them anywhere else!

All these are strategies I’ve used from watching highly charismatic individuals in televised interviews as well as in-person, and each one is one I’ve used and abused for years to get down pat. They all work great, and they ALL increase your charisma.

Let’s dig into ‘em.

Sex Talk Calibration, Pt. 1: Context for Sex Talk

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sex talk contextSex talk’s a mighty tool for arousing girls in-field. Nevertheless, get the context wrong and it flops. The context MUST be right for sex talk’s success.

Hey guys and welcome back.

Today and next week, we will discuss transitioning into sex talk. As you know, sex talk helps with many areas:

  • Stimulates her
  • Sets a sexual frame
  • Conveys attractive personality traits like sexual knowledge and experience (sexual prizing)
  • Diffuses resistance with your set
  • Generates sexual comfort
  • Escalates the vibe

The way we talk about sex is to discuss a sexual subject, whether it is a sociological, philosophical, or social-psychological subject linked to sex. It’s not “I want to do this and that to you,” as this would ruin your frame and trigger premature resistance (if not rejections), but instead, we talk about sex as any other interesting subject: you debate and discuss it and share knowledge.

The frame is “this is what I believe, what I know, this is my experience, and it is fascinating. I enjoy discussing this amazing subject with cool people.”

Thus, the overall frame is, “I could make you experience all these things if you are the right girl for me, but I am not saying I necessarily will.” Notice the modality difference between “will/want to do” vs. “may/could do.” For more details, read this post: Sleazy Sex Talk vs. Sexy Sex Talk: What’s the Difference?.

You may also check out this post: Showing Intent Without Showing Your Intentions.

What’s the most challenging aspect with talking about sex? According to my students and me, it is not talking about the topic but getting to where it is comfortable enough to bring up the subject: transitioning into it.

Women find sex topics interesting and stimulating, but it can be tricky to steer the conversation in this direction. Women find discussing sex one of the most intriguing subjects out there.

The problem is that sex talk, even when done correctly, can potentially trigger resistance.

We will discuss resistance to sex talk and how to avoid it through calibration. We’ll cover sex talk calibration, emphasizing transitioning, usually the shakiest phase to maneuver. Once you get comfortable talking about sex, things get much easier, although you may still need some additional focus on calibration.

For those wondering how you transition into sex talk, do not worry. I will share a few words about it and link to posts covering different techniques at the end of this article.

Playing Dumb When Girls Act Superior (Flip the Script!)

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playing dumbSometimes girls will give strong opinions or try to lecture you. Rather than get annoyed, you can troll them on this… and seize control of the dynamic.

Yesterday, in a forum post about how to respond to far-left girls engaging in political lectures/rants, Ricardus (remember him?), who is easing back into the game after some time away from it, asked for ways to respond to this type of behavior.

I responded with my stock answer to this type of behavior… haughty, superior, lecture-type or rant-behavior, where people attempt to ‘educate’ you:

Playing dumb and asking questions that completely troll the high-and-mighty lecturer!

This is a somewhat advanced humor-based strategy but it’s hilarious to use and it totally wrecks the high-and-mighty frame of anyone trying to act like he or she knows more than you do – you’ll definitely want to keep it in your back pocket.

You can also use it to troll girls just in general, if you want to flip the script on them and really get them chasing after your validation.

When She Tells You "You're Not My Type"

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TEXTIf a girl tells you you’re not her type, then what? Is it a rejection, or is there still hope? Well… it depends on the context – as well as on what you do next.

Hey guys. Today is the final installment of my series on handling tests and frame control. But this does not mean it will be the last time I write about these topics.

Hey guys. Today is the final installment of my series on handling tests and frame control. But this does not mean it will be the last time I write about these topics.

Remember, frame control is the tool we use to handle a girl’s tests when she tests your frame or attempts to grab it.

Initially, I did not intend to write this post, but a comment from a reader made me reflect on social frames.

Carlosirama wrote:

“[…] Also, maybe a stand-alone post with the most common sh** tests and how to respond, along with an explanation. Things like “I have a boyfriend,” “I don't do [BLANK] guys” (whether that’s short or people from a certain race or a younger/older race), "I don't usually do [BLANK], etc.”

These tests are linked to social frames.

Is She Testing You or Resisting You? Telltale Signs

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testing or resistingSometimes girls’ tests can look like resistance. Sometimes their resistance can look like tests. How do you tell the difference? With a few telltale signs.

Hey guys and welcome back.

In this post, I resume my series about women’s testing of men they are or could be interested in. If you read all these posts, you will be prepared to handle most women’s tests in most situations. Of course, some tests are so unique that they require an odd solution, but usually, those tests are rare. The knowledge you gain from this series will help you find a solution to the strangest of tests.

Many men tend to confuse when a woman is testing and when she is resisting. Today I will clarify the differences between the two. The quick response to this concern is that it is a non-concern. It doesn’t matter what her motive is. What matters is what she expresses and how you respond. What she is doing or why she is doing it is irrelevant. If she is afraid of the slut label, tackle the issue head-on. If she is concerned about going home with strangers, address that issue. It does not matter if her resistance truly is resistance or a test—your response matters.

Although less likely, tests are camouflaged as resistance. If she is challenging your congruency because she is resisting, tackle it head-on as a test of congruency—even if she is doing so to resist.

For those more advanced who want to delve deeper into the subject, read on.

First, a quick reminder:

  1. Testing is a way for a woman to test or steal your frame. By stealing your frame, she is indirectly testing it. If she grabs your frame, it means your frame is weak.

  1. Resistance expresses a concern. She is worried about certain acts potentially leading to feeling negative emotions, pregnancy, risk of violence, or social shaming. Her concern remains valid until that concern is gone—your job is to handle her fears so they vanish, eliminating her resistance.

Theoretically, this distinction seems clear-cut. But practically, it’s a bit blurry.

Let’s go over why this confusion exists by explaining how resistance can sometimes be a test and vice versa before we learn what you can do about it.

Tactics Tuesdays: The "Prove It" Frame Buster

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TEXTYou’re talking to a girl and she says “I’m boring” or “I don’t date.” That’s the kiss of death, right? Well, not so long as you can get her to PROVE IT!

When you talk to a girl and she starts throwing out claims about herself, these can seem like real obstacles if they don’t cooperate with the overall seduction.

Anti-seductive claims include women saying things like:

  • “I’m boring”
  • “I’m not adventurous”
  • “I’m not spontaneous”
  • “I don’t like excitement”
  • “I don’t think about sex”
  • “I don’t really date”

… and so on. Running into these can feel like a conversation death sentence if you don’t have a good response to reframe with.

After all, what hope is there really for a boring girl… a girl who doesn’t like excitement… a girl who doesn’t think about sex or go out on dates? None, right?

Au contraire, for in this article I’ll give you a simple little tactic you can use to turn these claims women make right on their head.

With this in-hand, instead of looking at women’s anti-seductive claims as if they are agile seduction killers, you will start to view women’s claims as clumsy fumbles that have led them right into your web.

What to Do When Girls Run a Jealousy Plotline on You

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handling jealousy plotlinesSometimes you’ll approach girls, only to have them flirt with other guys and try to make you jealous. What do you do? Ignore it… or, pull out the BIG guns.

Hey guys and welcome back.

Last week we discussed handling congruence and compliance tests. We also covered “weird tests” when a girl puts you in tricky catch-22 situations. I went through the more common tests, although some tests are unique and require case studies like in this post.

Today I want to resume my discussion about tests. We will address a common but frustrating test called the jealousy plot test. This test occurs when the girl you are with talks to other guys in front of you, even when you have a good hook going.

I won’t waste time describing the situation. If you have been going out for a while, you likely have experienced it.

This situation is more common during night game and social circle gatherings.

Passing Women’s Tests: Congruence & Compliance Tests

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TEXTIn romance, sometimes women will test you. They test to see what kind of man you are… but some of their tests are tough. How do you pass them? With these tactics…

Hey guys, and welcome back.

Today I’ll discuss my go-to methods for handling tests. I will cover my three favorite methods and share examples.

Last week, we went over common reasons women test:

  • For congruence – if you are who you say you are.

  • For compliance – to see how compliant you are to them. If you are too compliant, it signifies they have the full power of the interaction and may use you at will. It can also mean that you are a sucker, not a “real” man.

  • As a challenge – to place you in a challenging situation and see how you react. This test screens for attractive traits.

  • For limits – linked to testing for compliance. They will use rude behavior to see how you respond. Women seeking very dominant males may screen for this character trait.

We will cover these techniques today:

  1. Congruence
  2. Compliance

These techniques can be useful for other tests, too. However, from my experience, they are best suited for the two types listed above. However, there are other situations when they may work. I will give examples later.