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What to Do When a Girl Brags, Boasts, or Shows Off

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girl pointing and braggingSometimes girls brag. But not always for the same reason. How can you tell WHY she’s bragging… and what the appropriate response to that is?

Most of the time you probably think of bragging as being a male behavior.

Most of the time you’d be right.

Sometimes, though, it isn’t. Sometimes girls brag, too.

There are different reasons why women will do it, and while we’ll discuss those, we aren’t overly concerned with them here today.

Instead, what we’re concerned with today is something different:

What to do when a girl brags to you.

Tactics Tuesdays: Jerking: Make Her Like You LESS

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man and woman flirting at bar[When girls like you TOO much, it can be just as bad for a seduction as when they don’t like you enough. What can you do? Mix a little ‘jerk’ into things to fix the vibe.

Here’s something for our advanced players and up.

Once you are GOOD with girls, you will start finding yourself not uncommonly in situations where women like you too much. If you are an advanced player, you already know why this is bad.

(if you’re not an advanced seducer, you can read this article for educational purposes, though it might sound rather alien to you. Trying the materials from it may lead to calibration errors for you at this point now, too. Circle back around to it once you’ve leveled up; you’ll find it more useful, I promise)

When girls like you TOO much, they start envisioning a future with you, hit the brakes, and get nervous they’re going to screw it up with you if they let you move things too fast. This can completely sink your seductions.

We’ve talked about this a lot on Girls Chase when discussing the boyfriend zone and making it clear to women you’re NOT boyfriend material.

In this article we’ll go one further: not just not being boyfriend material, but actually calibrating your attainability to make sure the women you talk to don’t like you TOO much.

We’ll do that by using a range of tactics that, taken together, we can politely call “jerking.”

Meeting Women in Noisy Nightlife Venues, Part 2: Dealing with Noise

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man and woman smiling in crowded nightclubIt’s tough to talk in a noisy environment. Follow these dos and do nots and you’ll be able to communicate with women despite the din around you.

Hey guys. Welcome back.


I. Voice

  1. Tonality

Seduction Frames: Outsider vs. Insider Framing

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male student chatting up female student on stepsNearly every conversation you have frames you as an outsider or an insider to something. But have you framed yourself as such on the right things… and in the right way?

Often in seduction you will be presented with (or have the opportunity to present) group affiliation.

At this moment you're faced with three (3) choices:

  1. Show yourself to be an insider
  2. Show yourself to be an outsider
  3. Dodge the question altogether

Depending on the girl and the situation, your choice of what affiliation to show can make or break a seduction.

Group affiliation affects how similar a woman feels to you, a key aspect of the SAC seduction model. Make yourself too unaffiliated with a group she feels closely affiliated with, or too closely affiliated with a group she dislikes, and you may be too dissimilar for her to trust you.

On the other hand, sometimes being an outsider to a group she's a part of can work to your advantage... and sometimes being an insider to a group she isn't can too.

Talking to Girls Early On: Initial Light Approaches

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man touching woman on the shoulder to say hiWhen you approach a new girl, what should you talk about? Deep topics… or light ones? The answer is: light conversation when you first talk to a girl, if you want success.

On my article “What an Average Girl's Dating History Looks Like” last year, reader 'Handome & Wealthy' commented:

Here's a quick Q on the part about not talking about yourself to a girl.

I do this a lot. My brand of game is the stong silent guy game. I've been told I'm "calm" "mysterious" "like a spy" and some girl even said I'm "distant" and "hard to get to know".

I'm still working on my calibration so I don't appear too detached.

But there's an issue I keep running into.

I meet girl. Hook. Then begin to deep dive without sharing much about myself. I'm careful not to go in too deep with the dives so the vibe is good. My conversations are interspered w/ a lot of flirting and mild cocky funny quips.

However after we part ways... the vibe changes. Changes bc the girl feels like she overshared and didnt get anything from me.

What goes here Chase? How do I stay detached without creating murky vibes after?

I referred him to my article on anchoring attraction, so that the emotions she feels in conversation with you don't evaporate once conversation ends.

But next I talked to him about something I see a lot of guys get wrong, especially guys who discover deep diving... which is to go straight into deep, contemplative conversation during that first initial interaction.

Early interactions should usually be fun, flirtatious, and light. You do not want them to be too heavy with meaty conversation and weighty emotions.

In today's article, I'll give you some tactics you can use to keep the initial interaction light and moving forward, without having to rely on deep dives (just yet).

Pickup and Seduction Gambit: Fantasy vs. Desire

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gambit fantasyWhat is a fantasy? Is it secretly also a desire? Seduce a woman’s mind with this curiosity-generating gambit. Then use it to frame yourself as a man she can go to bed with.

Picture this.

You’ve just met a gorgeous girl at the bar and she’s hanging onto every word you say. But what you’re saying is too platonic, and this interaction lacks the spark of anticipation between two potential lovers.

So you want to introduce sexual frames into the conversation and get this girl in a sexual mood.

After all, you don’t want her to friend zone you, pin you as a boyfriend candidate and slow things down, or get bored and go back to her friends. Now she is asking for your name, but you can’t help asking yourself this strategic question: “How can I sexualize this conversation and avoid resistance?”

Maybe your mind comes up blank because you don’t have an answer. Or perhaps you’ve got sex talk skills, and you just need a more reliable way to turn your conversations sexual.

Then it’s your lucky day because we’re about to look at a gambit that will let you set sexual frames with ease. After reading this, you’ll have an arsenal of potent and versatile topics to give you opportunities to influence women in even more ways, as you’ll soon discover.

Tactics Tuesdays: Winning Over a Girl's Guy Friends

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girl's guy friendsSome girls you’ll meet have guy friends with them. How do you deal with these guy friends? Should you ignore them? Get to know them? Follow these 4 tips… then win them over.

As you approach girls, particularly in social venues, you are going to run into girls with guy friends.

Now, you might never approach girls with guys around them, but you should. A lot of girls go out with men they are 'just friends' with.

She might be the guy's wingwoman. She might be his ex-girlfriend (why some men go out with their ex-girlfriends I will never understand). She might be a girl he's crushing on but is deeply friend zoned with and has accepted that she's going to go off with other guys. He might be her dating app date she felt no spark with and now they're both just sort of hanging out to see if either of them can meet someone else.

If you're in a gay-friendly venue you will run into girls who are there with their gay male friend. I have picked up girls that looked like they were with a boyfriend at first, only to find out the guy was gay, and busy looking for his own guy to pick up at the same time the girl was.

Some guys will leave you alone as soon as you are talking to the girl.

But sometimes you will need to interact with them.

What's the right way to talk with a guy who is with a girl you want, who is not interrupting you or cockblocking you, but whose approval you are usually going to need?

What to Do When a Girl Starts Qualifying Herself

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girl qualifying herselfA girl starts to qualify herself to you. What do you do? There are many mistakes guys make when women do this – you won’t want to make those. You WILL want to reward her.

Something I have seen a lot of beginner guys and even many intermediates get wrong is handling things when a girl starts to qualify herself.

There are many ways women will qualify themselves, but one of the ways a woman might do it is to excitedly tell you about an interest or quality of hers she thinks might interest you.

For example, she finds out that you travel and she starts talking about how she really loves travel, then spools off a list of places she's been to. Or she tells you she hasn't traveled much but she thinks travel is so interesting and tells you some place she really wants to go to.

A lot of beginners will treat this like "okay, she is trying to build commonalities with me; I should vibe with her on that."

There is some element of that in there, but what she is really doing here is qualifying herself.

And when a woman qualifies herself, you have to reward.

12 Mistakes that SCREW UP Conversations & Flirtations

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conversation mistakesSome mistakes really doom a conversation. Make any of these too early on, and your impression will be toast – along with the conversation.

A while back a reader named Xander, talking about some of his flirtations, asked about mistakes people make in early conversation that spell the end of those conversations:

I have seen that if girl is attracted to guy every mistake he makes is forgiven to him and if she isn’t she will intentionally look for things she dislike and reasons to behave bad. [...] Many times, I was in situation that girl from the beginning starts to look for reasons to be annoyed. [...] Some examples: I would disagree about some irrelevant topic during conversation and girl would be really pissed off and even start to shake from anger. They would ask me for my age and if difference is higher then few years they would criticize me about too different for them, etc.

There is an element of that that is true; if someone simply doesn't like you, it will be a lot easier for you to trigger a negative reaction with that person than it would be if you were liked.

Why is that? Well, we tend to give the people we like the benefit of the doubt. If someone you like makes an error, you arrive at the most charitable assumption as to why.

When someone you dislike makes an error, however, you're a lot more likely to assume ugly reasons or motivations for it, or that you and this person just aren't compatible.

This is true even for very fair-minded individuals (and even more so for the hot-tempered among us!).

This article won't be completely focused on 'liking', but if you follow the steps in it you'll be more liked, too.

Our chief focus today is on mistakes that damage conversations with other people -- in particular, those mistakes you make early on, when that first impression is still subject to change.

We'll cover two types of conversation mistakes below:

  1. General mistakes that apply to all the conversations you'll have with anyone

  1. Flirtation mistakes that apply to your romantic conversations with prospective paramours

On with it!

Tactics Tuesdays: The Lover Lens

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lover lensNeed to make things more romantic/sexual? Want a girl to tell you how to seduce her? Use the lover lens… and let her tell you how her past lovers have done it.

One of the things I have discovered over the years is that seduction is definitely NOT "one size fits all."

If you always seduce in the same way you may not realize this.

You might even be consistently successful with your schtick, if you have it really locked in and use a broadly seductive approach to game.

However, there are little nuances that work better for one girl and worse for another. If you know what they are you're at an advantage, compared to men who don't.

How do you find such things out though?

After all, you can't just ask a girl for them... or can you?

In fact you can, with a little tactic we might dub 'the lover lens'.