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Blog page moved!

Our blog page has moved off the front page onto its own new page, accessible via the navigation menu on the left side. We're thrilled about the new site layout and are hard at work to get more great articles, posts, and products up for you!

Finding Your Niche

We've got a great new FREE mini ebook out, geared toward getting the beginning student out there meeting new women with a lot more clarity and a lot less confusion, and that will prove useful to a lot of intermediate level guys out there too.

finding your niche

Check it out on our Products page by clicking the link above, or go straight to the ebook by clicking right here.

Review: How to Date Korean Women

My buddy BlueMystery, whom I had a blast partying with over in Seoul a year ago, has finally put down all the knowledge and skill he's accumulated meeting and dating women over there into a comprehensive ebook.

And it's a great, solid book, too. Having helped proofread the first version, I can attest the time and dedication that Blue put into strapping together a quality product. The sections on inner game and figuring out what you really want from a woman are fantastic and are applicable to ANY kind of girl, actually, and the suggestion that you pull up roots and MOVE to where the kind of women you want live is... well, not something you here from a lot of folks, but it's great advice and quite refreshing.

Welcome to!

Welcome to the new! My name's Chase Amante and it's my pleasure to launch this site as a resource for men out there looking to take their dating lives to the next level. I'll be providing content on a weekly basis, delving into how you can better meet, attract, and date the women you want -- and how to keep them coming back for more. I'm excited to finally launch this site... it's been a long time coming, I know! So, gentlemen, buckle up, ready your engines, and here we go...