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Review: Minimal Game

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minimal gameIn his latest book Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls, a fast-paced 110-page read, Aaron Sleazy starts off with a refreshing, commonsense hard slap of the overcomplicated approach to pick up and seduction that many companies in the space employ.

“You will get the impression that finding a sexual partner was not something natural and primal, but instead required years of serious study as well as the attendance of workshops costing several thousand dollars, in which people of often doubtful levels of competence teach you a million bizarre ways to talk to girls.”

This sets a clear tone for the rest of the work to follow, focused on shedding the over-complications of many of the industry's heavyweights and boiling the act of seduction down to its bare essentials, including everything from looks to expectations to even a section colorfully entitled "Learning from Deadbeats."

Sleazy starts off his book with a long focus on correcting the mentality of men who don't yet see women as sexual creatures. "Sex has achieved an almost mythological status in Western societies," he writes, "and if you are not getting any, you are supposed to feel bad."

After this introduction, we're off to the races.