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2021: The Year in Review & a Look Ahead

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year in review: 20212021 has drawn to a close. As 2021 recedes, we review the events of the past year, the content we produced, and look ahead at what to expect in the year to come.

Once more we've wrapped up a year at Girls Chase, and welcome a new one. It's time to review where we've been, what we've accomplished, and what's up next.

As always, most of the review will focus on our picks for the best pieces of 2021.

This year we'll include videos by Hector as well.

Let's begin.

Beloved Day Game Coach Tom Torero Has Died

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tom toreroTom Torero, the beloved day game instructor, has passed away. We remember his life, and take a look at what happened and how to prepare yourself mentally for such events.

Well, it's sad that our first post of the new year should be a memorial, but we've lost a guy who helped and inspired legions of men.

I'm Changing Messaging on the Whole Women's Standards Thing

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women's standardsMore and more men are arguing women’s standards are over-inflated. Does it help to argue against that… or should we be aiding guys to sidestep those standards?

Meta post here.

Something's been bugging me for a few years now, feeling like this shift is occurring in the men's space and I'm not keeping my thumb on it totally accurately. After I did two posts on standards last week, I mulled it over over Christmas weekend and I think this whole thing about standards is actually it -- and that we need to make a bit of a course correct here.

For years we've had more and more men drifting onto the site complaining women's standards are too high or that women "aren't worth the work" to get. What began as a trickle became a deluge... then a tidal wave.

Initially, I treated these guys as a nuisance.

I placed them in the same category as feminists telling us we should die or guys telling us pickup is wrong because it's manipulation or that premarital sex is wrong because it hurts women or goes against God's law or what have you.

Then as more and more of the 'too high standards guys' appeared, I just continued treating them that way because I was already in that habit.

They'd come back, claiming it didn't matter what I was saying; if I didn't agree with them I just "didn't get it."

Again, everybody with a strong belief system does this: feminists say we don't get it when we don't accept the patriarchy, "pickup is wrong" folks say we don't get it when we tell them it's not wrong, etc. It's a world views thing.

Yet at the same time, I've watched the seduction space slowly but steadily decline, even as the number of men declaring women's standards are too damn high and women aren't worth the work has exploded.

I've started to realize that unless I can speak to those guys, in a language that clicks with them, I am going to fail to serve what has over time become the majority of men out there, most of whom are frustrated, lonely, and feeling helpless. Arguing with them over whether women's standards are or aren't too high doesn't accomplish that.

So I had a good think, and I realized we need to switch around how we are coming at things a bit here.

Announcement: Impulse Texting Is Coming Soon...

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impulse textingAnnouncing “Impulse Texting”, a soon-to-be released Girls Chase course that gets girls texting you back… on impulse.

Quick announcement here.

We've got a new little mini product coming out very soon. It's called Impulse Texting, and it's designed to let you send girls texts so compelling they impulsively respond without even really thinking about it.

I hadn't planned on a proper launch for it, since this is really just a small thing, but as we're readying the roll out I figured I ought to make an announcement or two on it.

LAST Chance to Pick Up "Meet Girls Everywhere"

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By: Chase Amante

meet girls everywhere: last callToday’s the last day to pick up the Girls Chase day game course “Meet Girls Everywhere.” Learn how to naturally meet women wherever you go throughout the day.

Time's nearly up to pick up your copy of our new "approach girls anywhere" day game course.

At midnight tonight, Pacific time, the doors CLOSE, and you won't be able to pick up Meet Girls Everywhere anymore.

If you get in, you're IN.

You'll be able to access the course any time you want from inside your Girls Chase Courses member area.

However, if you didn't make it in in time, after today you won't be able to grab the course.

Then it's DATING APP DOOM for you, exiled off with all the swipe-peasants!

I kid, I kid.

But doors ARE closing, and if you want to get in, you're going to have to get in now.

OUT NOW: Meet Girls Everywhere (for 4 Days!)

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By: Chase Amante

meet girls everywherePark, sidewalk, café, bookstore, supermarket, mall, gym. The world is full of places to find dates… IF you know how to meet girls everywhere. Doors OPEN for the new course NOW.

It's here:

The Girls Chase ultimate "meet her during the daytime" course with Hector Castillo.

Why Online Dating Is the WORST Way to Meet Women

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Online dating: it feels super easy, doesn't it?

I mean, you just hop on that app and start swiping.

Beautiful women come flooding into view!

And yet, no matter how much swiping you do, you don't get anywhere NEAR the results you know you ought to.

I mean, with as good your pics look... and as clever as your messages are... shouldn't you be getting something BETTER than this?

Even once you figure it out and do start lining up matches, you run into some other issues.

Dating in Your Social Circle: Good Idea?

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If you know me, you know I've been known as the 'King of College'.

In fact, I've even got a book with that title!

And after blazing my way through the beds of many dozens of sexy co-eds... plus doing all kinds of social circle seducin' in the years since...

Well, let's just say I've arrived at a clear perspective on both the good and the not so hot about getting with women from your social circle.

There are some positives to it, for sure.

Picking Up Girls in Bars & Nightclubs Is Overrated

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Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's bad or it doesn't work.

Just that it's overrated.

A lot of guys make out nightlife to be this mystical pinnacle of seduction.

It's been sort of built up in movies and it has this whole dreamy, seductive mood about it.

But take it from a guy who's picked up plenty in nightlife and worked in the nightlife industry for years... it's not the best.

Meet Girls Everywhere: FINAL Trailer

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The FINAL "Meet Girls Everywhere" trailer is out now.

Give it a watch right here...

Next week, we kick things up a notch with the release of a series of videos I've put together in advance of the release. Sign up below -- you won't want to miss these...