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Escape the "Playboy Plateau" with Alek Rolstad's Seduction Fine-Tuning

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alek rolstad coachingWant way more results from your seductions? Tap into elite training with veteran coach Alek Rolstad – and “fine-tune” your way off the Playboy Plateau that captures so many seducers.

It’s autumn, and that means it’s time to open up a few new seats for advanced seduction coaching with Girls Chase veteran coach Alek Rolstad.

LAST CALL: Final Chance to Get MGE + the Free DLCs

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meet girls everywhere: final callAfter today, the free “Day Game Location” Guides will no longer come free with our incredible day game course “Meet Girls Everywhere.” So get them now!

It’s the last day.

After today, you’ll no longer be able to get the new “Meet Girls Everywhere” DLCs for free when you purchase “Meet Girls Everywhere.”

Instead, you will need to buy them separately for $97.

DOORS OPEN: Start Meeting Girls Via Day Game with MGE

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meet girls everywhereReady to meet more great & hot girls than you can handle via DAY GAME? “Meet Girls Everywhere” is back again to transform the way you meet women.

All right fellas, the doors are open:

“Meet Girls Everywhere” has hit the shelves.

VIDEO: How to Pull Off Same-Day Day Game Lays

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The rerelease of our vaunted day game course Meet Girls Everywhere is just around the corner (it rereleases this Saturday).

Yet before it premieres, we’ve got one more video to show you… on pulling off same-day lays.

A same-day lay is any pickup where you first meet the girl and sleep with her on the same day.

This is a little more “order of the day” in night game, where one-night stands are common, alcohol abounds, and many women present are there specifically to meet a man to go home with.

VIDEO: Switching to Picking Up Girls BY DAY (from Night Game)

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We’re just a week away from rereleasing Hector Castillo’s groundbreaking day game training “Meet Girls Everywhere”… this time even more good stuff.

Something a lot of guys struggle with when new to day game is making the switch from picking up girls at night to picking them up during the day.

Nightlife has its own benefits and its own challenges. Yet stylistically it’s different from day game. If you try running day game exactly the same way you run night game, you’ll flop.

WATCH: Make Day Game Efficient (& Get More Girls for Your Time)

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Are you ready to unlock unlimited romantic possibilities and begin bringing the types of women you want into your life?

As we approach the rerelease of our trajectory-altering day game course “Meet Girls Everywhere”, we’re putting out a series of free videos with some of Hector Castillo’s day game tips.

 You can watch Hector’s first video, on making your day game EFFICIENT, here:

DOORS CLOSING: Last Chance for One Date at 50% Off + Two Date Flows FREE

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one date screenshot with hector, chase, and oanaIt’s the last call for my 50% off One Date deal and the two free Date Flows (the Home & Walking Dates). Take advantage before midnight, while this deal’s still available.

Today’s the final day you can pick up my flagship course One Date at 50% off and receive the two Limited Edition Date Flows for free.

Home Date & Walking Date "Flows": FREE w/ Your Purchase of One Date (at 50% Off!)

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Want to know how to run the pitch-perfect date at-home, or a “walking around outside” date that ends with girls hanging off your arm, staring into your eyes?

Over the next four (4) days, and never again after that, you can pick up two LIMITED EDITION “Date Flows” by me for FREE when you purchase my One Date System.

Current One Date owners can claim their Date Flows without any additional purchase necessary.

Announcing GirlsChase.TV

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At long last, it's arrived!

Our in-house video platform.

YouTube's been telling seduction coaches to get gone for a while now. Most of them have already left.

We've kept a presence on there (via Hector's videos) but my assumption has been that sooner or later we'll have to leave there too.

Rather than focus too much effort building on a platform we can't control, I decided to focus my efforts on building one we can.

Introducing... GirlsChase.TV.

LAST CHANCE: Get Charisma + Touch (Never Again at This Price!)

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charisma last chanceIt’s your last chance EVER to get Charisma In A Bottle, the Ultimate Bachelor Lifestyle Design, and the Touch-A-Girl System for just one price. Get it now, before midnight!

Time's almost up.

This is the LAST day you'll ever be able to get:

  • Charisma In A Bottle
  • The Ultimate Bachelor Lifestyle Design
  • The Touch-A-Girl System

... all for the same one price.