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Last Call: Doors Close in Mere Hours

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charisma launch last callWe’re just hours away from the doors closing on my 3-in-1 launch. If you don’t have charisma, touch, and lifestyle yet, NOW is the time to get your copies (before it’s too late).

We're in the final stretch now.

If you haven't grabbed your copies of my three (3) new blockbuster courses, now's the time to get off the fence and grab them.

DOORS OPEN... Charisma-Touch-Lifestyle

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charisma launchDevelop powerful personal magnetism… build a lifestyle that funnels you all the experiences, girls, and opportunities you want… and learn to seduce women almost with your hands alone in Chase's blockbuster new courses.

It's ready.

Doors are OPEN.

The three (3) courses of my 3-in-1 launch are now available to own (in one awesome package):

If you're ready to...

  • Magnetize the people around you, using irresistible charisma to make yourself compellingly attractive to women, and THE guy to know for men...

  • Seduce the women you talk to almost with touch alone (i.e., you won't need to do so much talking...!)... using 40 unique touches guaranteed to melt through women's defenses... each with its own full detail, description, and individual demonstration...

  • And construct the ultimate single guy lifestyle for yourself... one tailormade to your interests and personality, designed to plop the women you desire right into your lap, to bring you endless friendship opportunities and great business connections that lead to jobs, promotions, and all kinds of connections, contracts, and deals...

Then you're GOING to want to pick these programs up, now.

WATCH: Attracting Women with "Seducer's Touch"

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My second video (in advance of the charisma-touch-lifestyle launch) is up now.

The topic is touch. Specifically, how to use touch to differentiate yourself from the vast majority of men women meet.

Most men touch women. But there's a wrinkle in the way they touch them that makes it come across not quite right.

Men more experienced with women learn to touch women in a way that's different from the way most men touch.

Watch the video here:

seducer's touch videoStart attracting and seducing women with touch.

(or click here to watch)

[WATCH] Group Charisma: A Simple Trick to Use Today

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I've got a new, free video out in advance of the 3-in-1 launch of my charisma, touch, and lifestyle courses. This video's on a simple trick you can use to be more charismatic in groups, starting today:

FREE Report: Attracting Women Through Touch (Download)

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By: Chase Amante

'Charisma' Is Almost Here: Sign Up for the Launch List Now (and Get a Free Video)

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charisma launch announcementThe new Chase Amante Girls Chase courses on charisma, how to touch girls, and building a bachelor lifestyle are almost here. Sign up now to know when they come out.

As you may (or may not) be aware, we've got some new courses due out in just a few weeks.

I've got three of them coming out, in fact:

2020: The Year in Review & a Look Ahead

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2020 year in reviewWe look back at 2020's changes, both for Girls Chase and worldwide, and review last year's content -- as well as what lies ahead.

On the world stage, 2020 was a year like no other, wasn't it?

We're trying to mostly keep things focused on the site and avoid too many forays into the wild, wacky, tumultuous state of the world. However going over broader events of this past year is unavoidable in any kind of year-end review post.

So, let's review the world stage first.

Slash Your "On-Date" Learning Curve in HALF... with Girls Chase 'Practice Date' Coaching

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By: Chase Amante

lockdown coaching
Rapidly improve your conversation, vibe management, and flirtation with our newest coaching offer. Meet with your coach… then meet with your DATE… and compare notes after.

There's a new kind of coaching in town, and it's set to get you bowling your dates over right in their chairs in the coffee shop or restaurant.

First off though:

  • Have you ever taken a girl out, only to have things start well... yet go south... and as you walked away at the end of the date, certain you'd never see that girl again, you had no idea why?

  • Do you ever run out of things to say to dates (and end up with that super awkward feeling that you're watching your shot with this girl die in real time)?

  • Or do you sometimes mishandle the vibe (and suddenly a date that felt fine two minutes ago feels completely weird or off kilter)?

  • Have you ever been on a date where no matter what you tried, you just couldn't get you and the girl to 'click'? You talked, and she talked, and she offered plenty of polite laughter to your jokes... yet both of you knew you were just killing time out of politeness, rather than any kind of legitimate shared connection.

These things are maddening when they happen. And for some guys, they happen a lot.

Even if they only happen to you sometimes, you still want them to not occur.

The good news is, if you go on enough dates, you will figure it out eventually... probably...

However, the even better news is rather than take 6 months or a year to fix those problems, you can put that process on rocket boosters instead.

The way you do that is with coaching and practice, tied together, working together, to let you zero in on exactly what you need to do differently -- then get you doing it.

To give you exactly this, I've assembled an A-team of Girls Chase coaches... PLUS a bevy of lovely, fetching 20-something gals I've handpicked to serve as your 'practice dates' to let you get this stuff DOWN.

The chats are real. The feedback is real. The coaching is deep.

And the dating learning curve you're on, once you're on this program, gets SLASHED in half (or even less).

Book Your Ticket to "Girls Chase Island"

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By: Chase Amante

girls chase island
Ready to beat approach anxiety once and for all and enjoy the experience of a lifetime? Book your vacation TODAY to Girls Chase Island, where the girls chase YOU.

With all the lockdown craziness we have going on now, I'm very excited to announce the general public opening of Girls Chase Island.

Girls Chase Island is the first vacation destination in the world where you are guaranteed to have hot girls chasing you.

If you're well traveled you might know about spots like the Philippines where the women are much easier than usual. However, even in the Philippines the women won't actually approach you very often (and the Philippines is not nearly as good or easy now as it was 10 years ago).

The question we had at GC though was "Where can a guy go in the West to experience an actual full on 'better than spring break' experience with the opposite sex?"

We wanted to use it both for training purposes to help some of the 'hard case' guys with really bad approach anxiety... and just in general as a really fun resort.

Because honestly, what guy doesn't want to fly to an island where, for once, desirable women chase him?

So, in 2018, we set to work to bring Girls Chase Island into being.

And now, a few years later, as we're opening it to the public, you can at last get your ticket to the island.

2019: The Year in Review + What's Next

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2019 year in review

Each year, at the close of the old and the dawn of the new, we like to do a review post, to look at where we've been. We cover the best of the past year's articles (to make sure you haven't missed anything good), and talk a little about what's in store.