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2017: The Year in Review (Plus What's in Store for 2018)

year in review 2017
We review what changed and what content went up in 2017. And we look forward to what you can expect from Girls Chase throughout the next year.

So that’s it. 2017’s a wrap! I hope it’s been an excellent year for you. It’s been another very solid year for Girls Chase. 2018 should be a fairly revolutionary one I think (with article tracks and with One Date – which we’re finally ready to launch – plus more awesome things we’ve got in the works for you)... but we’ll get to that in the second half of this post.

Before we do, we’ll review the year that’s just wrapped, and all the content posted therein.

As in past year-end reviews (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016), we’ll discuss what’s changed this year at Girls Chase. We’ll talk overall posting statistics for you numbers guys. We’ll link you up to some of the best articles of this past year, as judged by comment counts, page views, and editorial opinion.

And then we’ll talk about what’s to come in the next year – our tenth year online.

Let’s plunge in.

Poll: Tell Me Your Ask-Her-Out Questions… And Get My Next Book for 99 Cents

poll: ask her out
Tell me what you most want to know that will help you get more dates with girls. Also: share your experiences… plus how to get my next book for 99 cents.

I'm hard at work on Book #2 in the Girls Chase Guides series (along with prepping One Date and The Dating Artisan, don't worry... we just re-shot a couple of demos we needed to redo last weekend. Sahin, our video editor in Germany, is stitching them into Module 3 of TDA as we speak).

How to Text a Girl: A Girls Chase Guide

How to Text a Girl, the first installment in my Girls Chase Guides series, is now available.

This book takes all my best articles on texting, cleans them up, formats them, and ties them all together, in book form. It adds a little new content (including an expansion chapter on how to rekindle things with a girl you haven’t text in a long while), and a number of new scientific references.

2016: The Year in Review and a Look Ahead

new year 2017
A review of the best Girls Chase articles of 2016. Plus, a look ahead to what’s in store for 2017.

Another year come and gone, and it’s time once more for a reflection on what the past year’s brought. As with prior years (2013, 2014, 2015), I’ve sat down to present our best articles of the year, based on both comment counts and my opinion.

In 2016, we posted 229 new articles, or about 4.5 a week. This year we premiered a new, sleeker site design, and moved to a new, faster server. And I’ve devoted a lot of time this year to writing, planning, filming, and editing my new upcoming master class – which I’ll reveal more about in this post.

This year we enjoyed:

  • Darius Belejevas’s 4 essays on all things fashion-related
  • Drexel Scott’s 6 videos and essays on kissing, rescheduling, and picking up sober
  • William Gupta’s 6 musings on getting laid and harmful mindsets
  • Varoon Rajah’s 7 podcasts and pieces interviewing experts and reviewing books
  • Daniel Adebayo’s 8 pieces on day game and sexual reframes
  • Hector Castillo’s 15 tutorials on being blunt with girls and having them love it
  • Denton Fisher’s 18 articles on picking up and seducing girls
  • Alek Rolstad’s 30 articles on logistics, dry spells, momentum, and more
  • And 116 articles from me (Chase Amante) on mindsets, pickup, and the female mind

... not to mention three from Francesco Toggianini; two each from Ethan Fierre, Halvor Jannike, Joe Ducard, Cody Lyans, and Davi Diluna; and one apiece from Aron James, David Carreras, Jeff Billings, Jon Anthony, Pablo Garcia, and Big Mike.

(author links above link to each author’s article catalog)

Poll: Ask Me Your Questions on Picking Date Spots

Girls Chase poll
She wants to know where you plan to take her on a date.

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In the meantime, I want to add one final piece to this mini course - a podcast by me where I answer all of YOUR questions on selecting date locations.