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How confidence affects results with women, and how to get your confidence, boldness, and "inner game" tightened up and running smoothly.

Nonverbal Communication

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nonverbal communicationThe chief tenet of the Law of Least Effort in seduction is that the less effort you put in while still achieving the desired result, the more powerful, attractive, and sexy you appear. One of the most powerful ways of doing this is by learning to communicate without the use of words.

If you’ve ever studied very charismatic people – I have, and I recommend it – something you’ll notice is that they frequently say things with fun, charming, wordless expressions. A smile and a wink, say, or a mischievous look. For instance, maybe someone asks a charismatic man if he can handle a certain situation – he gives them the skeptical look with just a hint of a knowing smile and then gets to it. Or maybe he gives a small smile, makes a thumbs up sign, and goes about his business.

Girls: Silly and Cute

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Don’t forward this post to any feminists.

There’s a lot of animosity among men in the West toward women these days, and a lot of it, I’m quite sure, ties back to the efforts women have made to change their image. Fifty years ago in America, if you watch old television shows, women are quite often depicted as silly and cute; they did and said the darnedest things, and men would look upon them with expressions that said, without words, “Aw.. ain’t she just so silly and cute?”

Nowadays, a woman being depicted that way on television, and a man looking at a woman that way, would be demonized as outdated and humiliating. “Women need to be taken seriously,” we’re told; “that’s the only way they’ll be treated as equals.”

So most men in the West no longer view women as silly and cute. Instead, they view them as scary, intimidating creatures who will bite their heads off should they dare to view women as anything less than ferocious beasts and equals; “men in skirts”, if you will.

Pulling Women Close

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pulling women closeThis is one of those things that’s as effective in opening as it is in closing, and it’s useful throughout the course of an interaction. Pulling on a woman’s arm or shoulders or waist (or, if you’re in bed or on the sofa, her legs or feet) and dragging her into you is one of those very fun, very dominant, very sexual things a man can do to a woman (or a woman can do to a man!) that take things and spike the level of excitement and intrigue very quickly.

The reasons it works so well are basically that:

  • Only really confident men do this
  • Only really dominant, sexual men do this
  • It shakes a woman out of autopilot and brings her back into there here-and-now

Autopilot I just realized I haven’t written about on here yet; so let’s slate that as something to target in the near future. But for now, suffice it to say you don’t want women floating through their interactions with you without putting any mental footwork in. You want them making effort – albeit easy, natural effort – to be with you.

Social Circle vs. Cold Approach

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I’ve always been a strong proponent of meeting women via cold approach – that is, going and meeting women who are strangers whom you don’t know and who don’t know you – rather than via social circle. Both have their strengths and their weaknesses, but I think overall that the rules of social circle put far greater constraints upon your potential success and mental well-being than do the rules of cold approach.

social circle

To give a quick summary, a man who’s meeting women through social circle is going and hanging out with his friends at parties and bars and nightclubs, talking to the same people night after night, and gradually trying to work his way into success with women in his circle. He’s generally going to be competing for the boyfriend role (see “Telling Women You’re NOT Boyfriend Material”), he’s going to be competing for it with a host of other men, and he’s going to be competing on traditional early boyfriend stuff – trying to act like a girl’s boyfriend before they get together. On the plus side, women here are more accepting of men and less likely to run off quick and be flighty, so it might feel easier.

She Doesn't Even Need to Know Your Name

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she doesn't need to know your nameAbout 3 ½ years ago in Washington, D.C., I was getting frustrated because I was finding this consistent pattern of how I’d be telling girls all these amazing, fascinating things about myself, and they’d act bored or unimpressed and things would go nowhere and I’d lose them. This kept happening, and anytime I see something happen again and again, I make the problem a priority to focus on and iron out, so I decided to try what at the time seemed like a radical strategy and one I didn’t really even think would work: I’d focus on telling women as little as possible about myself and just let them talk about themselves.

My first time doing this was on a date with a 21 year old fashion model from Texas who’d just moved to town. I’d met her very briefly on the subway a few nights before, and she knew nothing about me other than my name and that I lived in town, and had only given me her email address. I put together a rather elaborate process to get her on a date despite these facts, which perhaps I’ll go into in another post. She was unsure about me, and wanted to meet for coffee before heading to the comedy show I’d wanted to take her to go see, just to make sure I wasn’t a weirdo and that she liked me.

We sat at a Starbucks for about forty-five minutes, with her talking about herself, her friends, relationship problems her friends were having, and all manner of things, and me simply showing interest and doing some active listening, and saying nothing about myself and her asking me nothing about myself. When it got close to the time for the comedy show, I asked her if she wanted to go, and she replied with an enthusiastic “yes!” During the comedy show, I cracked a few jokes and got physically very close with her, and afterward I invited her home for a nightcap. We went straight home to my place and slept together. She later told me that she didn’t date much and never had hook-ups or one-night stands.

Master Your Feelings

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By: Chase Amante

master your feelingsTo be a man truly successful with women, one must first come to master his own feelings – to override deep emotions and instincts when he knows those emotions and instincts are going to take him the wrong direction.

Emotions are our snap, subconscious decision-making process, designed to be powerful to preserve necessary functions even in the face of logical decisions to the contrary. In today’s world, for instance, it’s easy to get caught up in life and feel like you have no time for children and can’t be bothered with offspring. But the entire reason you exist is that your ancestors all, every single one of them, successfully passed on their genes, and along with everything that makes you who you are, they also passed on the things that made them successful at survival and reproduction – some of those things being deep emotions that overrode logical thoughts like, “Eh, I don’t really have time for kids.” The desire to go condom-less in sex is one – spend enough time with a girl, and you don’t want to be wearing protection. That’s just one of life’s way of preserving the natural order of things and working to get you procreating.

But some of the things that worked in the past don’t work so well nowadays. In the past, if a man really liked a woman, fixating on her and obsessing over her and devoting tons of time and energy into getting her might have worked. In the past, beating oneself up over a botched effort with a girl one likes might have led to a man going back and figuring out a way to get her, against all odds.

When in Doubt, Forge Ahead

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By: Chase Amante

Short post, but one I don’t think needs a lot of explaining to get the point across.

A guy meets a girl on the street. He likes her; she seems to like him. They talk for fifteen minutes or so and get along just fine. He feels like he ought to do something more with her… but he isn’t sure what, exactly. So, he asks her for her phone number, tells her it was great meeting her, and the two part ways.

Chances are, they never see each other again.

forge ahead

Sure, maybe they do, but odds are they don’t. How many of the phone numbers you take turn into lovers? Even if your follow-up is amazing, your conversion rate of numbers-to-lovers is doubtfully any higher than 20% – maximum. And if your follow-up is anything short of amazing, expect a conversion rate substantially lower.

Easy Opening with Indirect Direct

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By: Chase Amante

Something I like prescribing for newer guys as a very low-pressure but high-impact and really quite easy opener is something I’ve begun referring to as “Indirect Direct”, for lack of a better term.

Your run of the mill, general indirect opening – or, engaging a woman in conversation under pretenses other than that you’re interested in her – is a common choice among men. It feels less scary and less like the man is putting himself on the line.

It’s also far less effective than your run of the mill, general direct opening.

Women respond best to men who state – either explicitly or implicitly – their interest. Men using indirect do not do this. And, while they may not realize that women realize what they’re doing, unless a girl is completely clueless, chances are she probably does. And the man looks less for having masked his interest. He looks scared.

Women on Pedestals

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women on pedestalsIn modern day Western society, the gods and goddesses have largely disappeared. In the minds of many men, however, they seem to have been replaced by beautiful women. I can think of no other explanation for the amount of awe and reverence given to beautiful women by many men; it must be that these men see these women as goddesses. They certainly treat them as though they were.

There’s been a certain degree of drooling over pretty girls since the dawn of man. Helen was, after all, the face that launched a thousand ships; had she been less beautiful, perhaps we’d still have Troy today.

But what we see today is exacerbated by media, and it’s become damn near a compulsion. Men watch models and actresses and porn starlets all day long, and become obsessed with finding women who look just like them. And when they find the women who look that way, they lose their cool, get weak in the knees, and turn to silly putty.

On Being Authoritative

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I was having a very good discussion with a good friend about another mutual friend of ours. All three of us are men with a reasonably extensive background in seduction, and a history of both taking a number of lovers and teaching a number of students. And what we were talking about was the tendency of men like us to sometimes be a bit… overbearing.


What I came to realize was this: because of our unique situations and lifestyles, we tend to become authoritative in tone and personality. And in some ways – primarily with women, and in business – that’s quite beneficial. In others – such as with good friends – it’s detrimental.