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Inner Game Issues — The REAL Reason You Can't Get Women

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By: Tony Depp

Jun 16, 2020

Your biggest barrier to attracting women is not what you think it is. If you keep saying “I can’t get laid because I am [blank],” you may need to rewire your inner game.

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If She Tells You Not to Wear a Condom, Wear a Condom

Jun 14, 2020

If a woman tells you not to wear a condom, should you listen? Well, no – while going bareback can be fine sometimes, you don't want to do it with girls like this.

you don't need to wear a condom

Dating App Gurus vs. Pick Up Artists: What's the Difference?

Jun 13, 2020

More and more, guys who succeed with women on dating apps are claiming their way is the 'best way.' But do these guys have superior seduction skills – or are they full of hot air?

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Keep Her Interest Piqued with Conversation Thread Slicing

Jun 13, 2020

Thread slicing is a conversation technique that keeps women intrigued and invested in a conversation with you. It’s also useful with fractionation and creating anchors.

conversation thread slicing

Wealthy Lifestyle Game: How to Get Laid when You Have Money, Pt. 2

Jun 12, 2020

As a wealthy guy, it’s harder to get fast sex with women because they peg you as a provider rather than a lover. Combat this by disqualifying yourself as a provider!

how to get laid when you have money

Pickup and Seduction Gambit: The Tourist Frame

Jun 11, 2020

Do you feel extra liberated and sexually adventurous when you travel? Girls do, too. This gambit is designed to tap into those same feelings with local girls.

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Tactics Tuesdays: How to Behave When Her Arousal Spikes

Jun 9, 2020

When a girl shows you a sudden rise in interest, how should you handle it? Not every guy handles this well – yet, handle it right, and things go smooth.

arousal spike

How to Access Flow State and Advance to Seduction Mastery

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By: Tony Depp

Jun 8, 2020

Flow state is the miraculous place where everything works and makes you feel like a boss. What does it take to access flow state and make it your long-term ally?

flow state

How to Bridge Your Conversations with Girls into Juicy Topics

Jun 5, 2020

To get a women hot and horny, you’ve got to steer the conversation toward seduction-friendly topics. Bridging helps you easily transition into your juiciest material.

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How to Manage Conversations Smoothly and Freestyle Epic Verbal Game

Jun 4, 2020

Conversations with girls often take bad turns that can derail a seduction. Learning how to redirect bad topics into good ones will help you get things back on track.

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Wealthy Lifestyle Game: How to Get Laid when You Have Money, Pt. 1

Jun 3, 2020

My previous article was about getting laid while broke. Now let’s talk about the other end of the spectrum – wealthy lifestyle game – and how to make the best of it.

how to get laid when you have money

Girl Types: Distracted or Sexually Repressed Women

Jun 2, 2020

Ever meet a girl whom you never see express sexuality in any way, around you or any other guy? She might not be asexual – she might just be repressed.

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Are Your Friends Not into Pickup or Self-Improvement? Find New Ones

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By: Tony Depp

Jun 1, 2020

Should you talk to your friends about pickup? Most aspiring seducers end up alienating their buddies when they do, so it’s best to find or build your own community.

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Some Girls Test Men Early in the Game, Others Test Late

May 30, 2020

Girls will test men before opening up to sex. But just because she throws you tests early on doesn’t mean the whole seduction will be tedious. The opposite is also true.

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Poor Man's Game – Can Guys Without Money Get Women?

May 29, 2020

Fact: women will sleep with poor guys faster than wealthy dudes. In this article, I explain why that is and the vital differences between poor guys and deadbeats.

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