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Social Life

7 Reasons People Will Try to Tool You

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By: Chase Amante

Feb 1, 2017

People will tool you for a variety of reasons. You don’t belong, you’re a soft target, you’re a threat to a member... and other excuses.

people tool you

How to be a Hard Target, Pt. III: Social Vultures

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By: Chase Amante

Jan 26, 2017

Women aren’t the only ones who will take you for a ride. Men do it too. Find out how to not get suckered by conniving crooks.

hard target

Switch Off the “Social You” and Get the Girl

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By: Davi Diluna

Dec 1, 2016

Some guys are too polite for their own good. This over-politeness is called the “social you” – and you have to unlearn it to do better with girls.

social you

The Fuzzy World of Social Status

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By: Chase Amante

Nov 28, 2016

Social status is ‘fuzzy’. That is, you often don’t know exactly where you rank compared to someone else. There are good reasons for this.

fuzzy social status

Always Hold the Moral High Ground

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By: Chase Amante

Nov 24, 2016

Sometimes a girl might stun you by taking a moral high ground stance opposite you. To address this, you must be prepared to seize it back – with prejudice.

moral high ground

How to Use Donald Trump-Style Persuasion

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By: Chase Amante

Oct 20, 2016

Donald Trump used masterful persuasion in his dark horse candidacy for U.S. President. Six (6) powerful persuasion tactics underpin his success.

Donald Trump persuasion

9 Things that Make You a Total Buzzkill to Other People

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By: Chase Amante

Oct 3, 2016

Make the wrong social move, and you’re a buzzkill no one wants to be around. There are nine (9) such wrong moves, including bad topics, zero confidence, and talking over the other party.


How I Make New Friendships (6 Steps)

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By: Denton Fisher

Sep 21, 2016

Lots of people struggle to make new friendships outside school or work (or even in these places). Yet, follow the 6 steps to new friends, and friends start to come easy.

make new friendships

Why Do STEM-Educated Men Have a Harder Time Meeting Women?

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By: Halvor Jannike

Sep 17, 2016

Men in STEM fields, despite their smarts, often don’t do well with girls. What’s the cause of this handicap – and what can you do about it?

STEM meet girls

How to Survive in a Time of Moral Panic

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By: Chase Amante

Jun 19, 2016

In a moral panic, no one is safe. Neighbors turn on neighbors, and opportunists use the panic to advance their careers. To survive the hysteria, you must be smart.

moral panic

Girls in Groups: How to Tell Who’s a Leader or a Follower

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By: Chase Amante

Apr 21, 2016

With girls in groups, a girl’s role in the group’s hierarchy matters when it comes to how you treat her – and how you pick her up.

girls in groups

The Right Way to Use Defiance to Make Progress with Girls

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By: Chase Amante

Mar 28, 2016

Defiance is a powerful motivator for improving one’s lot with women and people. But if you’re not careful, it may derail you instead.


What to Do to Date Women from Different Social Scenes

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By: William Gupta

Mar 14, 2016

Sometimes you want to date a girl – but girls like her just don’t like you. What gives? Well, odds are, you need to join her social scene.

women social scenes

The Pros and Cons of Social Proof for Seduction

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By: Alek Rolstad

Feb 12, 2016

Social proof is a useful tool for meeting and seducing women, yet also a time-consuming one. Should you use it? Depends on your tastes.

social proof

How to Find and Keep a Mentor in Seduction

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By: Denton Fisher

Jan 30, 2016

One of the most important steps to get good in any field is to find a great mentor. But where do you find such a man in seduction?

seduction mentor