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Conquer Approach Anxiety with The Approach Game

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the approach game
This fun, simple game is designed to banish anxiety and work out the kinks in your approaches. All you need is a wingman, a clock, and a woman-laden environment.

Very early in my seduction journey, right after deciding I (finally) wanted to get better with women and (finally) learn how to sleep with them effortlessly, I faced the biggest hurdle of all – getting started. After all, every resource, coach, and seminar I checked out mentioned cold approach as the best skill to learn and improve with women.

It was suggested that I set aside several hours a day several times a week to learn how to approach women, just to get started. However, therein lay the rub – approaching women.

What a scary proposition! After having lost my virginity in my early twenties, then finally having my first girlfriend at 22, I still had no confidence or understanding of what women wanted or how they wanted to be approached.

I felt nervous, afraid; and each time, fear ran through my veins. This is a woman. What if she rejects me? What if she doesn’t like me? How will she feel about me? How will she perceive me? How will I feel about myself if she rejects me?

I started by walking through the streets of my newest home – New York City – where day game opportunities were plentiful and hot women wandered the streets alone every single day. And yet, each time I passed a hot woman that I fancied, I talked myself out of an approach.

Franco Lombardi | Learning Pickup Takes Discipline, Part 2 (Podcast)

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Welcome back to another episode of Dating Mechanics, everyone! I’m pleased to announce Part 2 of my interview with Franco Lombardi on the importance of Discipline. Discipline is more of a mindset approach to dating as opposed to having an uncontrolled environment (which is what most people in the world do). The idea behind discipline is threefold:

Franco Lombardi | Learning Pickup Takes Discipline, Part 1 (Podcast)

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Welcome back to another episode of Dating Mechanics, everyone!

I’m pleased to announce the return of Franco Lombardi, our fearless moderator of the Girls Chase boards, for an interview on how discipline affects your success in dating. This is one of the most important concepts that anyone should make an effort to learn and understand regardless of skill level.

Podcast with the Girls Chase Seduction A-Team: Lessons from Stockholm

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Welcome back to another episode of Dating Mechanics! For this podcast, I have something different and special for you. A few of us Girls Chase authors met up in Stockholm, Sweden this past summer for a few days and nights. We met up with each other (some for the first time), met plenty of women, both during the day and

Can You Develop More Empathy? Science Suggests "Yes"

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how to have empathyEmpathy is a twisty topic, and one that's often hung with mounds of cultural baggage. The politically correct party line at the moment is, "All empathy is good; all lack of empathy is bad, bad, BAD."

The truth of the matter is a bit more complicated than this (decidedly unempathetic) black-and-white thinking on empathy: strong empathy is a bit like a superpower and a crippling weakness, all rolled up into one.

In this article, we'll be looking at the full range of empathy profiles - from sociopaths, supposedly unable to feel empathy at all, to empaths, those souls so bursting with empathy that stepping on a bug makes them feel awful.

And what I most want to talk about in today's article is striking the right balance - enough empathy that you are able to perceptively know what other people are thinking, what they are feeling, and what they want, but not so much that you render yourself unable to take any action, out of fear of hurting, offending, or invoking the displeasure of someone else.

Brain Hacks: Meditation for the Stressed and Busy

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Meditation: you’ve probably heard a bit about it.

It’s a mind-bendingly powerful activity, with benefits of stress reduction, clarity of vision and focus, and even increased (sometimes dramatically so) levels of happiness. It’s key to successful visualization, and once you’re good at it you gain a degree of conscious control over your thoughts and feelings that all but eradicates things like depression and anxiety.

But if you’re anything like me before I learned something of meditation, the wall of information greeting you at your first foray into the topic is a major obstacle to getting started.


I would ask myself, “What should I learn about? What meditations are best? What do I gain by the different types?” And so on and so forth... and, unable to accurately answer these questions buffeted about as I was by tidal waves of information in the meditation how-to sea, I’d end up not really getting much of anywhere with it.

It wasn’t till I met a man who simplified the process, directed me towards some Western literature on the topic and taught me of the most important facet of meditation, that I felt I knew where to go with my own meditation.

I’m going to pass that direction onto you today.

Now, what this article won’t do is lead you to nirvana-like enlightenment. It won’t lead you to an understanding of the different schools of meditation, their history and chief aims. Those are things you can explore yourself if interested as you get deeper in.

Rather, this article will equip you with enough knowledge to stimulate that most important facet of meditation, the “relaxation response”, which you can access immediately upon meditating.

Understanding how to elicit the “relaxation response” in yourself has all kind of benefits, from better health to a better ability able to get yourself prepped emotionally in ways that’ll help you get women... and we’ll go into all of these below.

Brain Hacks: Using Moral Superiority to Turn Arguments

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One of the most annoying, horrible, and downright irritating situations you'll ever run into socially is someone suddenly inveighing against you with emotionally-charged, finger-pointing, judgmental arguments.

moral superiority

These attacks are usually unexpected when you run into them, and they'll frequently catch you off guard. They can be confusing to know how to respond to if you're more accustomed to calm, cool-headed debates about the merits and drawbacks of a specific subject - then suddenly here's someone sandblasting you with hatred and unadulterated emotion. I'm sure you've experienced it at some point or another:

“People like you are the lowest kinds of people there are! You think you can just take whatever you want and not have to suffer the consequences! You think of no one but yourself!”

Suddenly, you're so deeply on the defensive trying to prove these accusations levied against you are untrue, that you end up effectively putting your hands up and saying, "Whoa, hey, stop, that's not true at all!"

Morality attacks also usually have a powerful communal effect, with any bystanders to the argument usually feeling either a) swept up in the argument and equally enraged and emboldened, or b) so afraid of being castigated themselves that they either just agree out of fear, or they remain quiet and let things unfold, not wanting to get in the way of an onrushing freight train.

That means that when someone starts hitting you with moral superiority, you need to be quick on your feet to not get quickly cast out as whatever you're being labeled as - and the way to do that, of course, is fighting fire with fire: you must use moral superiority right back.

Brain Hacks: Women, Emotions, and Cementing Emotion

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women and emotionIn "How to Approach a Girl Wherever You Are (Easily)," J comments:

Hey Chase,

Another Great article you churn these things out left and right man! This one was so info packed I'm finding myself reading it again and again which is a great thing. One idea that was running through my head while reading this post was this concept of cementing emotion.

You mentioned it in your girls chase book but its a brief but very interesting section. I've always wanted to know how to deliver those "Wow what a connection we have" lines.

I was thinking about it the whole time I read this post, because I was noticing more and more that I'd get to step 9 or 10 and flame out there. Like I'd deep dive too much and "break the spell."

And I've been wracking my brained trying to understand what I was doing there but then I remembered your section on cementing emotions. So, I've been reading up on that and your spell broken article.

Would love to hear more thoughts on this man, it's a fascinating aspect of game. Because I've cemented certain emotions in women and have been fascinated with myself. Like WTF! where did that come from.

Anyways man just wanted to drop a line there about that. Maybe I'll add another to the list of article ideas with this one ;) hahaha

The Loyal reader extraordinaire,


Emotions are quick, fleeting things - here one moment, gone the next. What's worse is, emotions are easily forgotten things - a girl may be really into you one minute, but completely have forgotten she was a minute later. And once a feeling's forgotten, good luck trying to bring it back if you hadn't cemented it first.

To teach you the technique of cementing emotions in women's (or anyone's) memory, I want to cover a brain hack today that essentially serves as a memory aid for cementing emotions, so that you can help women recall good emotions they felt for you earlier, even if they aren't feeling them right now.