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How to Communicate and Connect with Women

Dec 9, 2019

Women don’t communicate like men, and most guys don’t understand that. Let’s boil down the things you should know if you want to stand out as a guy who “gets” her.

how to communicate with women

Never Count on a Woman to Change (& Never Think You'll Change Her)

Dec 1, 2019

Men often try to change girlfriends and wives to behave how they want. While you can do this a bit short-term, long-term it rarely works out how you'd want…

change a woman

Asking Cute Girls: "Can Men and Women Be Just Friends?" (Video)

Nov 30, 2019

Can men and women be just friends? Guys who have gotten stuck in the friend zone (i.e., all of us) have their opinions, of course, but what do hot chicks have to say?

can men and women be just friends

Giving Women Permission Society Doesn't

Oct 17, 2019

Society has many things women are and aren't allowed to do. When you want to make progress with a woman, a big part of that is helping her ignore society's rules.

give woman permission

Even Nice, Sweet Girls Like to Be Touched

Oct 10, 2019

Does it seem like nice, sweet girls exist outside of sexuality? They don't – they're sexual creatures too, even if it isn't always obvious at first.

girls like to be touched

Signs She Likes You: Puts Her Phone Down or Away

Sep 26, 2019

In a world where everyone’s noses are glued to their phones, a woman lowering her phone around you can be a telling sign she likes you.

she puts her phone down

Male vs. Female Mating Motivations Laid Bare

Sep 21, 2019

You might think men and women approach mating in similar ways. And on some aspects they do. On others, they're very different.

female mating motivations

Female State Management and Social Frame: The Big Picture

Sep 20, 2019

Here’s my final article on Female State Control (FSC), and to some extent, social frame. I will try to tie it all together and give you the big picture.

female state control

Female State Control: More Causes and Solutions

Sep 13, 2019

In our ongoing exploration of Female State Control (FSC), we’ve identified several causes and solutions. But wait, there’s more! Let’s fill in those missing pieces.

female state control

Does Sex Damage Women's Long-Term Potential?

Sep 7, 2019

Do you make a woman worse as a future girlfriend, wife, or mother when you go to bed with her? Many people think you do.

sex damage women

How Too Much High Value Can Trigger Female State Control

Sep 6, 2019

In our series on Female State Control (FSC), we’ve learned how high value and social frame can bypass FSC, but can too much of it actually work against you?

female state control

There’s Always One Final Shit Test Before Sex

Sep 5, 2019

Women test men to ensure they aren’t with a loser or imposter. The final shit test before sex can be a real doozy, so make sure you’re not caught off guard.

shit test before sex

Do Women Want to Be DOMINATED in the Bedroom? (Video)

Sep 2, 2019

Do women like being dominated in bed? If you read our blog or have had sex with many women, you know the answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! But let’s examine why this is.

women love being dominated in bed

You're Worried About Stuff She Doesn't Care About

Aug 29, 2019

You might worry what she'll think of your clothes, hair, mood, or your place. But she doesn't always care about this stuff as much as you think.

she doesn't care

Female State Control Vaccines: Investment

Aug 23, 2019

We know how getting a girl to invest in you makes it easier to get her to do what you want. But can investment also overcome a lack of social frame?

investment and social frame