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Meet Girls Spots and the Cheerleader Effect

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meet girls spots & the cheerleader effectMen gravitate to places filled with hot girls to do their approaching. Such venues are rarely the best place to meet girls… but men keep going due to the cheerleader effect.

We had a conversation on the forum the other day about better spots to meet women where your odds of successful hookups are higher.

At one point in the conversation Alek Rolstad noted that he's always had the HIGHEST odds of meeting girls who are straightforward to pick up in gay-friendly nightlife venues. That's been my experience too.

A member who's struggled to get traction picking up girls in-field (having been more of a dating app guy) commented that women in gay clubs in the US are "trashy" and that perhaps it's different in Europe.

It's true, there are some trashy women in gay-friendly US clubs. There are nevertheless some genuinely hot women there, too, and they are far easier to get together with there than they are just about anywhere else.

Thing is, most guys won't go to these places.

It's not even just because "there's gay guys there and I don't want people to think I'm gay."

Instead, it's because of something else, that affects men in all their types of venue selection:

Most guys don't pick the venues where it's easiest to get laid.

Most men, rather, gravitate toward venues where the cheerleader effect is on fullest display.

6 Best and 4 WORST Places to Pick Up Girls

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By: Allen Reyes

places to pick up girlsWhat places are the BEST to meet women at? Well, it's not dance clubs, the street, or the metro. In fact, those are among the WORST. The best include some places many don't even think to frequent.

Hey guys!

Today I’ll outline the four worst, two limbo, plus six best places to pick up girls.

This list is for the general reader, and the venues aren’t a specific level of difficulty.

Of course, if you’re already cut your teeth in one type of venue and have more experience there, your mileage may vary.