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The effects emotions have on men and women, and how they can be a powerful tool in attraction and relationship building.

Love at First Sight

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Just walked out the second girl I slept with in a 12-hour period. Oh my, going to need to get a good night’s sleep tonight… and I’m all out of bed sheets.

So I slept with a new girl yesterday who continues this streak I’ve been on of young and inexperienced girls. She’s the second new girl in less than a week to tell me I’m only her second lover, in fact. This is a girl I’d met a few months earlier at a dinner related to some work I was doing at the time. We’d spoken a few times since, and yesterday we had our first date. She spent the night with me, and this morning told me she loved me.

She asked me if I loved her back; I looked at her and gave her a warm smile. “You don’t love me,” she said.

“You don’t love me either,” I told her. “We just got together yesterday!”

“But I loved you the moment I saw you,” she said. “I walked into the restaurant and I saw you, and you smiled at me, and I said, ‘Oh God, I’m in love.’ Didn’t you feel it? Why did you smile at me that way?”

Overcoming Approach Anxiety

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approach anxietyThere’s this thing called approach anxiety, and I haven’t talked about it all that much, because it was never a huge concern for me personally, and it was always something I was able to push through okay on my own. Sure, sometimes I’d stiffen up and miss out on a girl I should’ve had, but all in all it was never too bad for me. I had a lot of fears as a kid, and got into the habit early of overcoming them by confronting them head on; this might be why I was never overly concerned with this one. I just tackled it the same as the rest of them.

But for some guys, approach anxiety is crippling. I’ve coached men who would at times simply refuse to approach women; I eventually got pretty good at getting guys to approach, even when they were terrified to (the first few approaches are always the toughest), but how does a guy who’s shaken about going up to meet women do that on his own, without a coach there to work him through it?

Pulling Women Close

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pulling women closeThis is one of those things that’s as effective in opening as it is in closing, and it’s useful throughout the course of an interaction. Pulling on a woman’s arm or shoulders or waist (or, if you’re in bed or on the sofa, her legs or feet) and dragging her into you is one of those very fun, very dominant, very sexual things a man can do to a woman (or a woman can do to a man!) that take things and spike the level of excitement and intrigue very quickly.

The reasons it works so well are basically that:

  • Only really confident men do this
  • Only really dominant, sexual men do this
  • It shakes a woman out of autopilot and brings her back into there here-and-now

Autopilot I just realized I haven’t written about on here yet; so let’s slate that as something to target in the near future. But for now, suffice it to say you don’t want women floating through their interactions with you without putting any mental footwork in. You want them making effort – albeit easy, natural effort – to be with you.

Responding to Good News and Bad News

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I met a really very cute and pretty 20 year old college student waiting in line for the bus today. We started talking and grabbed seats together – actually, we almost missed the bus, too engrossed in talking to each other as we were, until we suddenly realized everyone else had walked past us and boarded already!

Our conversation flowed smoothly, but I could tell she had just the slightest hint of reservation, though I did not know why. I was being quite calm and nice with her, and was relatively certain I wasn’t coming across too strongly, and I did my best to stay away from any overly high-value topics, aside from speaking a little French with her and discussing my impression of France while traveling there a few years back when she mentioned learning French and wanting to visit Paris. Even that might have been a little too much, but overall I estimated the benefit of having these additional things to bond on outweighed the danger of showing too much value.

It wasn’t until near the end of the bus ride, fifteen or twenty minutes after we had already exchanged contact information and tentatively discussed meeting this weekend, that she finally came out with what it was that was keeping her reserved. I was able to get to it by asking her some deeper emotional questions – she discussed not loving what she studied in college, so I asked her what she loved. She then told me that her boyfriend had been disappearing together with his ex-girlfriend and not taking her phone calls.

Master Your Feelings

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master your feelingsTo be a man truly successful with women, one must first come to master his own feelings – to override deep emotions and instincts when he knows those emotions and instincts are going to take him the wrong direction.

Emotions are our snap, subconscious decision-making process, designed to be powerful to preserve necessary functions even in the face of logical decisions to the contrary. In today’s world, for instance, it’s easy to get caught up in life and feel like you have no time for children and can’t be bothered with offspring. But the entire reason you exist is that your ancestors all, every single one of them, successfully passed on their genes, and along with everything that makes you who you are, they also passed on the things that made them successful at survival and reproduction – some of those things being deep emotions that overrode logical thoughts like, “Eh, I don’t really have time for kids.” The desire to go condom-less in sex is one – spend enough time with a girl, and you don’t want to be wearing protection. That’s just one of life’s way of preserving the natural order of things and working to get you procreating.

But some of the things that worked in the past don’t work so well nowadays. In the past, if a man really liked a woman, fixating on her and obsessing over her and devoting tons of time and energy into getting her might have worked. In the past, beating oneself up over a botched effort with a girl one likes might have led to a man going back and figuring out a way to get her, against all odds.

Handling Women's Accusations

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women accusationsEven the best run relationships get sticky from time to time, and even the most stable, emotionally steadfast women occasionally resort to making accusations.

Accusations are themselves a very hazy area – what’s the best way to deal with them? How do you deal with a woman who yesterday was crazy about you today calling you cold? What do you do when a girl lashes out and charges you with not caring about her? How do you handle when a woman accuses you?

Like Attracts Like

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Talking today with an acquaintance of mine, we got to commenting on a couple we both knew and how they’d recently gotten together. The girl is a prim, proper girl who is more concerned with clothes and makeup than anything else, and the guy is a little bit of a rough-and-tumble cat from a poorer part of the world – but he’s pretty cocky and self-assured. My acquaintance was surprised the two of them ended up a pair; I wasn’t. “The bad girl got the bad boy,” I said, and he laughed and said that was a good way of putting it.

Maybe my mind was already working that way because of an article I read earlier today on Slate Magazine, called “Freaks, Geeks, and Economists: A study confirms every suspicion you ever had about high-school dating.” The article discusses a study in which, among other things, the term assertive mating is mentioned. Slate defines assortative mating as the tendency of individuals to select for mates similar to themselves; I did a quick look-up on Wikipedia to confirm. The tendency of individuals to select similar mates is known as positive assortative mating; individuals who select for dissimilar traits are referred to as practicing negative assortative mating.

Email: Not for Important Conversations

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I’ve long avoided email for having important conversations, especially any where I predict there may be even a hint of contention. I couldn’t have told you why before, just that I noticed that email conversations about sensitive topics always tended to go poorly. I’ve even lost a few good people in my life from email debates that got out of hand.

Against my better judgment, I just found myself caught up once again in a back-and-forth email debate with a good friend of mine. And once again, it quickly went from civil to cutthroat in the space of only a few emails.

On Being Authoritative

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I was having a very good discussion with a good friend about another mutual friend of ours. All three of us are men with a reasonably extensive background in seduction, and a history of both taking a number of lovers and teaching a number of students. And what we were talking about was the tendency of men like us to sometimes be a bit… overbearing.


What I came to realize was this: because of our unique situations and lifestyles, we tend to become authoritative in tone and personality. And in some ways – primarily with women, and in business – that’s quite beneficial. In others – such as with good friends – it’s detrimental.

Overproviding Good Feelings

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This is one of those things that, when I figured it out, kinda made me slap my forehead and go, “Duh.” But even still, it took me five years to figure it out. And I’m going to give it to you in one post.

You’re welcome ;)

I figured it out gradually as I realized a number of things:

  • I did better with women when I told less entertaining stories.
  • I did better with women when I gave them less fun.
  • I did better with women when they knew less about me.