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Women Are Not Evil

Jun 20, 2020

If you push beyond the temptations of hate toward women, you will find a new land of beauty before you. You will see the beauty in all women, even the evil ones.

women are evil

Pickup Artist Tips for Surviving the COVID-19 Lockdown

Jun 19, 2020

All lockdown and no poon makes us all dull boys. These tips will help you preserve your sanity and health while you wait for your COVID-19 lockdown to end.

covid-19 dating

Inner Game Issues — The REAL Reason You Can't Get Women

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By: Tony Depp

Jun 16, 2020

Your biggest barrier to attracting women is not what you think it is. If you keep saying “I can’t get laid because I am [blank],” you may need to rewire your inner game.

can't get women

How to Access Flow State and Advance to Seduction Mastery

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By: Tony Depp

Jun 8, 2020

Flow state is the miraculous place where everything works and makes you feel like a boss. What does it take to access flow state and make it your long-term ally?

flow state

Overwhelmed by the Work It'll Take to Seduce Her? Break Things Down!

May 22, 2020

When you start seeing obstacles in a potential seduction, it's easy to get overwhelmed and give up before you start. Just reduce your mental load and move forward.

seduction process breakdown

You Don't Need to Be Perfect – Your Flaws Are What Make You Attractive

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By: Tony Depp

May 18, 2020

The next time you want to approach a girl but want to chicken out even more, remember: when it comes to attraction, having flaws is better than being perfect.

flaws make you attractive

Can Pickup and Seduction Have a Higher Purpose than Just Hedonism?

May 16, 2020

If you could no longer pick up chicks and put your dick in them, would you have a reason to live? Well, that happened to me (for two weeks), and here’s what I discovered.

seduction higher purpose

Learning Seduction: 7 Words of Wisdom for the Slow Mechanical Learner

May 15, 2020

Do you feel like learning seduction is taking too long and failure comes too often? You might be a mechanical learner like me. If so, here’s what you should know.

learn pickup seduction

Is It Moral to Be a Hedonist?

May 8, 2020

Many guys who learn pickup and seduction struggle with the morality of living a hedonistic lifestyle. This is a legitimate dilemma, so let’s get philosophical.

is hedonism moral

How to Win at Seduction: Maximize Strengths and Minimize Weaknesses

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By: Tony Depp

May 4, 2020

Not all men are born lady killers. Lucky for us, the seduction community has proven time and again that even YOU can get hot girls by focusing on what you can control.

seduction success

Pickup vs. Seduction: Is There a Difference? (Yes!)

May 3, 2020

Pickup: the art of finding a girl to take home. Seduction: the art of influencing her mind, to create desire and other urges. How do the two relate… and which is better?

pickup vs. seduction

Do You Only “Think” She’s Out of Your League?

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By: Tony Depp

Apr 20, 2020

Why do you think she’s out of your league? Is it because she really is, or is it because you’ve put her there for no good reason?

she's out of my league

You Must Fix Your 'Inner Game' (by Doing External Things)

Apr 18, 2020

"Inner game" is the way you play the game on the inside. Good inner game is crucial – but the way to improve yours is not alone in a room in front of the mirror.

inner game

Do You Feel Anxious Around Women? Don’t Let Them See It

Apr 16, 2020

Women are attracted to confidence, and anxiety is the opposite of confidence. So if women don’t find anxiety sexy, but it’s a normal feeling, what can we do about it?

anxiety is a turn-off

10 Things to Do During Your Coronavirus Quarantine

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By: Tony Depp

Mar 23, 2020

Has COVID-19 sentenced you to solitary confinement? Bummer. Well, if your body and/or mind still work, why not turn the global pandemic into a self-improvement vacation?

coronavirus quarantine things to do