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DOORS CLOSING: Last Chance for One Date at 50% Off + Two Date Flows FREE

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one date screenshot with hector, chase, and oanaIt’s the last call for my 50% off One Date deal and the two free Date Flows (the Home & Walking Dates). Take advantage before midnight, while this deal’s still available.

Today’s the final day you can pick up my flagship course One Date at 50% off and receive the two Limited Edition Date Flows for free.

Home Date & Walking Date "Flows": FREE w/ Your Purchase of One Date (at 50% Off!)

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Want to know how to run the pitch-perfect date at-home, or a “walking around outside” date that ends with girls hanging off your arm, staring into your eyes?

Over the next four (4) days, and never again after that, you can pick up two LIMITED EDITION “Date Flows” by me for FREE when you purchase my One Date System.

Current One Date owners can claim their Date Flows without any additional purchase necessary.

Announcing GirlsChase.TV

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At long last, it's arrived!

Our in-house video platform.

YouTube's been telling seduction coaches to get gone for a while now. Most of them have already left.

We've kept a presence on there (via Hector's videos) but my assumption has been that sooner or later we'll have to leave there too.

Rather than focus too much effort building on a platform we can't control, I decided to focus my efforts on building one we can.

Introducing... GirlsChase.TV.

LAST CHANCE: Get Charisma + Touch (Never Again at This Price!)

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charisma last chanceIt’s your last chance EVER to get Charisma In A Bottle, the Ultimate Bachelor Lifestyle Design, and the Touch-A-Girl System for just one price. Get it now, before midnight!

Time's almost up.

This is the LAST day you'll ever be able to get:

  • Charisma In A Bottle
  • The Ultimate Bachelor Lifestyle Design
  • The Touch-A-Girl System

... all for the same one price.

DOORS OPEN: Get Charisma NOW

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charisma in a bottle: doors open“Charisma In A Bottle” is out and available to own NOW. Nab your copy while you can still get all the bonuses and freebies free of charge… and be MAGNETIC.

The doors are now OPEN on the rerelease of my course Charisma In A Bottle.

This is THE course you need to turn yourself into an irresistibly magnetic man.

How to Date in a World War

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dating during warAs the world slips toward Armageddon, you’ll need to be prepared to keep meeting women during wartime. Here’s the ultimate guide to do just that.

Today, martial spirit is rising throughout the Western world.

Following Russia's entry into the 8-years-long Ukrainian civil war on the side of the Eastern Ukrainians, jingoistic anti-Russian sentiment has exploded throughout the West. 74% of Americans support a no-fly zone over Ukraine in support of Western Ukraine, which would require NATO to shoot down Russian aircraft over the country, inevitably plunging the United States, Western Europe, and much of the rest of the world into a third world war.

Once the nukes start flying and the supply lines crumble, and the draft begins to conscript soldiers to fill up the undermanned Western militaries, doubtless drawing the entire global north and perhaps much of the south into prolonged, multi-year conflict, privation, and perhaps even nuclear winter, things will change in the modern dating landscape.

Many complicating factors will impact the way you meet women. You will experience too (as always occurs in times of war) dramatic shifts in normal female mating behavior, which may at first confuse you if unexpected.

In today's article, we look at what kind of changes you can expect, and how best to continue bringing new women into your life during a time of global war.

[WATCH] See How Often to Touch Girls

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You want to make sure that when you touch girls, it isn't too often, and it isn't too little.

Much like Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears, you want to touch women just enough.

But how do you calibrate that with a woman you've just met in a new conversation?

In this free video, I give you a simple rule you can follow (and customize) for how often to touch a woman you're in a close conversation or on a date with.

This rule is one you can use to simplify your early interactions, so instead of stressing out over how often and when to touch women, you can focus on other aspects of the early courtship.

Give it a watch here, and avoid the awkwardness that comes from touching too often, or not often enough:

how often to touch a girl videoFollow this rule and avoid waiting too long or doing too much.

(or click here to watch the video)


[WATCH] Selecting the Best "Lifestyle Structure" for You

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Living the kind of lifestyle you want is vital.

It's what determines the people around you, the women around you, and the opportunities you have access to.

Yet if you don't build your lifestyle with the right foundation, it can be draining and punishing to maintain.

What's the solution to this? Build a lifestyle based around the right lifestyle structure for you.

We're one week out from the rerelease of my killer charisma & lifestyle course Charisma in a Bottle.

In it, I train you on being your most charismatic self... I also give you a full suite of tools to build your ULTIMATE bachelor lifestyle.

In this free video in advance of the rerelease, I introduce you to three "lifestyle structures", and why it's so crucial you set your life up around one that best fits you:

lifestyle structures videoDiscover which lifestyle structure suits you best.

You can also click here to watch the video.

You'll want to get this nailed down before you do any additional lifestyle design work, so be sure to give this video a watch now.

See you in there,


[WATCH] Selecting a Charismatic Role Model

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In under two weeks, we reopen the doors for Charisma in a Bottle, my charisma training course.

If you're ready to exude the kind of personal magnetism you see in select Hollywood stars and other compelling figures, you're going to want to pick up a copy of Charisma.

In advance of the rerelease, I've put together a series of videos for you.

The first one, as you might guess, is on charisma.

Specifically, it's on selecting charismatic role models you can learn from -- whether on the screen or in real life.

Give it a watch, because this is one of the most IMPORTANT steps you can take for your own charisma:

charisma video


Or click here to watch the video.

See you over there.


Boost Your Meet-to-Lay Ratio | Chat w/ Alek Rolstad

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What would you give for a sky-high meet-to-lay ratio?

That is, if for every 5-10 women you approached with intent to seduce, at least one of them ended up in your bed?

meet-to-lay ratioRaise your ratio and raise your number of bedmates.

In this podcast interview, I speak with master seducer Alek Rolstad about how to bring your meet-to-lay ratio down and take more girls to bed.

We also discuss Alek's own story, the art of sexual prizing (and many wrinkles thereof), and the three (3) spots Alek's opened up for coaching students and what coaching with him entails.

Here's the interview: