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Phone / Text / Email

Tips and tactics on being successful with women using the mediums of telephone, email, and text-messaging.

Secrets to Getting Girls: Natural Number Swapping

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Ever go for a girl’s number, and have it just feel really awkward and contrived? Any idea why that was?

Imagine you’ve met a girl you liked a lot, and the two of you talked for ten minutes. Things went really well for the first seven or eight minutes, but they started to die down at the end. Finally, she says, “Well, I have to go find my friends.” (often, incidentally, a consequence of not moving fast enough with her)

Text Message Flirting

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Texting can be a super fun way to stay in contact with a girl, and to build up rapport and interest with her prior to a date, or even to a conversation – sometimes your first conversation.

But where do you start? It can be a bit overwhelming, especially for the guys out there who traditionally have stumbled on their words around women or never know exactly what to say. That's why, in this article, I'm providing you a how-to on text messaging girls.

Talking vs. Texting & Related Tips

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Update: check out "Text Message Flirting" for a run down on the basics of text messaging, and "How to Text a Girl" for the most comprehensive how-to out there on text messaging women to build rapport and get them on dates.

Text messaging and talking over the phone are two different means of communication, and each have distinct advantages and drawbacks. Let's take a look here at what those are.