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Top 10 Places to Meet Girls

Oct Sat,2009

Chase Amante reviews the 10 best places to meet new women, ranging from the Internet to social events to on vacation... and even throw in one bonus spot, too.

places to meet girls

How to Get Perfect "10" Girls

Oct Fri,2009

The approach to landing a girl who's a perfect "10" for you on the looks scale isn't really all that different than it is for most girls - but you might have to tweak how you think about her to do it.

perfect ten girl

How to Kiss Her

Aug Sat,2009

There are a lot of details to kissing - like spontaneity and being the first to pull back - you may not realize. Here, get a big helping of many of the "do"s - and a few of the "don't"s, too.

how to kiss her

Dialing Down the Value Volume

Aug Sat,2009

Is it possible that you may be showing TOO much value with women? In fact, it absolutely is - and even worse, it's something nearly every man is guilty of doing.

dial down the volume

Invite Her Home

Jul Wed,2009

One of the easiest, but perhaps most intimidating, mentalities to adopt for newer and even intermediate students of the seductive arts: "Today, I'm going to bring a girl home."

invite her home


Jun Sat,2009

Meeting new women just got easier: introducing pre-opening, the key to opening and meeting new women flawlessly, easily, and well.


Conversational Technique: Tips and Tidbits

May Fri,2009

A list of five conversational foci to keep the spotlight on while in the midst of conversation with a new woman you've recently met.

conversational technique

Closing With Consistency

Feb Mon,2009

What's it take to be a consistent closer with women - a guy who gets women not just to like him, but to bed with him? Two things, at the most basic level: intention, and fearlessness.

close consistently