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Not Getting the Results You Want? Change Something About Yourself

Apr 8, 2019

If you’ve ever been stuck in a rut – and got out of it – you may have noticed your emergence came with a change. Here’s why to embrace change rather than stagnate.

no results? change yourself

How to Develop a Sexy Voice That Captivates Women

Apr 7, 2019

Seduction is like music, where the instrument is your voice. Here’s how to develop a deeper, seductive voice that strikes a sexy chord with the ladies.

how to get your sexy voice

12 Tips to a Great First Kiss

Mar 25, 2019

A great first kiss is what sets a steamy romance into motion. An awkward slurp might put the tension on ice, but a tantalizing lip-lock can lead to so much more.

first kiss

How Physical and Mental Health Impact Your Dating Life

Mar 24, 2019

Do looks matter? Yes! One reason for this is because women know that a healthy man – in body and mind – equates to better sex and a more fulfilling relationship.

health is attractive to women

5 Best Blowjob Positions to Shoot a Ludicrous Load (Video)

Mar 23, 2019

Do you like getting blowjobs? Do you like them to be enjoyable for you and your girl? These 5 skeet-worthy blowjob positions will have you erupting like Vesuvius!

Best Blowjob Positions

Hand Gestures That Make You More Attractive to Girls

Mar 21, 2019

Your hands are always speaking, even from your pockets, so you may as well take them out and put ‘em to good use. Because they can say some pretty great things about you!

hand gestures for talking to women

7 Sexy Hairstyles for Black Men

Mar 18, 2019

A black man’s hair is uniquely suited to exhibit raw sex appeal. These attractive hairstyles are sure to help you take full advantage of that luxurious mane.

hairstyles for black men

Conventional Ideas Beget Conventional Results – How to Go Beyond

Mar 15, 2019

If you do what ‘they’ do, you get what ‘they’ get – but it may not be what you want. If you want more than conventional, you have to get unconventional.

conventional ideas conventional results

How to Be Funny: 15 Secrets the Best Comedians Use

Mar 11, 2019

Want to learn humor that makes you friends and gets you laid? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a crass and thoroughly offensive lowdown on how to be funny.

how to be funny

8 Ways Men Over-Game Women in Pickup

Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp

Mar 6, 2019

Guys who do pickup and seduction often over-game women; she’s ready to smash, but they keep spitting game. Here are some tips to avoid falling into that trap.

Over-Gaming Women in Pickup

7 Misconceptions About Pickup and Seduction

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By: Tony Depp

Feb 27, 2019

The seduction community has its share of critics who portray pickup artists as unnatural and manipulative. Here’s why we don’t see it that way.

Misconceptions About Pickup and Seduction

How Learning to Dance Helps You Attract Women

Feb 21, 2019

If you’re good on the dance floor, girls will assume you’re also good in bed. Don’t know how to dance? No problem. Classes are also a great place to meet sexy girls!

attract women by learning to dance

The Value of Putting Your Thoughts and Goals on Paper

Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp

Feb 20, 2019

If you don’t chronicle your goals and achievements, kick yourself in the ass and start now. Here’s how it will impact your motivation, success, and fulfillment in life.

write down your goals

How to Enjoy Sex As a Beginner (Video)

Feb 16, 2019

New to sex? We all are at some point. This video is for all you boys and girls who want to learn how to break into sex and enjoy it to the fullest.

sex as a beginner

4 Key Steps to Improve Quickly and Not Burn Yourself Out

Feb 3, 2019

What’s worse than setting a big goal just to burn out and quit before reaching it? These 4 planning tips will ensure that you improve quickly and stay motivated.

improve quickly without burning out