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How to Hook Girls In, Pt.3: Building Intrigue

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building intrigue
So far, we’ve tackled effective pre-opener tactics. Now it’s time to build intrigue to set the hook and reel her in.

Welcome back. So, last week we discussed opening, and in particular, pre-opening.

But what do you do once you open? You transition into material that hooks girls in. The things you have to focus on during the initial phase of the interaction are:

The first one is something you should always do throughout and after the interaction. The second aspect is the key here. There are many ways to hook a girl in a stimulating way. For example:

I use teasing sometimes, although I’m not an expert. I tend to fall into the trap of miscalibrating them and coming off as rude, ruining my sets.

Occasionally, some witty comments come out of my mouth, but it usually happens when I feel on fire – or in state, rather – which we label as high micro (social) momentum.

I will not discuss funny lines or teasing here because I will never write about anything that I am not a full-blown expert in. When it comes to “games”, they usually follow different structures. Using games is kind of out of trend these days.

Many guys prefer being more natural, and even for us technical guys, we like to make things “naturalized” rather than stick to canned games. Using canned games is so 2005 anyway! That said, they do work. They usually hook girls in and can stimulate them enough to buy some time.

Sadly, each game follows a different structure. I could write a post where I compile a bunch of games, but I think these will have been posted elsewhere on the web a century ago. Some examples that come to mind are The Cube, Strawberry Field, and question games. One I personally really like is called "Fuck, Marry, or Kill.”

Gunwitch | Basics of Seduction MMA (Podcast)

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Welcome back to another episode of Dating Mechanics!

Today I speak with someone who has been highly recommended to me by several author-seducers I know (including Alek Rolstad here on Girls Chase), as he was one of the pioneers of the entire pickup artist universe two decades ago.

Gunwitch has been in the community and a teacher since the days of MASF, The Game, Mystery, and Neil Strauss. His method, dubbed “Gunwitch Method,” is incredibly powerful, centered around the use of body-states to attract and arouse women. Perhaps you know how powerful a certain vibe can be, but by and large, Gunwitch teaches ways for guys to become exactly what they seek, embodying an emotion within themselves that can be so powerful, women feel it and absorb it.

In this episode, we’re going to cover the basics of Gunwitch’s Seduction MMA – how to use sub-communication with sexual arousal, emotional stimulation, and social frames to make girls work for you and chase after you. This podcast is all about using effective mixed systems efficiently, and using mental toughness and frame dominance to influence a girl’s state of mind.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s actually very powerful stuff. It can give you the ability to make girls chase after you simply because they’re infatuated with and enamored by you. I’d say that’s a pretty cool skill for a man to have!

She Liked Me Before, Why Not Anymore?

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she liked me before
One minute, she’s into you; the next, she’s gone cold. Why does this happen? Well, because if you’re not climbing a ladder, you’re sliding down a chute.

I like video game analogies for explaining social situations, but there is one element to a video game that sadly does not apply to real life.

When it comes to women, there are no save points and no pausing.

Take the Dark Souls games – although you get save points, there is no pausing. If you go into the menu during the game, it continues without you. Enemies can still attack you. Think of life this way.

Or more accurately, you may be old enough to remember the board game Chutes and Ladders, a modern take on the ancient Indian game Snakes and Ladders.

You roll the dice. If the roll brings you to a ladder, you climb up the board. But if you roll onto a snake, you slide back down to the snake’s tail. This can happen even if you’re only steps away from winning the game.

Seduction and relationships are like this. There are ladders, and there are chutes.

Why Women Love Older Men, Parts 1 and 2 (Video)

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Women LOVE older men. Always have, always will. Obviously it’s not NECESSARY for you to be older than her, but it helps. And once you’re in your 30s and 40s, why NOT date women as young as 18?

In these videos, I dive into WHY women love older men and what traits you will need at a certain age to take advantage of this natural attraction.

How to Respond When She Only Sends You an Emoji (Video)

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Have you ever had a girl respond to one of your texts with only an emoji? As with texting, and anything related to women, the context is important. But if she ONLY sends you an emoji, here's a good analysis of how to form a response.

If you do it correctly, you can sometimes get her to follow up and put more effort into the conversation.

Girls Chase Podcast Interviews Ep. 12: Chase Amante

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Part II of Varoon’s and my two-parter on relationships sees us discuss, in a 90+ minute podcast, a huge range of different subjects on running long-term relationships and monogamy.

A selection of topics Varoon and I discuss: