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Secrets to Getting Girls: Fast Baby Steps

May Wed,2019

Some guys slowly circle, other guys charge in. But if you want the most consistent results with girls, you'll do neither such thing…

seduction steps

Should You Use Direct Game or Indirect Game to Get Girls?

May Fri,2019

Some pickup artists swear by direct game. Others prefer indirect game. Some guys mix it up. This article is meant to help you decide what is best for you.

direct vs indirect game

The Problem with Being Authentic when Picking Up Women

May Fri,2019

We all want women to like us for who we are, but when it comes to picking up girls, there are times to be authentic and times to be technical.

authenticity and pickup

How to Get a Girl to Kiss You First (Video)

May Sun,2019

Can you get a girl to kiss you first? Girls normally don’t kiss first, for several reasons. But she will if she ‘wants’ to kiss you and you make it easy for her.

get girls to kiss you first

The Failings of Natural Game – Why Technical Game Is Better

May Fri,2019

Many seduction newbies get sold on “natural game” because it seems so appealing and, well, natural. But its shortcomings vastly outweigh its value for getting girls.

natural game and getting girls

The Inner Game vs. Outer Game Debate

Apr Fri,2019

What’s more important, inner game or outer game? Both serve a purpose, but how and when you focus on each has a big impact on your understanding and success in pickup.

Inner Game versus Outer Game

Tactics Tuesdays: How to Force Frame Someone

Apr Tue,2019

You use force frames to make women (or other people) see things the way you see things. Each force frame consists of two parts: the pitch and the ditch.

force frame

Will That Girl Be Hard to Get? Why You Never Really Know

Apr Fri,2019

Are your biases keeping you from approaching girls based on their looks or personality, when in fact those things rarely determine whether she’s hard to get?

is she hard to get

How Reality Pace Openers Help You Connect to and Intrigue Women

Apr Thu,2019

Showing a girl that you get her and are not just another douche makes her see you as a refreshing and attractive guy. Reality pace openers get this done within seconds.

reality pace openers

Sexual Escalation with Shy Girls vs. Not Shy Girls

Apr Thu,2019

Shy or not, the secret to getting a girl in bed is to move fast. But is the process of escalating to sex different with shy girls? Yes, and here’s how to do it.

sexual escalation shy girls

Hit-and-Run Tactics for Picking Up Girls in Groups

Apr Fri,2019

Picking up girls in groups can be tedious (male competition, bitchy friends). These hit-and-run tactics soften up defenses and set you up for when you re-engage.

hit-and-run pickup for girls in groups

4 Easy, Proven Ways to Start Talking to Women (or People)

Apr Tue,2019

Sometimes when you go out to meet girls, you're lazy. Or you're rusty. Or it's hard to get going. Use these 4 tactics to start talking to women with ease.

start talking to women

A New Take on Mystery’s Group Theory for Meeting Girls in Groups

Mar Fri,2019

Group Theory came to the seduction world via the Mystery Method. Here I challenge some of its underlying mechanisms and give my own take on picking up girls in groups.

new take on mystery's group theory

Sniper Game: How to Screen for Accessible Women in Bars and Clubs

Mar Fri,2019

Is that girl open for an approach? Here’s how to scope out the most accessible girls in a venue – or make the one you’re after more accessible!

sniper game screen for accessible women

The 30-Second Rule and Other Night Game Strategies

Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp

Mar Wed,2019

Guys often get approach anxiety because they don’t have a strategy: something to start and drive the interaction. So here are some proven night-game strategies for ya!

night game strategies