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Level Up Your Game, Pt 2: Conversations with Girls

Aug Thu,2019

Let’s discuss how you can use conversation to establish acceptable social frames, create high points and compliance, and lead innocent chit-chat toward sexual topics.

conversations with girls

Tactics Tuesdays: The 3-Minute Rule

Aug Tue,2019

Use the 3-minute rule before you approach a girl. If someone will disrupt you or pull her away in the first 3 minutes of conversation, don't approach her (yet).

3-minute rule

Tactics Tuesdays: How to Future Project

Aug Tue,2019

If you can future project, you can lead a woman to imagine you as a part of her future. This is no mythical trick -- it only takes words to do.

future projection

How to Pick Up Girls at the Mall

Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp

Aug Mon,2019

Despite the stories about creeps harassing girls at malls, these female-rich locales are among the best places to meet women. Here’s how to do it right.

pick up girls at the mall

Tactics Tuesdays: Leave Her Alone 2 Minutes

Jul Tue,2019

If you run into resistance with a girl, instead of plow through, step away a moment... to let her fix her resistance herself.

leave her, come back

3 Potent Frame Control Tips to Supercharge Your Game

Jul Mon,2019

The ability to set frames and get women to qualify to them is a powerful seduction tool. Here are 3 frame control techniques to accomplish just that.

seduction frame control

Secrets to Getting Girls: Unlocking Levels with a Woman

Jul Tue,2019

Every step of the way in dating and seduction, women have 'levels' you can unlock. And once you've unlocked a level, it stays unlocked.

unlocking levels with a woman

Tactics Tuesdays: Watch for the Doggy Dinner Bowl Look in Women

Jul Tue,2019

Women wear a specific facial expression when they want sex now. Keep your eyes peeled for it to get some easy wins.

doggy dinner bowl look

Level Up Your Game, Pt 1: Awareness and Being Present

Jul Thu,2019

Being present and aware during a seduction helps you pick up on a girl’s state and guide things toward intimacy, all while avoiding wildcards and cockblocks.

awareness and being present in seduction

How to Get Laid by Creating “Backup” Logistics

Jun Fri,2019

Are you good at snagging girls' numbers at bars and clubs but can’t turn them into anything? Here’s the perfect technique to turn those numbers into sex – tonight!

get laid with backup logistics

Tactics Tuesdays: The 'Too Distracted' Opener

Jun Tue,2019

A simple, fun, direct opener to use on girls who are stationary and alone. "I'm too distracted by you" puts the blame on HER for being too cute.

distracted opener

2 Strategies for Making a Move on a Girl

Jun Fri,2019

You should never wait for a girl to make a move toward sex. That’s your job. These two move-making strategies will help you get the job done in most situations.

get laid make a move

Tactics Tuesdays: Zero Small Talk Flirtation

Jun Tue,2019

Don't get stuck in boring go-nowhere conversations with girls. Ditch the small talk, and flirt with 'small talk zero' instead.

zero small talk

Why You Can Get Hotter Women with Same-Day Lays

Jun Fri,2019

Your best chance to have sex with a girl is on the day you first meet. Going for same-day lays will net you a better meet-to-lay ratio and even get you hotter girls.

same-day lays

The Worst Battlegrounds for Getting Good with Women

May Fri,2019

Some dating methods are terrible for guys learning to attract the women they desire. If you’re learning game, do NOT focus on these battlegrounds.

getting good with women