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The Girls Chase Guide to Getting & Staying Slim

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getting slim
If you want to slim down for good, lose the fad diet. Don't even exercise (not for this anyway). Instead, do this: cut your portions, and cut bad foods.

We were talking over on the forum about how people in general have gotten a lot fatter. In fact it is to the point that people often do not notice it. And you are not generally allowed to talk about it in polite company.

Some years ago, we had a great article on men's weight loss here from Eric Reeves. The tips in this article are different from the tips in that one. So for good measure I suggest you read that one too; then just pick the strategy that appeals to you most.

When I went to university, I put on a lot of weight. I was reed-thin when I started school at 19. I was so skinny then one of the grizzled old roughnecks in the auto shop I worked at used to mock my walk, hounding me about "Why do you walk like that, man? Like you're some big guy?" I was just thin.

I began to lift weights hard in college to bulk up. I consumed a lot of protein powder (which I don't recommend anymore), but otherwise ate almost straight junk food. Pizza, French fries, potato chips, cookies, soda, and a couple bottles of cheap Nikolai vodka every month rounded out my diet. I was at McDonald's, Burger King, or Wendy's almost every day of the week.

I did put on a bunch of muscle, but I also added a big, sloppy gut, and got fat in the face. As this happened to me, I did not really realize it, and nobody told me. It wasn't until I started to spend time around friends and girlfriends from the third world, mostly after I graduated college, that I found out I was overweight. They told me right to my face: they told me I was fat and pointed out my big gut ("Look at that belly!"). I'd spent much more time around Americans but none of them had ever said a thing to me about it.

It still took me almost a year once I realized I was fat to actually start to lose weight. I'd tried to before I succeeded, but none of the stuff I tried before I succeeded worked.

This post will give you everything you need to slim down to healthy weight and stay that way.

It gives you the stuff that I found that works (simple stuff), and leaves out all the complicated stuff people try and fail and multi-billion dollar industries exist to serve.

Mandatory disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not professional medical advice. Before you do anything that affects your health you should go and talk to your doctor first. Just be sensible.

Scrawny to Brawny: The Ultimate Guide to Bulking Up for Hard Gainers

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scrawny to brawny
If it’s hard for you to build muscle, this is the guide you want. The hard gainer’s approach to going from scrawny to brawny, pretty darn fast.

I remember being in high school – oh, what an awkward time. I had just gone through puberty, my voice was beginning to get deeper, and I had a newfound infatuation with women. I was a pretty attractive kid, and quite a few girls were interested in me, but there was just one problem – I was what’s known as a hard gainer.

Hard gainers are typically guys with a very fast metabolism who, no matter how much they eat, just cannot seem to put on any muscle. You go to the gym, spend HOURS working out, eat as much as you can stomach, and follow all the bodybuilding advice you get from the “experts.” And what do you have to show for it? Some scrawny arms, tiny shoulders, and a flabby little gut.

I’m sure that a lot of guys can relate to this. You see the jacked dudes walking around at your local college campus, nightclubs, etc., and you wonder how in the hell they do it. “How does someone get 22-inch biceps without steroids?”

We know that being strong and in shape is an important factor when it comes to your fundamentals and generating physical attraction, but being able to sport BIG muscles is even better.

Like many reading this, I didn’t have BIG muscles. I weighed a whopping 125 pounds soaking wet when I was 18 years old, and eventually I decided I’d had enough. Fast forward five years, and I’m a bulging behemoth coming in at 185 pounds and 6% body fat. So, whether you want to shred off those pounds of fat, put on some real muscle mass, or even just look a little bit better, it’s all possible if you’re willing to put in the work.

And for hard gainers like you and me, getting big muscles takes focused effort, which is why I’ve put this article together. I’m going to give you the vital information and advice you need to level the playing field on your way to real brawn.

Improve Every Aspect of Your Game Through Testosterone Optimization

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Note from Chase: this is a guest post from Ben Harrison of Eat, Sleep, Grow, Repeat. Ben's article is on how to optimize your testosterone levels and shoot your results with women through the roof. Here's Ben...

Your outer-game is incredible? Your fashion sense is dialed in and your openers are eloquent creations of mastery? Everywhere you walk you leave a wake of construction; the construction of a social lifestyle that attracts a consistent stream of attractive women into your life.

How about your inner-reality, or what you may be familiar with as inner-game? You're internal reality is perhaps a veritable landscape of quality and vision seen only here before via the works of Lorenzo Gian Bernini, or perhaps you see it as more of a fantastical baroque mosaic creation à la Genoese Giovanni Battista Gaulli. You consider your inner game to be on point.


On the other hand, perhaps you are newly immersing yourself into a social lifestyle. The technicalities and models of inner and outer game are perchance yet ambiguous terrain for you.

Whichever camp you reside in, there is something even more innate and internal which will optimize every aspect of your game; a mechanism within our very cells which may greatly enhance confidence, banish approach anxiety, and also fear of ambiguous escalation windows; a chemical balance of body and mind that provides the burning desire to persist and succeed in ones outcomes when dealing with the gauntlet of challenges that social interactions provide. Above all else, it should be recognized that it is possible to greatly proliferate your motivation to take action and your intrinsic desire to succeed in all areas of life.

How to Build a Male Body That Drives Women Crazy

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Note from Chase: Ross is one of the members of the new Girls Chase forums. He's one of the posters who emerged early on as a guy with clearly a good handle on dating and seduction, meting out solid advice to posters in need. He expressed interest in writing a piece for the site on weight-lifting and building a better body, and since this is something guys have been asking about on here for some time, I told him I'd be thrilled to have him write something up. So here it is, Ross's first article on Girls Chase, on building a sexy male body that'll drive girls up the wall.

We’ve all seen those guys that are huge, muscular, and sexy. Women comment on their bodies and appear to be turned on from the get-go. Wouldn’t it be nice to have those same exact women looking at your body and being primed for sex from the beginning of your interactions with them?

male body

Luckily enough, getting muscle isn’t as hard as you think it is. Even for guys like Wes, who commented a few weeks ago:

I've been a skinny guy all my life because I have a fast metabolism...gaining weight and muscle is difficult for me.

I too was in this mindset some time back. I blamed genetics, my life, everything, just about, on me being thin. People would jokingly ask me if I ever ate, and would tell me that I needed to eat a jar of lard to finally put some weight on my frame. I was 6’3” and 147 pounds for two years after my final growth spurt in high school, and no, that wasn’t due to an eating disorder. I would lift weights, chug down protein shakes, and gorge myself with food and water whenever I stepped on the scale and didn’t gain weight.

However, no matter how strong my will was, I just wasn’t being smart about it, and eventually went on to pursue other goals, as this one obviously wasn’t panning out.

It wasn’t until a change in lifestyle, that, to my amazement, I started to actually gain weight. I thought it was crazy, but all I really needed was being able to eat as much food as I wanted at a buffet.

There are two problems that people run into when they are trying to build muscle. Either they aren’t working out their muscles hard enough, or they aren’t getting the proper nutrition that will allow for muscle growth. I’m going to teach you guys how to overcome both of these problems, and it is my hope and aim that you won’t have to go through what I had to endure before achieving the kinds of results and the kind of male body you’ve always wanted.

Weight Loss for Men: 23 Tips to Blow Your Mind

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weight loss for menNote from Chase: this is our second article from Eric, who wrote last week's fantastic piece "Making Your Seductions EFFICIENT;" his article  this time around is on weight loss. I've shed some pounds myself, mainly by tracking every last calorie I ate and cutting caloric intakes and portion sizes, but Eric's got far more info on this subject than I've ever come across in one place, and he's pared himself down from a pretty substantial body weight, too. Second article straight Eric's mustered up some roundly impressive stuff. Without further ado, here he is.

As I’m laying here writing this article I’m really feeling one main thing: elation. I really love my life right now. The french use a phrase to describe this ethereal feeling; they call it joie de vivre (zhwä duh veev-ruh), and there’s really only a few things that make me feel this way:

  • Women,
  • Self-growth,
  • Diet, and
  • Exercise.

I didn’t used to be this way... in fact I used to be quite overweight. And I don’t mean just a little extra here or there, I genuinely was fat. My body mass index (BMI) was close to obese (28.5) and I hadn’t exercised in 2-3 years.

I just sat on my butt every day and played video games, eating potato chips and drinking sprite all day long.

What little social life I had was gone, or took place over the Internet. My life went to shit, and while I wasn’t necessarily depressed... I certainly wasn’t happy.

So one day, I decided to change.

Today’s article is all about weight loss for men, and how you can shave all the extra pounds you’re carrying around off (not just a few of them), whether it’s a lot (like me before) or even just a little too much around your waistline.

Because today, I want to tell you how I went from almost-obese to mean, lean, and trim instead, and why today I get women telling me how great my body is.