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The Law of Attraction Isn't Magic. It's Psychology

attraction magic
The Law of Attraction isn’t some magical force, but it sure feels that way when you take the real, pragmatic steps necessary to build positive momentum.

In 2006, a book and movie about the Law of Attraction, The Secret, went super meme.

Suddenly, all my friends, coworkers, and family were like, “Just think positive! Have you seen The Secret?”

Now in 2019, it seems like everyone is a certified life coach. Or they at least watch Joe Rogan. But in 2006, the idea that “energy” could be manipulated by pure intention was still foreign, at least outside Yogis, Buddhists, and stoners.

Even I was seduced at first that “positive thought” could, through pure intent and without action, manifest your wildest dreams. At the time, spurred by my recent discovery of seduction material, it keyed up with my interest in self-development, which had a similar philosophy of “always positive, never negative.”

But could I just “think positive” and attract the most beautiful women into my life? Like magic? Could I just write a best-selling novel on my first try?

Not exactly.

The basic premise of The Secret is that there’s a universal energy called “The Law of Attraction,” and if you harness its power, you can create the reality you desire. The documentary had plenty of expert interviews with new-age pseudo-scientists, philosophers, and even Buddhist monks, who, with the power of love chants, could allegedly change the molecular structure of snowflakes. On the other spectrum, they claimed that negative words made the snowflakes wither and melt.

After watching The Secret, one couldn’t help but feel like their whole life had been lived in a deep, dark well of negativity, and if they only believed, then all their prayers would be answered. You didn’t need to actually “do” anything but “believe.” It’s your negativity and limiting beliefs that manifest your problems. So, if you just stop focusing on your problems, you won’t create them. Just focus on positive thoughts, and you’d create only positive outcomes.

That’s where the philosophy lost me. It just sounded an awful lot like prayer for agnostics, a religion for people without religion. Instead of praying to Jesus, you pray to the Law of Attraction. “Oh, The Secret, please fill my bank account with money and help me get laid!”

The Secret was a massive success, and a long-forgotten Buddhist philosophy was re-introduced to the Western world: a world without religion, desperate for some sort of spiritual guidance. And thousands of motivational Facebook memes later, its influence can still be felt.

Picking Up Girls: The 5 Types of Pickup

types of pickup
Pickup is the art of meeting women and taking them to bed, and practically anyone can do it. To get started, here’s an introduction to the five types of pickup.

There are only five types of pickup:

  1. Direct
  2. Indirect
  3. Day game
  4. Night game
  5. Online

I know nerds love going super-meta with their game theory. I understand. It’s an amazing art form that’s incredibly simple, yet infinitely deep and rewarding.

Take a look at martial arts, for example. What’s a fight, other than using your body to kick, punch, and damage an opponent? Yet the martial arts, as combat sports — or acts of creative expression — can be broken down into limitless meta concepts, as seen in the countless schools, from Muay Thai, Boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling to Sumo. In the end, it’s all punching, kicking, and wrestling.

In its simplest form, pickup is about using your charisma to charm a woman into bed.

9 Ways to Make One Night Stand Sex Good

one night stand sex
One night stands happen either because that’s what you wanted or because the sex was awful. These tips eliminate the “bad sex” issues and make her want to see you again.

When women tell me about their sex lives, I repeatedly hear that one night stand sex usually sucks. Perhaps it’s rushed, sloppy, unimaginative, uncaring, or just not good for her. And that’s why it doesn't progress beyond a one night stand.

Who wants to have even more sex with someone you had a terrible experience with?

Personally, I don’t like one night stand sex. I want 10 or 50 one night stands. If I find this girl attractive, I want to call her up for a repeat performance any time I wish. The only time I want one night stand sex is if she’s annoying, not that attractive, or I’m passing through her city and have one night only.

The truth is, one night stands for men are hard to come by. That’s why there are books, YouTube channels, and entire digital courses dedicated to teaching men how to pull chicks. It’s never easy.

So on that note, let this be a guide on how to evolve your one night stands into a situation where you have the power of choice.

How to Pick Up Women on the Street

street pickup
For efficient street pickup, it’s hard to beat areas near busy nightlife venues. While guys strike out inside, you’re snatching up girls as they stray from the herd.

Street pickup is one of the most useful skills a man can develop. Just imagine the glory when you hop on a plane, land in a foreign city, and within hours you’re sleeping with a new, attractive woman you met right off the street.

That’s the dream, anyway. The reality is that street pickup, like all game, relies on skill + action + luck. It’s rarely easy, but the reward is great.

Not all guys are free to roam malls doing day game. They may enjoy bars and clubs but not enough to spend all night in them. For these guys, I recommend street pickup.

When I say “street” pickup, I don’t mean day game but rather situations at night, where you can pick up women during bar or club hours, without spending too much time inside said venues.

No Tinder, no escorts, no massive bar tabs. Just a bit of focus, work ethic, and confidence. Combine those factors with good logistics (sufficient time and a place to bring the girl for sex), and you’re set up for street pickup.

It’s possible. I’ve done it many times. Here's how it's done.

What Does It Mean to Be "Passionate"?

What are you passionate about? Do you even know? Let’s explore what fuels passion and how to discover what drives and fulfills you in work, life, and love.

What does it mean to be passionate? And why is it important to have passion?

One of the biggest problems I see in 99% of guys I work with is not knowing what to say to women. When I ask them what they’re passionate about, they shrug their shoulders. They have no clue. It’s a question they’ve never been asked or really thought about. No wonder their conversations with women are as interesting as talking to a toaster.

Most of us are so addicted to consuming massive quantities of data from our smartphones that our brains become stuffed with garbage, most of which we can’t remember a few hours later.

It’s through sharing that we realize our passions, but we don’t share our thoughts in human, face-to-face interactions as much as we did before social media.

There’s a reason I make my coaching clients take notes, write field reports, and discuss their approaches with me and on forums. When you discuss things with other minds, you sort out the information and cement the lessons learned. When you get excited to share something with other people, that’s when you know you’re truly passionate about it.

So why is it important to feel passion, and to be passionate?

  • It makes life worth living

  • It’s a contagious and inspiring emotion that lifts people’s spirits and brings others closer to you

  • It’s a strong motivator for creating, exploring, and improving

  • It’s sexy

Mental Masturbation: A Pleasurable Yet Unproductive Activity

mental masturbation

Mental masturbation, the act of wasting valuable brainpower on pointless thoughts, is a game killer.

I had a coaching client recently who asked if I could answer a few questions. I said sure, expecting the usual “How do you know what to say to girls?” or “How do I get over my approach anxiety?” Instead, he sent me a list of 20 incredibly complex queries, including doozies like the following.

(Note, if the author is reading, I love you, bro: this is for your benefit.)

Here’s #2 from his list:

“What have you found in terms of the structure you would talk to a girl in terms of: Questions, Statements, Cold-reads, Roleplaying, Teasing, Paraphrasing, Facial/Body/Hand Expressions and Gestures, Flirting, Pretending, Imagine, Advice, Helping, Acting, Deep diving, Humor, Sexuality, Storytelling, Relating, Apologizing, Compliments, Kino, Reinstating for understanding, Leading, Protection, Boredom, and Silence? How do emotions also play a role in the structure, are there things to look out for and a general rule for how to get back on the rails without looking desperate, needy, or fake, rather than someone she desires?”

Translation: “How do I speak confidently to women, without running out of things to say?”

Answer: Study, practice, study, practice.

Here’s another:

“How do you manage crossovers, so when two people want or believe something different about each other, but only one believes, or situations that can work at a time due to conflicting matters? Or it is impossible? How can it be steered in your direction rather than being a pushover? How dominant is the optimum, and where is the balance if there needs to be because her attraction starts dropping due to conflicting beliefs? For example, a real situation I have had, you are talking to a girl, and she believes that listening to music is not inspiring when you believe it is, and you have already stated that, but she will not change her mind on the topic regardless?”

Translation: “When should I agree or disagree with women?”

Answer: Studies have shown when someone initially disagrees and then switches their opinion, that person becomes less attractive. In general, you don’t want to be a pushover, a limp noodle who changes opinions based on the likelihood of getting laid. Women are especially good at detecting BS. It’s usually better to either tell the truth about your feelings and beliefs or say “No comment.”

5 Quick Pickup Tips When You Need a Woman NOW

need a woman now
Do you need a woman now but don’t want to pay for sex? These tips may not be pretty, but following them will result in getting your dick greased in record time.

Sometimes you just need a woman now. Not tomorrow, not next week. Right now.

Maybe you’re a volcano of sexual energy, a libidinous man-beast, and you need some sweet relief that only a fine woman can provide. You’re tired of whacking it, and you’re not willing to pay a professional. I’ll also assume you’re not a pro Tinder user, a DJ, bartender, or local rock star.

What options do you have aside from a hooker? Is it even possible to get a woman right NOW?

I warn you, this won’t be a politically correct article. The tips I’m going to share are for when you’ve had enough, and you’ve decided now is the time you’re going to go out and get laid. No more excuses, no more BS. This is the time for action.

4 Common Sticking Points in Learning Any Skill

sticking point
When we’re stuck short of realizing our desires, it’s often hard to figure out why we aren’t moving, especially when our sticking points come from within.

When you are trying to learn an epic new skill like seduction, you’re inevitably going to experience sticking points.

A sticking point is a spot in your journey you can't past unless something changes. It’s like heavy mud on your boots, keeping you from moving forward.

But it can still be confusing as to what a sticking point entails. For example, if you’re from Pakistan and you want to live in London, but you can’t get past the bureaucracy to obtain a travel visa, this isn’t a sticking point. If, however, you obtained a visa but have a deep fear of flying keeping you from traveling, this is a sticking point.

If you want to meet a girl you like, but she won’t reply to your texts, this isn’t a sticking point. If you have her contact info, but you don’t know what to text her, this is. You can always improve your skill with texting, but you can’t force a girl to reply.

So, how does one identify and get past sticking points? How does one come to find themself on the other side of personal obstacles and achieve their goals?

17 Places to Go on a First Date That Make Dating Easy

where to go on a first date
Your best chance to make things happen is on the first date. So, where you go on a first date needs to be simple and provide opportunities for intimacy and sex.

If you’re wondering where to go on a first date, you’ll be happy to discover that you don’t have to go all nuts about it.

At Girls Chase, we are in the business of getting laid, and fast. But this strategy doesn’t diminish the prospects of getting a girlfriend if that’s what you want. The date ideas in this article suit whatever your goals are with a girl.

So, what do the dating pros do? Dinner and Netflix? Horseback riding in Hungary? Spearfishing in Playa Del Carmen?

First, let’s set the stage for a first date. Why are you going on a date in the first place? What’s your objective? Are you looking to get laid, or just get to know a girl and maybe make her your girlfriend?

Either way, you should always be aiming for sex as fast as possible. It is scientifically proven to be in both your interests to cement your relationship with a bang before she can talk herself out of it. I can count on one hand how many women were upset that I aimed for sex too quickly. But I lament over the scads of women I lost because I went too slowly.

If she rejects your sexual escalation, at least she respects you for trying. You’re not another friend zone guy; you’re a sexual threat (a good kind of threat). She knows that if she spends time with you, sex will happen. Unless you want to be her buddy or texting pal, it’s important she understands this.

Of course, not all women are going to sleep with you on the first date. But plenty will.

When I say you should escalate to sex on the first date, I don’t mean you should be needy, beg, or whine. It could be as simple as asking her to “come inside” for whatever reason, to look at pictures, or have a drink. Or asking to see her apartment “quickly.”

I once banged a girl I’d met 15 minutes earlier by asking to see her paintings. She was an artist, so of course she wanted to show off her work. There’s always a reason to come inside her or your place (other than needing a toilet). Women understand that to be alone with a man in a flat means sex is more than likely. So let that be your first date mission.

After that, you can take things wherever you want, from making her a one-night stand or a friend with benefits to making her your girlfriend or wife.

Bottom line: all those outcomes start with sex, and these date ideas maximize your odds for getting the girl to be whatever you're looking for.

Sniper Game vs. Shotgun Game: Which Is Better for Getting Laid?

shotgun game vs sniper game
For finding girls to have sex with you, there are two core strategies: shotgun game and sniper game. Which you should use depends on a few key factors.

I’ve been playing this classic war game called “Combat Mission” (awesome), and it’s got me thinking about the correlation between combat and seduction. Yeah, because I’m a nerd.

Imagine this scenario: you walk into a bar and spot a beautiful girl sitting at a table. To her left are two other girls, and on her right are two guys. Do you go sniper and approach her first, or go shotgun and open the entire group?

If you hang out on pickup forums or read the comment threads in articles, you’ll eventually run across this debate: What’s better? Sniper or shotgun game?

A sniper is someone who picks his target with the skill of a honed marksman, expertly approaches, hooks, and seduces his target. A shotgun sprays a wide net over a large area, inflicting as much seduction as possible.

There’s another interpretation, in that a sniper screens for the right girl and focuses on her, while the shotgun guy sprays the whole room with himself in hopes something will stick.

Neither method is superior. If you want to be great at pickup, then you, of course, want to master both.

Back to our hypothetical scenario. A girl is in a bar, surrounded by friends.

Personally, I wouldn’t go direct in a situation like this. It puts too much pressure on her; and to save face, she’ll likely go into auto-rejection. She may not, but chances are high she will be embarrassed being put on the spot with a line like “I thought you were cute, I had to meet you.” Save these direct openers for day game. The key to opening is to be different than every other guy, and direct openers are what every other guy is doing in that situation.

You could go indirect with a question, observation, or a cold-read (is it your birthday?), but the pressure will still be on her. So the easiest method would be an indirect open on someone in the group, and once you’ve charmed them, ask for an introduction to your target. Then you can switch your attention to her. That is essentially the Mystery Method.

I’d use a situational group opener (shotgun) if she’s sitting at a table. If she were standing up and alone, I’d go sniper, straight for the girl, with an indirect, situational opener. I could go direct, “You’re the hottest girl here tonight,” but again, it’s predictable.