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12 Simple Tips That'll Help You Sleep with Girls

sleep with girlsIn the vein of my last post - 15 lessons on getting girls - this post is focused on short, simple tips you can learn from and implement right away to make you better able to sleep with girls you like.

If you've been at actively meeting new women for a while, you're probably already familiar with or doing some of these... but even if so, I'm guessing there're a few new tidbits in here for you that you haven't heard elsewhere before.

And if you're new to meeting, approaching, and seducing new women, then this post is going to be great for getting you out of the starting gate... with a bang.

Without further ado...

15 Lessons from 10 Years of Getting Girls

getting girlsChase and I were talking the other day, and both of us realized that while I've been posting on this website all year.. we never actually did an introduction into who *I* am.

So, pleasure to meet you - I'm Ricardus. I've been in the seduction community for 10 years, since 2002. Like Chase, I arrived at a lot of the core fundamentals of what makes attraction work the way it works, and seduction work the way it works, simply by doing so many approaches and meeting so many different kinds of women and putting myself into so many different situations - everything from high end social circle game in nightclubs to direct-approach street game by day - that eventually I more or less HAD to figure things out... you see enough patterns again and again, and you start realizing what those patterns are, and how to use them.

When Chase asked me if I'd like to start writing for Girls Chase, I wasn't sure how people would react - while we've had a lot of the same experiences and we've arrived at a lot of the same conclusions, my writing style's different from his, and I know he's already got a lot of very loyal followers on here. But, I said, you know what, let's give it a shot, and hopefully I can contribute something worthwhile to the site.

Anyway, I know there's been some controversy on here lately, but I really am focused on bringing you only stuff that I've tested out myself EXTENSIVELY and have personally seen work - and work well - and that I've given to students and mentees and had them execute too. That's a commitment I've long made to myself and everyone I talk about this to or instruct in anyway, and it's a commitment I share very deeply with Chase.

So, while I know my tone's different from his, I do want to help guys out on this website every bit as much as he does, and I think (I hope) I have a lot to offer.

This post's about 15 of the lessons I've learned in 10 years of getting girls. They've been game changers for me - and I hope you find them useful.

What If She Doesn't Have Time? (and Other Contingencies)

what if she doesn't have timeOne of the best ways to get good at anything is to simply practice it… A LOT (see: How to Seduce Women Like the All-Time Greats). This works *particularly* well when it comes to meeting, dating and seducing beautiful women.


Because there are really only so many things that can happen on a date, and there are only so many things a girl could say in any given situation… and after you’ve dated a couple of hundred women, you’ve seen them all before.

And then you can predict what’s going to happen… and you already know the best response, if she says yes, if she says no, or no matter what she says or does, because you’ve been in that situation a million times before.

You already know what worked in the past… and what didn’t.

You’ll become more refined, more experienced… dare I say, more rehearsed?

And I don’t mean more rehearsed in a bad way… I’m not talking about reciting memorized lines (even though, contrary to popular myth, those really do work – if they’re really good! The cheesy lines you’ll find if you do a quick Google search or if you pick up a men’s magazine won’t do the trick).

I mean rehearsed more in the sense of a Kung Fu master, who has been in so many fights that he has seen any move an opponent could make over and over again… and he has a block up his sleeve to defend against each one of them.

Not that dating is at all adversarial… I can absolutely guarantee you that your results will double overnight if you can really start looking at girls as teammates who want the same thing you do.

But she *will* throw you curve balls, if only to test whether you have this attitude, to see whether you have the psychological strength she looks for in a man, and whether you are a high value man with many options.

The Legend of California Pimp, Part II

california pimpNote from Chase: this is Part II of Ricardus' breakdown of the method of a man known as the California Pimp. This first post was launched a day earlier to both controversy and praise; in this second one, Ricardus details how he himself took the lessons he learned from California Pimp and used them to turbo charge his (then already very good) seduction skill set.

You can read the first part here: The Legend of California Pimp, Part I.

Some more nuggets from the California Pimp treasure chest:

  • He runs what I call the “Blame Frame” – meaning that he sets a frame that blames whatever is happening on HER. She’s the one who’s seducing him; she’s the one who’s having this irresistible sexual effect on him.

    He does that by saying things like "look what you're doing to me", with a voice tone like he’s incredibly turned on, or "you are making me a little nervous", "I can't handle this, go easy with me".

    This takes away from her nervousness and builds comfort… and it also force frames her as seductress.

  • He sometimes criticizes her, in order to take some of her inherent female power away, which often gets the girls to overcompensate by acting more sexual. Then he rewards her for that with a compliment and immediately holds out an even bigger hoop… thus gradually stair stepping it up from “put down your purse” to “suck my cock”.
  • He creates attraction largely based on body language, dominance and sexuality.
  • He qualifies women based entirely on their looks and their compliance... never based on their personality or anything asexual.
  • He builds comfort based entirely on his voice tone and his reassuring comments.
  • He seduces women based entirely on dominant touch and dirty talk.
  • He gives girls the option to leave, but sandwiches it in between two commands to move things forward… instead of push-pull, he does pull-push-pull.

There are also a couple of things you can’t get out of his videos… one is his body language, obviously. You *can* tell though the he is dressed to the fucking nines… which is a huge lesson.


Damn, a friend of mine told me last week that capitalism is all about ripping people off and selling them the false hope that if only they buy the right pair of jeans they will get laid.

Well, that hope is not so false after all.

The Legend of California Pimp, Part I

california pimpNote from Chase: as noted by a commenter below, some of the content of this post was originally posted on a private discussion forum and reposted by one of the members there on a public one. The poster of the original message and the author of this are the same writer - known to you here as Ricardus, and there as Karea. Onwards...

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the California Pimp before… but if you haven’t, you’re in for a life-changing read today.

I almost hesitate to write this, because there is so much hype on the web these days… but there is simply no other way to put it.

And if you HAVE heard of him before, this post will help you to emulate what he’s doing.

Emulate what now?

Glad you asked.

Sleeping with girls within MINUTES of meeting them, for example.

In fact, the “CP” as his fans have come to call him, does this on the regular.

That’s right… it is VERY RARE that it takes him more than fifteen to twenty minutes to seduce a girl… meet to mate in minutes.

And he has done this HUNDREDS of times.

He has also video-taped every single one of these interactions, and uploaded them ALL on the web, for you to watch and learn (keep your hands where I can see them now!)

Hard to believe?

Stay with me here!

You will NEVER see the world the same way. This one… is a true matrix-buster-paradigm-shifter-reality-crusher.

He has 440 seductions caught on video tape on his website… and it was literally one of the biggest breakthroughs in my own game, as well as the game of my fellow instructors and our students… our results changed literally overnight.

Yes… I know how that sounds… but just remember that I have nothing to sell to you here, and suspend your disbelief for just a few minutes.

Check it out and then judge for yourself.

Relationship Control and Female Domination

relationship controlHave you ever noticed that in almost every relationship… sooner or later, but often right from the start or at least very early… one of the two partners is more emotionally involved than the other? And that it's invariably the other of the two who retains the most relationship control?

That one often seems to be more invested, more in love, more interested… that there always seems to be a certain lack of balance?

This phenomenon is what psychologists call a “Passion Trap”, and it has been explained in great detail in Dean C. Delis’s excellent book about the topic, The Passion Trap: Where is Your Relationship Going?, which I think everybody should read in high school… it is THAT important to understanding relationships.

But in the meantime, let me give you a primer… and some insights we “professional seducers” have come to, that psychologists haven’t even written about yet.

Making Girls Laugh Means NOTHING

make a girl laughMany guys think that all women want a man who knows how to make a girl laugh… and that is not entirely false.

However, the importance of cracking jokes and making girls laugh when picking up on them is FAR overstated… and in fact, trying to do this can actually HURT you and make you LESS sexually attractive to women.

How can this be, though? So many women will tell you that a sense of humor is one of the most attractive traits a man can possess! On the surface, it doesn’t seem to make sense at ALL.

As so often is the case, however, the truth about what’s REALLY going on in the human mating game is not obvious; it’s counter-intuitive and hidden deep beneath the surface.

The good news: this means that you can drop most of what you used to do in an attempt to be funny on the approach. You can let it all go overnight and never worry about it again, once you understand the following truth:

Getting strong emotional reactions out of girls on the approach, making them all giggly and going out of your way to make a girl laugh, means nothing at all.

I’m sure you’re probably scratching your head right about now…

Stay with me, and let’s shed some light on this topic.

Game Openers That'll Get You Girls

game openersIf you're keeping up on the latest in game openers, you're probably familiar with the now-canon advice to pay women a compliment when you approach them during the daytime… and, that actually works pretty well, sometimes.

I’ve met and hooked up with a lot of beautiful girls that way … a sincere compliment during the daytime is often unexpected, and women admire the courage it takes to pull it off.

Especially on a dead cold approach of a girl you’ve never met before – she will often be jealous. She might WISH she had that kind of courage, to be open enough to just meet strangers like that.

That said, there are a few serious disadvantages to this approach, which is why I’ve stopped doing it almost altogether.

How to Pick Up Girls: The Success Factor, Part V

how to pick up girlsNote from Chase: this is the final post in our 5-part series on How to Pick Up Girls: The Success Factor. Check out Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV before reading this post, if you haven't already. In this last post in the series, Ricardus discusses how to take everything you've learned in the last four installments... and apply it to cleaning up in seduction.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By now, you’re starting to get a pretty clear idea of how we can control our own emotions… completely internally, without having to rely on alcohol, “warm-up sets” or having company around.

Two questions remain: What kinds of states should you put yourself into… and how can you transfer these states to other people?

The truth is there are several different states that can work well to meet and attract women… different things work for different people. What’s always going to work best to attract feminine women, however, is the masculine vibe of a sexual man.

How to Pick Up Girls: The Success Factor, Part IV

how to pick up girlsNote from Chase: this is Part IV in our series on How to Pick Up Girls: The Success Factor. Be sure to read Part I, Part II, and Part III first before reading this post, if you haven't already.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Anyway, that's the science side of state control.

Now you may think, well – these are great ideas, but is it really possible to control your state of mind at every moment? After all, we think tens of thousands of thoughts per day.

Actually, you really only need to put yourself into the state you want when you start any activity… whatever state will be the most resourceful one for that specific task.

If you can then get into the activity and get positive feedback from it, the state will reinforce itself. If it does drop, you simply notice the change in your emotional state and repeat the focus exercise… and correct your physiology along with it.

Keep doing it.