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Relationship 101

How Much Should You Do for a Girlfriend? The Investment Scales

Nov 16, 2016

What’s the right amount to do for a girl you date? How do you know if you invest too much or too little? Two measures: boredom and neglect.

do for a girlfriend

6 Major Signs Your Girlfriend or Wife Is Cheating

Oct 24, 2016

How do you know if a girl is cheating on you? With the 6 signs: decline, blow ups, changed plans, furtiveness, jealousy, and admission.

signs a girl is cheating

Why I Quit Doing Friends with Benefits

Sep 16, 2016

Friends with benefits (FWB) is a fun, no-strings way to have sex. So why give it up? There are 6 good reasons to, including laziness, distraction, and not getting stuck with the wrong girl.

quit fwb

5 Things that Make Rebound Sex so Good (Plus How to Get It)

Aug 1, 2016

Rebound sex is a surprisingly healthy way to get over breakups and exes. But what makes it work so well? And how do you get it? Here are 5 things that make it good.

rebound sex

Why Did She Pick YOU as a Boyfriend?

Jul 9, 2016

What do girls look for in a boyfriend? Lots: relationship goal fit, value fit, relationship promise, even the first kiss, all matter.

what she wants in a boyfriend

Girls Chase Podcast Interviews Ep. 12: Chase Amante

Jun 11, 2016

Chase Amante talks long-term relationships, dominance, provision, and monogamy in a monster podcast with Varoon Rajah.

Girls Chase Podcast

Her Raw Material or Your Relationship Skills: Which Matters More?

Jun 1, 2016

What’s more important: the girl you’re with, or how you run your relationship with her? Each plays a crucial role in how things go, yet each in different ways.

relationship skills

If She Does Not Meet Your Needs, Fix It, Tell Her, or Cut Bait

May 28, 2016

If a girl in your life is not meeting your needs, you have 3 options: fix it yourself, ask her to fix it, or cut bait and abandon ship.

she doesn't meet your needs

Why People Settle Down: The 3-Step Settling Curve

Apr 30, 2016

People often never want to settle down… until suddenly they do. The mind goes through 3 distinct changes to enable this to happen.

settle down

Girls Chase Podcast Interviews Ep. 11: Chase Amante

Apr 17, 2016

Chase and Varoon talk how to set up a relationship with a new girl and keep her coming back for more.

Girls Chase Podcast

7 Rules on How to Be the Alpha Provider

Apr 13, 2016

If you want to keep women around long-term, eventually you’ll need to be the provider. Here’s how to be that and keep control of your relationship.

how to be an alpha provider

The 3 Biggest Sexual Issues that Stop Men Being Good in Bed

Apr 2, 2016

An penis that ignores your commands, you cumming too soon, and her not cumming at all: men’s 3 biggest sex issues… and how to solve them.

sexual issue

How to Eat a Girl Out: Tips from an Ex-Porn Star

Mar 17, 2016

Women are different – and you must know how to eat a girl out a little differently each time. An ex-porn star talks sucking, teasing, and orgasms.

eat a girl out

Why Relationships Fall Apart, Part 4: Boredom

Feb 22, 2016

Women grow bored in relationships – often without men grasping why. Here’s a set of tools to make sure no woman grows bored with YOU.

bored relationship

What to Do When She Cheats on You

Feb 18, 2016

There are 8 chief reasons why a woman may cheat on you. Until you know them – and which made her act – you won’t be ready to confront her.

she cheats on you