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Relationship 101

10 Steps to Not Get Raped in Your Divorce

May 12, 2017

When a marriage crumbles, men fast learn the system is stacked against them. But divorce rape is not inevitable; you can beat the system.

divorce rape

How to Have Sex with Girls in Bathrooms, Rooftops, and Fitting Rooms

May 3, 2017

Want to bang her in the bathroom, fitting room, or on the roof? There are tricks to each of these places – but they’re all fun to do.

bathroom sex

Treat Your Woman Well, but Don't be a Doormat

Apr 24, 2017

If you let a woman run slipshod over you, she will. But how do you keep control without being controlling?

don't be a doormat

How to Date a Party Girl (If You So Dare)

Mar 17, 2017

Party girls are fun, but can be real handfuls. Want to date one anyway? Here’s everything you need to pull it off… As well as can be expected.

how to date a party girl

How to Screen for a Wife and Mother

Mar 11, 2017

Beyond dates and girlfriends, what should you look for in a wife? 6 things: genes, background, personality, beliefs, age, and life goals.

screen wife

Book Review: The Enlightened Sex Manual by David Deida

Mar 5, 2017

Ejaculation needn’t be the end of sex. It’s possible to control your ejaculation, to make sex far more pleasurable… For you AND her.

enlightened sex manual

How to Beat Your Girlfriend’s Double Binds

Feb 23, 2017

Girls use double binds on their mates more often than you might realize. But it isn’t always easy to defeat these – and lots of guys try and fail.

double bind

7 Reasons Why Women Get Into Relationships (6 Bad, 1 Good)

Feb 19, 2017

Women have all kinds of reasons to get into a relationship. Here are the 6 worst reasons… And the 1 best one.

women get into relationships

Why It's a Bad Idea to Take Your Girlfriend to Nightclubs

Feb 4, 2017

It’s fun to take your girlfriend to the club. Yet, the negatives (guys hitting on her, her becoming a clubber, unfavorable comparisons) aren’t zero.

take girlfriend to a nightclub

How to Manage the First Time with a Virgin

Jan 7, 2017

The first time you make love to a virgin can be delicate. Follow these steps, spread across 5 days, and you’ll pull it off without a hitch.

first time virgin

How to be a Hard Target, Pt. II: Relationships

Dec 26, 2016

A hard relationship target: the guy who isn’t a pushover in his relationships. Rebounders, damsels in distress, and gold diggers beware.

hard target relationships

What Do You Do If You're Caught Lying

Dec 23, 2016

What do you do if you’re caught lying? Step #1: don’t start blubbering. Step #2: read this article.

caught lying

A Few Cautionary Notes about Dating Religious Girls

Dec 12, 2016

Should you date a religious girl? While you burn with passion, “How do I get to sex?” may be all on your mind. Yet there’s more at stake here – for you and her.

dating religious girls

To Be a Fuckboy or Not to Be a Fuckboy

Dec 8, 2016

The fuckboy: a guy who offers little more to women than excitement and sex... Yet whom girls keep coming back to, even if they say the hate him.

how to be a fuckboy

How to Get Her to Blow You like a Pornstar

Nov 19, 2016

So you want to teach her how to give you an epic blow job. But where do you start? With the 18 techniques in this article.

teach a blow job