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Relationship 101

Self-Expansion and Growth in Relationships

Jan Tue,2011

While you won't always have the fiery passion of new love as relationships age, you can reinvigorate your romance with joint self-expansion and personal growth.


Commitment Points: Why You Must Avoid

Nov Thu,2010

What's the one surefire way to kill all interest, intrigue, and attraction in your relationship? Why, passing a commitment point, of course.

commitment points

Recognizing a Troubled Relationship

Oct Mon,2010

Troubled relationships have a habit of sneaking up on people... the troubles appear more as a slow-rising crescendo than a flipping-on of a switch. See what signals to keep an eye out for here.

troubled relationships

What to Say to "I Love You"

Oct Sun,2010

How do you respond to girls telling you they love you? Do you freeze up or blurt the same thing back in quick retort? There's a better answer than either of these, it turns out.

what to say to i love you

The 2 Year Drop

Oct Fri,2010

There's a strange phenomenon plaguing the relationships of the modern day: a moment, often right around two years, when things - rather suddenly - change forever for the worse.

2 year drop

Forget the Reminders

Sep Thu,2010

It's better not to dwell on subjects that might cause problems or confusion in your relationships, and instead to address them simply and then move on.

forget reminders

Where Do You See This Going?

Sep Mon,2010

When a girl asks you where you see a relationship going, it means she wants something more with you... but it doesn't mean you need to panic.

where do you see this going

Passive Screening in Relationships

Sep Thu,2010

Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean the screening ends. You simply won't know if she's long term material until you've seen her behavior over time - for this there are no shortcuts.

passive screening

The Post-Coital Tone

Sep Fri,2010

What's the ideal way to comport yourself after intimacy? You want to treat a woman warmly, and make her feel special - and avoid the habit of many guys to close off or get awkward.


Angry Girls: How to Deal With Angry Women and Why Women Get Mad

Jan Tue,2009

Why do women get angry? There are a myriad of reasons, and they might not all be what you might think - things like horniness and expectations play a big role here.

angry girl