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Tactics Tuesdays: Running Into Girls Who Ghosted You

Nov Tue,2019

How should you act when you meet a girl who ghosted you? Avoid her? Hold her feet to the fire? No... you must be COOLER than this.

girl ghosted you

The Cuck Frame Pickup Gambit: "Watch Me Bang Another Chick!"

Oct Fri,2019

Here’s a spicy pickup technique I’ve had lots of success with. It makes you seem sexually experienced and high value while sparking intrigue and jealousy!

pickup seduction technique

Relentless Pragmatism Pt. 5: The Transition Phases of Seduction

Oct Wed,2019

Getting a woman to spread her legs for you depends on your ability to smoothly navigate her through the 4 transition phases of seduction. Let’s hammer out the first 2.

seduction transition phases

The Tequila Gambit: Get Her Isolated with You

Oct Fri,2019

Here’s a great seduction gambit based on anti-climaxes and creating intrigue. This one is designed specifically to get her isolated with you. Tequila!

seduction gambit tequila

4 Ways to Pick Up a Waitress

Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp

Oct Mon,2019

Lots of waitresses meet their boyfriends on the job, because despite being professional, they’re still women. But still, it takes some finesse to score with your server.


Pickup and Seduction Gambit: The Anti-Climax Routine

Oct Fri,2019

The anti-climax gambit piques her interest and imagination but delivers comic disappointment. It helps you avoid potential resistance and leaves her wanting more.

pickup seduction gambit

What to Do When Women Titillate You

Oct Sun,2019

Women will try to titillate you for fun, their own amusement, or to see what you'll do. But you can't respond by drooling, OR ignoring them...

women titillate

The "Hover and Disqualify" Pickup Technique

Oct Wed,2019

Girls crave attention and are prone to jealousy. The “hover and disqualify” technique uses those emotions to trigger the chase instinct in any girl you choose.

hovering pickup technique

How to Get Fast Sex and Pick Up Girls Quick

Oct Tue,2019

How do you find and pick up girls for fast sex? Step 1: know how to spot a girl who already wants it. Step 2: get her to follow your lead.

fast sex

The 3 Best Ways to Start Conversations with Girls

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By: Tony Depp

Sep Mon,2019

You can’t get anywhere with that fine chica unless you meet her, so it helps to know how to start a conversation with a girl that intrigues her and sets things in motion.

how to start a conversation with a girl

Should You Really Worry About Female State Control and Social Frame?

Sep Fri,2019

All this stuff about Female State Control and Social Frame is great and very useful. But how much do you really need to focus on it in your seductions?

female state control and social frame

How to Seed Dates and Pulls Back Home

Sep Sun,2019

It's easier to get a girl to agree to a date or to go to your place if what you suggest feels familiar to her. But how do you trigger that feeling of familiarity? By seeding your suggestion first.

seed a date

Daniel Adebayo | Becoming More Consistent in Seduction (Podcast)

Sep Mon,2019

If you want to improve your game, keep consistency in mind. It’s nice to know you can seduce a woman into bed with a predictable amount of effort anytime you want.

seduction consistency

Tactics Tuesdays: Don't Trigger Her Analytical Side

Sep Tue,2019

It's easy for a woman to slip into 'Fact Mode' when she's been at work or in school all day. But you must seek to avoid triggering this factual side of her.

analytical side

How to Master Transition Phases and Be Smooth with Women

Aug Mon,2019

When it comes to bedding women, getting from Point A to B can be rough. Learn to handle the key transition phases and the process will go a lot smoother.

transition phases in seduction