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The Civilized Man

Chase Amante's picture

By: Chase Amante

Jan 11, 2014

In the quest to pass into full manhood in a society unmoored from tradition, what makes a man a truly respected and respectable man?

civilized man

3 Flavors of Sexy: Brooding, Smooth, and Talkative Vibes

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By: Chase Amante

Jan 1, 2014

There are three (3) different sexy vibes a man can have – brooding, smooth, or talkative. Each one has its strengths… and its weaknesses.

sexy vibes

The 7 Key Qualities in Men Women Want

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By: Colt Williams

Dec 24, 2013

If you want to be successful with women, you must embody the qualities that the men women want embody – and steer clear of the ones they don’t.

men women want

Great Fundamentals: Handling Your Intangibles

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By: J.J. Jones

Dec 13, 2013

Your fundamentals are the cornerstone of your success with women. In this piece, J.J. looks at the intangibles side of things.

fundamentals intangibles

Gentleman Escalation: Class and Sex Appeal in One

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By: Cody Lyans

Dec 4, 2013

You can be classy and a gentleman without sacrificing your sensuality – and in fact, it may well be the BEST way to land the most stunningly beautiful women of all.

gentleman escalation

How to Be an Asshole – and Become Adored by Women

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By: Chase Amante

Nov 27, 2013

Women love assholes… there’s no getting around it. But figuring out how to be an asshole when you’re presently too polite is no small feat…

how to be an asshole

The 9 Male Identities and How They Affect You with Women

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By: Chase Amante

Nov 5, 2013

Our identities determine how others treat us, and even stereotype us. But how do we choose our identities – and which are the right identities to choose?


How to Be Charming with Women You Meet (10 Steps)

Colt Williams's picture

By: Colt Williams

Nov 4, 2013

Charm is a powerful asset – though it’s not without its downsides, too. What makes it work best is a combination of magnetism... and power.

how to be charming

The 5 Big Differences Between Naturals and “PUA”s

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By: Chase Amante

Oct 30, 2013

“Naturals” are frequently touted as the ideal of where you want to get to with girl skills – but what’s the big difference between them and everybody else, anyway?

natural vs. pua

Keep It Low Profile and Get the Girl

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By: Cody Lyans

Oct 21, 2013

Meeting new women does not need to occur at a frenetic, hectic pace. You can keep a low profile and meet women too – sometimes even more effectively.

low profile

How and Where to Move Overseas as a Single Man

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By: Chase Amante

Oct 9, 2013

The best countries to move to for beautiful, exotic women… plus, TONS of travel hacks to help you get the most out of your move overseas.

move overseas

3 Techniques for Changing Your Vibe with Women

Richard Wendell's picture

By: Richard Wendell

Sep 21, 2013

Vibe is a mighty force for generating the right feeling and response with women – but what is it? And how exactly do you GET it? We answer those questions here.


Turn Your Bachelor Pad into a Seduction Spot

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By: Peter Fontes

Sep 5, 2013

There are three keys to turning your bachelor pad into a haven for beautiful women: lighting, music, and beds.

bachelor pad

The Seductive Power of Shy

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By: Cody Lyans

Sep 1, 2013

Shyness due to overwhelm is bad – but is it possible to use a kind of confident shyness to entice women? As Cody explains here, it very much is.

being shy with women

How to Create a Habit You’ll Stick With

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By: Chase Amante

Aug 16, 2013

It’s easy to get excited and create a new habit that you think will be great for you, but a lot harder to actually stick with it. In this guest post by Robert King, we look at how it’s done.

create a habit

How to Have a Powerful Masculine Presence

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By: Colt Williams

Aug 12, 2013

Presence is a potent force – it makes men fear you and respect you, and women lust after you. Developing it is about more than just looking sharp and being sharper, though.