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Dating Rules

14 Simple Ways to Text a Girl and Make Her Want You

Feb Sat,2019

Don't know how to text a girl you like? Copy these texts and send them to her to get her excited and ready to go out with you.

how to text a girl

Day Game Tour with Tony Depp, Pt.7: Instant Dates

Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp

Feb Wed,2019

Why wait days for a first date when you can fit it in right now? Instant dates are perfectly normal, and you’ll be surprised how often girls say yes to them.

instant dates

13 Date Planning Tips to Plan Awesome Dates

Feb Mon,2019

Planning a date shouldn't be complicated. These tips will help you avoid flakes and set up a date that builds a connection and ultimately leads to sex, and beyond.

Date Planning Tips

Dating and Relationship Precedent: Avoid Leading Her On (Video)

Dec Sat,2018

Can you have a casual relationship without the girl getting hurt? Here’s how to set the right dating precedents/expectations that leave her better than you found her.

Dating and Relationship Precedent: Avoid Leading Her On

When to Have Sex with a New Girl

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By: Tony Depp

Dec Wed,2018

How long you wait to have sex is important no matter the type of relationship you want, be it casual, serious, short or long term. So, what’s too fast and too slow?

How Long Should You Wait to Have Sex

A Simple Strategy to Bring Her Home on the First Date

Nov Sat,2018

The more you lead your girl during a date, the more she’ll get used to it, and the more natural it will be for her to say yes when you invite her home.

strategy to bring her home first date

Give Her a Memorable Date with Just One Compliment

Nov Thu,2018

One compliment is all it takes to deepen your connection with a girl. If it’s thoughtful and genuinely conveyed, it can really help move things forward.

one compliment rule

The Late-Date-Half-Flake: Sometimes This Is Why She Flakes

Oct Thu,2018

Sometimes a girl will flake because she sees you as unattainable or as too high or low value. Here’s how to react, pass her tests, and get her to show up.

late date half flake

Tactics Tuesdays: In the Bedroom, Escalate 10% Slower Than She Wants

Oct Tue,2018

Want an easy way to make a girl want it more in the bedroom? Make your physical escalation go 10% slower than she wants it to go.

escalate 10 percent slower

Behavioral Shaping: Get Your Girl to Show You Only Her Best Side

Oct Thu,2018

Wouldn’t it be great if your partner behaved more to your liking? The Pygmalion Effect shows us how to shape the behavior of others in a subtle yet profound way.

Behavioral Shaping

Meeting Girls While Staying Safe in a Paranoid Dating Society

Oct Sun,2018

It's grown trickier and trickier for bachelor men to navigate the dating world… without getting snared by a scorned woman's revenge. Here's how to stay safe out there.

stay safe dating

Why Now Is a Great Time for Interracial Dating

Sep Mon,2018

With the spread of liberal ideologies, interracial dating is now widely accepted… and in a way, exciting for girls. Here’s how to make the most of being a minority.

It's a Great Time for Interracial Dating

The Home Date: A Perfect Date Idea to Get Girlfriends

Sep Sat,2018

Want to plan a second or third date to make her fall head over heels for you? Well, bust out your best cookware and have her for dinner... and dessert.

Home Date Idea to Get Girlfriends

Escape Routes in Dating and the Open Door Policy

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By: Tony Depp

Aug Wed,2018

In the dating world, neediness is poison. By giving her escape routes and keeping an open-door policy, she’ll discover you’re no ordinary sap… and start chasing.

Escape Routes and Open Doors

For Getting Girls, What You 'Cost' a Woman Is Vital

Aug Wed,2018

Once you’ve made yourself an attractive man women want, the battle is half won. The next step: finding ways to lower your cost, to make it easy for women who want you.

what you cost to date