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Dating Rules

12 Ways to Make Sex with a New Partner Good

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By: Tony Depp

May 8, 2019

Sick of one-night stands? When you have sex with a new partner, you can make it mediocre and never see her again, or make it so good she’ll want to come back for more.

sex with a new partner

What to Expect on a Date with an Older Woman

Apr 29, 2019

This one’s for the MILF lovers! They’re fun, experienced, and know what they want. But a date with an older woman can be a bit different. Here’s what you can expect.

date with an older woman

The Girls Chase Guide to Getting & Staying Slim

Apr 13, 2019

If you want to slim down for good, lose the fad diet. Don't even exercise (not for this anyway). Instead, do this: cut your portions, and cut bad foods.

getting slim

Always Go for the Girl Who Wants You

Apr 4, 2019

Sometimes we let good lays slip by because we’re too focused on the wrong girl. These real-life examples show why you should always keep your head on a swivel.

go for the girl who wants you

To Get the Women You Desire, You Must Take a Proactive Role

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By: Tony Depp

Apr 3, 2019

Are you dissatisfied by the quality of women out there? Fact is, quality women abound; but they’ll never just fall into your lap. To get them, here’s what you must know.

how to get quality women

Pickup and Seduction Styles: Which Will Work Best for You?

Mar 28, 2019

New to the dating, pickup, seduction world? Are you overwhelmed by the volume of information? This article will help economize your efforts in reaching your woman goals!

pickup and seduction styles

5 Tips to Help Your Girl Enjoy Better Orgasms (Video)

Mar 9, 2019

If you make her orgasm from penile penetration, she’ll love ya LOTS! Plus, it’s super fun to make a girl cum her brains out. Here are 5 tips to make it happen.

how to make her orgasm

Your Best Chance Is on the First Date

Mar 4, 2019

Whether you want a serious or casual relationship with a woman, you need to get her in bed before attraction windows close. Pro tip: your best bet is the first date.

your best chance is on the first date

As Mating Complexity Increases, Do Reproductive Returns Diminish?

Mar 2, 2019

Mating gets more complex as our societies become more complex. But as complexity rises, does the law of diminishing (reproductive) returns set in?

mating complexity

Keep Girls Interested in Casual Relationships with the Silent Method

Feb 25, 2019

Casual relationships tend to fizzle out quickly, but sometimes we don’t want them to! Here’s a method to boost her attraction for you and keep her interested.

keep girls interested in casual relationships

Tactics Tuesdays: Recovering from Botched Escalations to Sex

Feb 19, 2019

When you try to have sex with a girl, but fail, often that's it: you won't get another shot with her. Yet all is not lost with her – you still have options.

failed escalation to sex

14 “Anytime” Compliments to Use on Her Today

Feb 18, 2019

A good compliment goes a long way with women. But to give a good compliment and have it be effective can take a bit of know-how. Here’s everything you need.

how to compliment a girl

14 Simple Ways to Text a Girl and Make Her Want You

Feb 9, 2019

Don't know how to text a girl you like? Copy these texts and send them to her to get her excited and ready to go out with you.

how to text a girl

Day Game Tour with Tony Depp, Pt.7: Instant Dates

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By: Tony Depp

Feb 6, 2019

Why wait days for a first date when you can fit it in right now? Instant dates are perfectly normal, and you’ll be surprised how often girls say yes to them.

instant dates

13 Date Planning Tips to Plan Awesome Dates

Feb 4, 2019

Planning a date shouldn't be complicated. These tips will help you avoid flakes and set up a date that builds a connection and ultimately leads to sex, and beyond.

Date Planning Tips