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Relationship 101

Relationship Management: Getting the Girl Is Just Round One

Jul Wed,2018

Getting the girl is a goal, but staying with her is a process that requires continued effort. To keep a relationship strong, you have to keep playing.

How to Turn Girls You've Slept with into Friends

Jun Wed,2018

How do you turn a girl you’ve slept with into a friend? There are a few rules to follow – but also some pitfalls you must avoid.

girlfriends into friends

True Love Doesn’t Exist (Video)

Jun Mon,2018

True love is unconditional… and that is why it doesn’t exist. Relationships are better served by mutual effort and understanding rather than impossible expectations.

true love doesn't exist

Match Your Ejaculation to Her Climax, and Make Her Fall in Love

Jun Tue,2018

Simultaneous orgasm is a major booster to sexual satisfaction and in-love feelings. An easy way to make her feel more in-love: cum in her at the same time she cums.

timed ejaculation

How to Fix Problem Behavior in Long-Term Relationships

Jun Sat,2018

A mature relationship (older than a few years) often requires a more cooperative approach to behavior problem solving than younger relationships do.

fix long-term relationship

7 Signs a Girlfriend (or Wife) Is Checking Out of Your Relationship

May Mon,2018

How do you know your girlfriend is losing interest and checking out? There are 7 signs of this, from makeovers to disagreeableness to new Sex in the City gal pals.

girlfriend losing interest

Lopsided Relationships: the Friend Zone and FWBs

Apr Sun,2018

Friend zones, friends with benefits, sexless marriages – many relationships are lopsided and unhappy. Why do these relationships exist (and how do you avoid them)?

unhappy relationship

How to Build a Harem, Pt 2: Jealousy and Discretion

Apr Wed,2018

When you have more than one girlfriend, a few rules are key: she may suspect you see other women, but you must never give her PROOF.

jealousy and discretion

Tactics Tuesdays: Orgasm Anchoring

Apr Tue,2018

You can train a woman to do and enjoy something – or to cut that something out – with a simple (but mighty) operant conditioning tactic called “orgasm anchoring.”

orgasm anchoring

Women Can Get Bored with Monogamy, Jealous with Non-Monogamy

Mar Thu,2018

Monogamy and non-monogamy each face their own unique challenges. Women in monogamous relationships can grow bored; women in non-monogamous ones, jealous.

monogamy vs. non-monogamy problems

How to Erase Your Jealousy (Without Turning Into a Pushover)

Mar Sun,2018

Jealousy is a green-eyed monster. To overcome it, you must both adjust your focus and steer your partner’s worst behavior.

get rid of jealousy

Wounded Man, Nurturing Woman

Mar Sun,2018

Guys often want a woman who will nurture them. How does a man come to desire this – and is it really the healthiest relationship setup?

nurturing girlfriend

How and Why Women Try to Domesticate Their Men

Feb Mon,2018

Once you’re in a relationship, the domestication process begins. Why do women do this – and how do you not become totally broken and domestic?

relationship domestication

How to Game Your Girlfriend: Good Advice for Your Relationship

Feb Thu,2018

When you’re in a relationship, do you have to game your girlfriend? Yes! You need to know what to do once you’ve got her, how to keep things exciting, and what to do if it ends.

how to game your girlfriend

Raw Dogging: The Truth About Unprotected Sex with Women

Jan Sun,2018

There are two big downsides to going bareback on girls: pregnancies and infections. But nobody talks about the upsides. What’s the truth about unprotected sex?

unprotected sex