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My young life I was raised by a black ops soldier. He demanded excellence always on honor roll through HS. Went on to college Biology/ History major.

By 21 I was married and had a son, worked my way through college finished with BS. The girl I married and had my son was a gorgeous natural blond. Well my degree would not support us so I became an electrician. Worked my way to the top of my profession became a master after 10 yrs of work and school.

I even had my own business until my parents were passing from this life. I shut everything down and took care of them.

My marriage lasted 35 yrs I was 56 when we divorced. I have spent the last 4 years fixing me now I am 60 and dating again It's been interesting to say the least. This last chapter of my life I am free to do whatever I want sometimes overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

I come from a long line of natural seducers grandfather, father, 2 uncles to name a few. My uncle after an accident in the Navy was in a Philly hospital paralyzed from the waist down. He not only seduced the nurse she married him that man could sell ice to an eskimo in the artic. The other 2 married 2 gorgeous women from Pittsburgh I was taught very well by all 3.



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