Phone Coaching with Hector Castillo: 5-Week Sexual Course | Girls Chase

Phone Coaching with Hector Castillo: 4-Call Package

Hector 12-Week Phone Coaching Course

Sign up for a 4-call package phone coaching course with Girls Chase expert coach Hector Castillo. Once a week every week for 4 straight weeks, Hector will coach you to achieve incredible results with girls.

Some of what Hector may cover in the 4-Call Sexual Direct Package (which constitutes a subset of the 12-Call Course) includes:

  • 3 College Game Styles: BMOC, Slowburn, Wildcard
  • The Day Game Street Stop Blueprint
  • Nightlife Industry Insider Game
  • The Sexual Direct Style

Techniques Hector covers in this course include:

  • Romantic Projection
  • The Fantasy Detector
  • The No-Buster
  • Sexual Override
  • Soft Barriers
  • Daddying
  • Meta Frame methodology
  • LMR tools and resistance-handling

For more information, please see to Hector’s podcast interview about this course (listen here).