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Personal Coaching

What My Clients Say

"Result of the workshop: We talked to a lot of women; some got hooked a little further than the others. I pulled a Brazilian girl from Club 5 the same night. Chase was there all the time to help me out. We went out of the club to a food joint; after that Chase and we parted. I brought the girl back to my house and we talked for the whole night."

• Client in Washington, DC

"I took several bootcamps with various instructors. However, this has been the best investment for the lowest amount of money. I have learned more in one night with Chase than I have learned in entire bootcamps with some of the world's most renowned instructors. Highly recommended!"

• Client in San Diego, CA

"I subsequently took four of the girls I met during the coaching session on dates where I applied the things Chase had taught me on relating and rewarding. Oh, and just to be cheesy… I was rewarded too ;)"

• TLJ, Beijing, China

"The first thing I noticed about Chase is that he is a very down to earth guy, who gets to know each of his students on a personal level so he can customize the training to fit your specific goals and needs. This was important to me because I tend to ask a lot of questions and keep a list of things I want to address so the individualized attention was a big benefit.

"After I started incorporating his advice my results improved quickly! 90% of the girls I went out with ended up in my bed by the 3rd time we got together. It’s funny I’m really not doing anything that spectacular, just eliminating a few bad habits and applying the same basic structure for each date. About half the girls have told me smiling afterward, they never intended to have sex with me so soon but “it just happened”."

• David G, San Diego, CA

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Coaching Packages

I presently offer the following packages (note: prices are high here specifically to act as a deterrent to using these - we've already got some great products out that stand a good chance of answering your questions right now [check them out here] - I tend to be busy and can have a tough time getting scheduled on calls and the like with people, so please only use these links if you are very serious about training):

I've closed training offerings for now - tough time getting these scheduled, and that's not fair to anybody signing up for training. Please check out the blog and program catalog for the latest in products from me designed to help you get your game in gear. For the complete set of all my most recent material, you can grab a copy of the Mastery Pick Up Package, with the book, video, and 3 hours of audio to revolutionize your approach to women. You can purchase your copy of this right here, or read the sales page for more information.