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Pickup Tactics and the 'Click Moment'

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By: Chase Amante

pickup click momentWith every girl-getting tactic you use, if it works, there's a Click Moment. What is that? It's the moment the tactic causes her mindset to shift. It clicks.

There's a moment with every tactic or strategy you use where if it's going to click, it clicks.

If you have any experience in the field you've seen this: you're doing something with a girl (be it cold reads or playful banter or deep dives or sex talk) and she reacts okay to it for a while.

Not committed to it. Not deeply invested in it. Perhaps marginally interested in it.

Then, at some point, it suddenly clicks.

She is into it. Her mindset has shifted. You can feel that she trusts you to continue leading this approach she now enjoys.

The click moment is the answer to a question plagues guys from beginner to intermediate (and sometimes beyond):

When do you move off using a given pickup tactic and move things to the next step?

For instance, let's say you're teasing a girl. You're teasing her, and teasing her... when do you stop all that teasing and move to a more substantial connection?

Let's say you're in a fun, banter-y text exchange with a girl. When do you kill the banter and tell her to meet up?

Let's say you've started connecting with her and it's going well. When to you halt the connection and move to the next step?

Let's say you're making out with her. When do you stop the make-out and move to full-on escalation?

Most beginners struggle mightily with making these calls. They will spend far too long in one of these stages, trying to 'be sure', and end up inflating the tactic and the pickup crumbles.

The girl breaks out of the spell and the whole thing ends.

Guys who are intermediates tend to do better at moving things along well in earlier stages of the courtship. But then they fall into the same inflation/spell breaking scenario with their later-stage tactics, where they again spend too long on them (to be 'safe').

How do you know when a tactic has worked, and it's time to move on to the next stage?

The easiest way is to look for the Click Moment, and the escalation window that follows it.