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Articles by Author: Daniel Adebayo

Pickup and Seduction Gambit: Fantasy vs. Desire

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gambit fantasyWhat is a fantasy? Is it secretly also a desire? Seduce a woman’s mind with this curiosity-generating gambit. Then use it to frame yourself as a man she can go to bed with.

Picture this.

You’ve just met a gorgeous girl at the bar and she’s hanging onto every word you say. But what you’re saying is too platonic, and this interaction lacks the spark of anticipation between two potential lovers.

So you want to introduce sexual frames into the conversation and get this girl in a sexual mood.

After all, you don’t want her to friend zone you, pin you as a boyfriend candidate and slow things down, or get bored and go back to her friends. Now she is asking for your name, but you can’t help asking yourself this strategic question: “How can I sexualize this conversation and avoid resistance?”

Maybe your mind comes up blank because you don’t have an answer. Or perhaps you’ve got sex talk skills, and you just need a more reliable way to turn your conversations sexual.

Then it’s your lucky day because we’re about to look at a gambit that will let you set sexual frames with ease. After reading this, you’ll have an arsenal of potent and versatile topics to give you opportunities to influence women in even more ways, as you’ll soon discover.

Tactics Tuesdays: The 'Rate Your Night' Gambit

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rate your night gambitWant an easy way to kick off a conversation with a woman, gauge where she’s at, and frame talking to you as a mood-booster? This ‘rate your night’ gambit does the trick.

Nightlife venues attract scads of women each weekend, which gives you plenty of chances to meet them.

Unfortunately, these opportunities don’t usually last for long. You might spot a pretty girl standing in front of a club, then suddenly she decides to keep walking. Or you see a girl ordering a drink at the bar, and then a guy starts talking to her a moment later. You can face challenges that add layers of complexity to your approach, such as a group of girls chatting together with closed-off body language.

Since the openings to meet women are often fleeting or saddled with logistical difficulties, you must act quickly and precisely if you want to make the most of your night game opportunities.

So today, we will look at a simple gambit that anyone can use to get girls hooked. What’s more, is this gambit works just as well with groups as it does when you’re meeting a girl one-on-one. And by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll feel equipped to start your night game pickups on the right foot.

How to Plan Out Your Day Game Logistics

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day game logisticsDay game is a lot more efficient when you know where to meet girls to approach, and where to take them after. Figuring out your day game logistics is key.

One pesky barrier holding guys back from getting better day game results is a lack of certainty when handling logistics. While tightening your fundamentals and becoming a good conversationalist are vital steps on your journey to success, it’s controlling your logistics that puts new girls in your bed.

It’s frustrating to meet a girl who’s attracted to you, only to have her slip through the cracks because you weren’t able to lead her back to your bed. Putting those days behind you is an important milestone for every student who wants to find dating success with girls during the daytime.

What’s more, compared to other aspects of seduction, which usually take a considerable amount of time and effort to master, logistics are one of the easiest things for game students to get down pat. They’ll give you a better foundation to make the most of your day game interactions.

It’s always fun to find straightforward ways to sharpen up your game. And by the time you’ve finished reading today, you’ll be equipped with a simple plan to take control of your logistics, even if you live far away from where you meet new women or if you find yourself without a bed to use.

How to 'Meet Smooth' in Street Game

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street game meet smoothYou can approach women on the street without it seeming awkward. Follow these few simple steps to approach women smoothly while out and about.

Meeting new girls on the street presents tough challenges.

Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced veteran, the time and effort you spend here feel like a grind since the girls you see are all going somewhere, making it hard to get consistent results.

But what if there were simple steps you could take toward a smoother street game approach?

Think about the scads of great-looking girls you’ve seen on the street. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to create the kinds of first impressions that will boost your odds of successfully dating and bedding them?

Today we’ll look at how you can do just that. And by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll find yourself equipped with a fresh, potent strategy to upgrade your street game skills.

Let’s dive in.

The Seducer's Journey, Pt 3: Seductive Characters

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seducer's journey iiiEnhance your seductive character with these useful exercises. Think about things better, achieve deep relaxation, and create desired effects in women.

We’ve got a lot to cover in this series finale. So, prepare yourself for a wild ride.

Even though governments are scaling back on restrictions, we are living in a time when the vast majority of social frames instill fear and social anxiety in the women you’ll meet and seduce.

What’s more, game students and experienced ladykillers find themselves shaking off more rust than ever.

So, in this article, we’ll cover more seductive characters that will boost your day game and night game arsenals to show you how to get results in a post-lockdown society.

The Seducer's Journey, Pt 2: How Women Inhabit the Sibling Dichotomy

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older brother with younger sisterAdopt a mentor/elder sibling frame with girls to put your seductions on skates.

Let’s begin our exploration of the mythic narratives that drive the sibling dichotomy in women.

The mysteries of what beautiful women want from the men they meet have been a source of bitterness and confusion for many centuries. On top of that, social restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic have slowed down the progress of many game students and veterans alike.

However, the seducer’s journey to an ideal sex life is still possible for ambitious students of the game. Any student of the game can discover his ambitious side, because game is in your DNA.

First and foremost, it is vital to remember that good looks, immense wealth, and social status are not as important to women as a man with an interesting story. The older siblings that we encounter in life, like our relatives and mentors, come with a variety of stories that can capture our attention and reconnect us with our inner child. Read on and see how women crave this dynamic in the men they meet.

The Seducer's Journey, Pt 1: How Childhood Imprints Influence Your Style

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seducer's journeyWhether you were an elder or younger sibling growing up will influence the stance you take with the women you meet in your life.

Some men become players only to find themselves facing burnout and pickup fatigue. While their relationships feel exciting at first, a rough descent into drama and heartache often follows.

Others play to win and do just that with remarkable consistency. In this elite brotherhood, there are lady-killers whose relationships ooze respect, pleasure, and boredom.

Can you imagine what it would be like if the biggest problem in your dating life was boredom?

Some experienced players reading this article know how that feels. Skilled seducers growing bored of dating success have a choice to make:

  • Lose your grip on self-discipline and get rusty

  • Create new tactics to keep things interesting

Few men who learn dating skills choose to walk the courageous path of the unconventional and eternal student of the game. But why does this dichotomy exist among game students in the first place?

How to Be a Visionary (and Wield Charismatic Authority)

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visionary charismaticThe charismatic arts are the province of politicians, celebrities, and other VIPs. Follow these steps to learn how to build charisma.

Ever wished gorgeous girls would take you more seriously as a potential lover?

Perhaps you’ve wondered how to gain their respect so your seductions would proceed smoother, and women would feel the same passionate emotions you do. After all, it can be extremely frustrating to meet new girls who don’t give you much to work with or match your interest levels.

If so, you’re in luck! There’s a rare breed of man who has freed himself from that plateau. Men like these are called Visionaries — and, as you may have already guessed, they get women investing readily.

3 Kinds of Seducers and What Motivates Them

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three smartly dressed menMen with the drive to truly excel in seduction possess one of several profiles. Each profile with its different traits and motivations pushes a man’s seduction journey in different directions.

Did you know that the skills you learn in your seducer’s journey are applicable in other areas of life?

For instance, many car salespeople use the contrast principle to increase their personal wealth. The argumentation a lawyer uses to defend a client in court is laced with verbal intent.

Your goal as a seducer is to wield influence to affect the desires and inhibitions of the girls you meet.

However, any game student without a clear sense of his inhibitions will be vulnerable to the influence of others. Most people are influenced every day without being aware.

If you learn to cross-examine your inhibitions and personal desires, you can improve your instincts and become an uninhibited seducer who won’t be easily led astray.

Today we’re going to look at three types of uninhibited men. We’ll also consider some essential features of human nature to help you illuminate the mystery and darkness surrounding your deepest desires so you can find fulfillment in your seducer’s journey.