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The 8 Types of Girls: Vin DiCarlo's Pandora's Box

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Chase Amante

A review by Chase Amante

I first met Vin back in 2006 in a seedy rented office in downtown Manhattan. He was in a green velvet blazer, and I was there to learn how to pick up chicks. My immediate impression when he walked out, me being a socially awkward 23-year-old, was, "This guy's going to blow my mind."

Fast forward to today. Vin doesn't coach new guys anymore. And he doesn't hold seminars.

However, you can still learn how to do great with girls from one of the early 21st century's legendary dating gurus (and my early instructor). That's because he put a new spin on dating, crammed it into one bursting product, and marketed it.

That product is Vin DiCarlo's Pandora's Box System.

It's been out for few years now, yet it hasn't aged a day.

The reason why, of course, is because it focuses on the eight (8) different, fundamental types of girls. And it shows you how to know exactly which kind of girl you've just met... And exactly what that kind of girl needs and what works best with her.

It does all this by giving you just three (3) simple questions.

Ask them of any girl, and you know exactly what type she is, and just what you need to do to get her into bed or turn her into a girlfriend.

If you have a specific girl in mind, you can take the quiz right here and learn her type:

However, before I tell you what's in Pandora's Box, and just why you ought to snag a copy of it, let me tell you a bit about Vin.

Who is Vin DiCarlo?

Vin DiCarloWhen I met Vin, he was one half of theApproach, the first natural game pickup company. His business partner was Sebastian Drake, his teacher and mentor.

Vin had a PhD in nuclear physics, yet when Sebastian met him he'd been working as a janitor. Vin saw something in Sebastian he'd never seen: a guy who was just crazy good with girls.

And Vin put his scientist cap back on and went to work breaking down Sebastian's method.

By the time I met the two of them, they'd devised a complete approach to dating. Much of that's influenced me and Girls Chase... VAC, auto-rejection, expectation setting, all that comes from them.

Vin was the quiet calculator to Sebastian's manic, happy energy.

Where Sebastian would bound up to girls, Vin hung back and picked them off.

On one occasion I went out with Vin, he talked to no one except the students all night... Until he saw a girl he wanted, chatted her up, introduced her to us, then took her number. He had sex with her on a date the next day in my buddy's apartment (since he was only just passing through town).

Vin's one of the few guys in dating who dabbles in the "Dark Arts" of seduction.

He goes deep into female psychology... In search of the hidden buttons to push that make girls do things they usually wouldn't do.

And that brings us to Pandora's Box.

What is it, how's it work... And should you grab it?

What Pandora's Box Is

Pandora's Box is a big, deep system that lets you categorize a girl and choose how to respond to her.

It makes dating into one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books.

You just pick the response for the girl in question, and follow the path wherever that leads.

You've likely noticed how some girls test you HARD... While other girls go out of their way to help you and do stuff for you.

Or, ever notice how some girls are total romantics, heads in the clouds... Just complete dreamers... While other girls are as hard-nosed and practical as an Army drill sergeant?

The Pandora's Box System shows you how to grade each and every girl you meet according to three (3) different dimensions.

Those dimensions are:

  • Tester vs. Investor
  • Denier vs. Justifier
  • Idealist vs. Realist

It's sort of like a Myers-Briggs test for dating. Only it's easier to use and far more practical (the results get you laid!).

Once you know where a girl stands on each of the three dimensions, you know which type she is.

There are eight (8) types of girls (e.g., a Tester-Justifier-Realist, or an Investor-Denier-Idealist). Each one requires a different approach to sleep with and date.

Here are the eight types Vin introduces you to inside the program:

Vin DiCarlo's Pandora's Box: 8 Types of Girls

Yet not only does Pandora's Box tell you how to identify each girl... It tells you exactly what you need to do with her to take her to bed or to make her your girlfriend.

The Kinds of Results Pandora's Box Gives You

The real strength of Pandora's Box is that it unlocks for you girls you otherwise wouldn't be able to get.

That's because different girls require some very different approaches.

For example:

  • There are some girls you HAVE to move super fast with
  • There are some girls you can be very persistent with
  • There are some girls it's super important you be SMOOTH with
  • There are some girls you want to talk about dreams and the future with
  • There are other girls you've got to keep it super down-to-Earth with

If you're not using Pandora's Box, you end up flying blind on all these.

Pandora's Box screenshot
Screenshot from Pandora's Box: Core System

The girls you end up with just happen to be the ones who match whatever your default approach is.

So maybe you're the really persistent guy who talks about dreams and the future all the time. That'll work great with one specific kind of girl (the kind who likes persistent men who talk about dreams).

It'll be like running with an anchor around your waist with all the other kinds of girls though... Like the ones who prefer smooth men, or the ones who like it down-to-Earth.

Pandora's Box gives you the 10,000 foot view.

It plucks you out of the scene, lets you see what kind of girl she is, and gives you the tools to adjust.

It allows you to run, instead of one-size-fits-all game, a style of game that lets you adapt to the girl in front of you.

And that means that all those girls you couldn't connect with before?

Now they can't wait to go home with you or start dating you.

Downsides to Pandora's Box

Vin did a pretty darn good job with Pandora's Box. Nevertheless, there are a few less-excellent parts of it.

Pandora's Box does not hit the same level of nuts-and-bolts detail we do on Girls Chase. Still plenty of details, and lots of examples. Yet things aren't as spelled out as most beginners are going to want.

Beyond the core Pandora's Box System, the rest of the content is drip fed (i.e., you get one new interview per week). Which makes it easier to learn without overwhelm... Nevertheless, if you're a super learner who wants to just devote 2 or 3 days to non-stop study, this could bug you.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of PB, however, is that it's geared to intermediate daters on up.

Pandora's Box screenshot
Screenshot from Pandora's Box: interview with Fernanda (Cinderella, NJI)

If your biggest issue is you're scared to go talk to girls, Pandora's Box is not the right choice for you.

Or if you talk to girls yet struggle to keep a conversation going, I'd save Pandora's Box for when you're more advanced.

That said, if you're at a place where you can meet girls and hold a conversation with them... And now you want to begin to refine your strategy... That's where Pandora's Box shines.

What You Get in Pandora's Box (The Specs)

Here's what you actually get on purchase:

  • Vin Dicarlo's Pandora's Box Videos10 videos that focus on:

    • Myths about girls that sabotage your success

    • The single most powerful goal to focus on in dating

    • The three (3) great conflicts of the female mind

    • Five (5) vital differences between men and women

    • The differences between the different types of girls

    • Plus, how to know exactly which type she is

  • Vin DiCarlo's Pandora's Box books10 PDF reports that contain the information from the videos... So if you want to go back and skim without rewatching a video, you can

  • Video interviews with girls from each personality type: what she likes, what she doesn't like, what works best on her, and what makes her tick

  • The complete quiz of 28 different characteristics, and how you can use these to determine her type... And exactly how to get her. For instance, does she only have female friends? Is she a casual dresser or a provocative dresser? Does she know for sure she wants to settle down, have kids, and even how many pets she wants to have? Each of these tell you where she scores on one of the 3 dimensions of Pandora's Box. And once you know that, you know what works with her

  • Vin DiCarlo's Pandora's Box booksA detailed strategy guide that profiles the personality of each of the eight (8) types of girls... Including what she desires, HOW she gets what she wants (from life and from men), and what to expect when you approach her. The guide also tells you how the each type of girl responds to touch (should you be aggressive or not?), proximity (does she like you to get close, or keep some space?), and connection (go deep or stay light?)

  • Plus seven (7) distinct bonuses that teach you everything from Vin's text message secrets to his friend with benefits formula:

Vin DiCarlo's Pandora's Box Bonuses

Should You Grab Vin DiCarlo's Pandora's Box?

Imagine if you had this ability to ask just a few questions of a girl and know exactly what she was all about.

And imagine how straightforward dating becomes when you can do this.

You know just what to say to her.

Which topics she'll respond to, and which to avoid.

Exactly how to touch her and not to touch her.

How fast you should move, and when to back off.

You know this, because you've studied the 8 types, and you know them front and back.

You know which types go for what things.

And you know how to bring those elements into your approach at a moment's notice.

And when you do, she falls all over herself for you.

They always do. Every girl you do this with.

And it's not even just about the sex. It's about devotion, too.

I wouldn't go to the trouble of reviewing the course on here if I didn't think it was worthwhile. (if I didn't like the course, you'd just never hear about it from me)

So, yes! If you're in one of these camps:

  • Intermediate with girls on up
  • Want to be able to get ALL kinds of girls, not just certain kinds
  • Would like to get that 10,000 foot view and know why certain girls react to different things in different ways

... Then jump on it right now. Grab Pandora's Box, get your membership to the site, and start going through the material.

It's guaranteed to change how you tailor your approach to each different kind of girl you meet:

Click here to claim your spot and start using Pandora's Box

(don't worry, Vin has an awesome refund policy!)