2-Email Coaching Package | Girls Chase

2-Email Coaching Package

Speak with Cody Lyans, one of our expert coaches, over email, and get precision-targeted advice for exactly your situation.


How It Works

Once you sign up for email coaching, you'll be asked to send us your first email message outlining your concerns, questions, and background. This initial message can be up to 400 words long, but doesn't need to be.

In it, you should include:

  • Basic information about you (age, occupation, lifestyle, etc.)
  • Your dating experience (just starting out or a grizzled veteran?)
  • Your dating situation now (is it that one girl, or more general questions?)
  • Any other questions you'd like to cover

We'll get back to you within three (3) business days with a response addressing all of your questions, and some homework for you to go out and do right now to start seeing some difference in your dating and social life.

You'll be able to write us one (1) more 400-word email, this time discussing how it went when you tried out the things we asked you to try out, what happened, and any changes in your situation or new developments. We'll write back again with another round of hard-hitting advice that will get you out there on the road to dating success.